The Commander Vs Starr Vs Jason Fenix

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The Commander Vs Starr Vs Jason Fenix

Osh Vaughan
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Osh Vaughan
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International Title Semi Finals
The Commander vs Starr vs Jason Fenix

The Commander
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Berlin, Germany, somewhere along one of the scenic canals.

Bob Mitchell struggles, moving around his iPad like half a foot here or there will give him crystal clear reception to FaceTime with Blade Alexander, who is currently in London and still putting groups of women through their paces in hopes of becoming the one lucky lady to earn her spot in The Company and gain the representation of Bob Mitchell.

To his immediate right, The Commander doesn't seem the least bit interested in FaceTime, the women, Bob' struggles with international wireless access or even the beautiful canals of Berlin. It's not that they aren't lovely, it's more that he's seen them several times over and currently more lofty goals hang at the forefront of his mind, namely winning the IIW International Championship.

BM: God fucking damn it! Just because a country looses a few World Wars that's no reason to skimp on internet coverage...

He continues to wave around the iPad looking for that “sweet spot” that would grant him a clear signal, but swiftly gives up.

BM: Fuck it, I'll just text him to send me videos and I'll watch back at the hotel...

He finally looks to see The Commander leaning against the stone railing, arms crossed, scowling.

BM: Hey, what's eating you? Things are going our way.

TC: Monday night I don't face just one but two men in this International Championship tournament. For some reason my side of the bracket gets turned into a three-way, and no one's even clarified if it's a triple threat or a three way dance.

BM: What the fuck is the possible difference?

TC: You're supposed to be a wrestling manager now, you should know this stuff. A triple threat match has one winner. First pinfall or submission wins. A three way dance is an elimination, so everyone has to get beat to lose.

BM: So what's the fucking problem? Just cripple both of the ass holes and be done with it.

TC: The issue is that both of these guys are associated with that bunch DNA. First you got Starr who's a formal member of the group, then Jason Fenix is supposed to be against them, but he spends time hanging out with Old Man Ruin. You honestly expect me to believe, after years spent in war, after over a decade in this business that there isn't some association between Fenix and DNA? The Old Man of the Ruin brats pays for everything for them. Hotels, cars, planes, clothes, ring gear, even that place they stay. He even paid off whoever to get both his son and that Apollo out of jail and you want me to believe that one little bump on the head means that Jason Fenix is against them?

BM: I don't believe it either, Fenix is as phoney as they come when it comes to his hatred of Rixton Ruin. You don't have a mad hate on for the boy and let his daddy take you out to dinner. Where I come from that's called hush money. He's paying Fenix off to act like enemies but really keep an eye on his kid. To me is seems a little more than coincidental that on one side of things you got that Apollo Cain against Dillan Singh. Guys got his own fucking problems going on, but ties to DNA whatever the fuck they're called he doesn't have. Meanwhile you have Starr, the current TV Champion and newest member of their little playhouse and Jason Fenix, the very public double secret probation member of their gang, against you. Ergo, the only thing stopping one of those idiots from laying down for the other and screwing you and, by extension, The Company, in a triple threat kind of situation is YOU.

It's up to you to just get rid of the both of them with extreme prejudice before either of them can lay down for the other. The fucking morons don't even get that every one of them blabbed their plan last week. Last week there were all saying it's Cain vs Fenix in the final, they all say it Cain vs Fenix, and how could they possible see it that way without having supreme confidence that Cain would beat whoever he had to face and without a plan in place to induct a new member into their group willing to lay down and let Jason Fenix bypass whatever real threat was going to emerge.

The Commander doesn't outright respond, he just stands there scowling as he usually does.

BM: That's the only possible outcome that makes sense. Right? That's the only way I can possibly explain them looking right past you to the finals. That's the only way that it makes sense that The Commander isn't part of any scenario they've thought up for the finals. They couldn't possibly be so stupid as to think that they could just walk away unscathed, especially after what you did to the Hardcore Champion last week unless they had some fail-safe plan that got around you somehow. It's the only rational way that sane, right-minded people can see a future that involves The Commander and not end with lengthy hospital time.

TC: It's going to end with hospital time and far worse. For the past few weeks everyone's been hung up on DNA. What they were doing, where they were going, who they were involving. That's their mistake. No one looked towards the gathering storm. No one saw the real trouble. Now here we are and the first round of the International Championship tournament has come and gone. Now the Hardcore Champion has come and gone. He made a threat that he couldn't follow through on. He said not to make him angry when the whole time it's was ME he should have been worried about.

The Commander yanks off his glasses and we find he's staring straight into the camera.

TC: This time it's the Television Champion and another so-called legend. You better hope you're quick. Really quick. I'm not going to idly stand by and let two morons cut me out of the title tournament. I stood idle for a decade, a DECADE and I'm sick and tired of just standing. I thought last Mayhem wasn't evidence of that, but still people overlook me. No one listened, but you'll listen Monday when I leave the bodies of two more celebrated stars laying right in the middle of the entrance ramp for everyone else to step over on their way to the ring. Two bodies that serve to tell everyone else to watch out, I'm coming for them.

Rixton Ruin shamed and disgraced everything IIW was and has been when he willingly gave up the International Championship just for a shot at the World Title. I don't know where he's come from but in IIW we don't make deals. We don't walk away from titles for the promise of something else. We don't willingly give up anything we've earned. I've been working for over a decade to get to this spot, I don't want to win a title that isn't worth a damned. I don't want a title that people just walk away from. I've already beaten one champion on my way. This Monday I'm going to add a second championship to that list. On top of that I'm going to add one of IIW famed legends in Jason Fenix.

I couldn't give a shit about personal politics or what group someone is or isn't a part of. I'm going to win and claim that championship and gain back what it lost when it was cast aside and if I have to do that with the blood of those who have become famous in IIW then I will. If I have to do that by beating every other champion along the way then I will. If I have to do that by drenching the belt in the DNA of DNA then I will do it and gain immeasurable satisfaction while doing so. I'm not just out to win the IIW International Championship, I'm out to reclaim every bit of importance and dignity it lost when some spoiled rookie stripped from it at the promise of something bigger and shinier.

Two men, DNA or not, are going to get destroyed next Monday night by my hands and this time, if there's a hint of intelligence anywhere in IIW then everyone will start to sit up and take note. It's not the glitz and the glamour or the wad or cash that DNA waves around that you should be worried about, it's the destruction that The Company and The Commander are bringing that you need to fear.

I'm the next IIW International Champion. There's no number of opponents or gangs who can change that. I'm not the dark horse, I'm the heavy favourite. I'm The Commander.



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Our scene opens with Jason sitting in a large leather chair staring out a picture window in his study at Fenix Manor. In one hand is a half-drank glass of scotch, and in the other is his ever present cigarette. The smoke trails lazily up towards the ceiling as he sits in silence, lost in his own thoughts.

>>The jet lag took me two days to get over. I hated spending the fuel to fly there then fly back then return to Europe again, but the thought of holing up in some hotel room sucked even more. The booking for the next round came down on my flight back. Three way match between Starr, The Commander, and myself. I had to laugh at it. My return had landed me squarely in IIWs mid-card, but IIW didn't have much of a mid-card to speak of. I suppose that's not entirely true, but when you spent your last run soundly at the top of the mountain, being back at the base camp just seemed wrong. Starr was good talent, and the kid showed a lot of promise, but I wasn't sure how ready he was to go against me. I was looking forward to see how he’d hold up. Then, there was The Commander. Just speaking his name made me want to gag a little. The guy was IIW’s walking punchline, but now he managed to somehow pull out a win, slaps on a cheap suit and I'm supposed to believe he’s a dominant athlete now? I wasn't buying any of it. The guy was a walking dumpster fire that just managed to flare up for a bit before its inevitable return to stinking, completely forgettable embers. I mean, it was a nice change of pace to see a fire lit under his ass, but I just couldnt take him completely serious. It would be an interesting week to say the least…<<

The door opens and Alec Sognier walks in. Jason turns around in his chair, setting his glass down on the desk and snubbing out his smoke. Alec sits himself in one of the large chairs facing Jason's desk.

Alec: Been a long time since I had to come find you in your office.

Jason: Been a long time since I had any business I felt needed to be handled from my office.

Alec: Interesting. What business would that be exactly?

Jason: EVA just spit out the first revision of Ruin’s hunk of garbage. I was busy reviewing the schematics and contrasting it with the original.

Alec: So you are actually doing it, huh? I mean, you actually are going through with helping him on the prototype?

Jason: *shrugs nonchalantly* Gives me something to do. Gives the company a new line of income. I don't love helping a competitor, but I'm getting paid nicely. Keeps the brain active.

Alec: IIW not doing it for you?

Jason: It's not that. Every man needs a hobby. Mine just happens to involve things that can make me rich. IIW can only hold so much of my attention. I have yet to perceive any real threats, so I do my thing in the ring and then I leave it there and find some better way to use my off time.

Alec: That seems a little presumptuous. I mean, I understand that you were at the top of the game last time around, but it's been years, and you aren't at the top anymore.

Jason gives Alec a glare over the rim of his scotch glass as he takes a drink.

Jason: You want to test that theory?

Alec: That's not what I meant. I mean, you should be spending more time on training. Getting yourself back to peak physical condition so you can rise back to the top. Get back to where you belong.

Jason: Alec, you are the one who put me into this tournament. Not me. I had no intentions of mucking about in the mid-card, but it's where I am now, and I intend on making the most of the opportunity. I have been training. I still use the training facilities I built in the basement. I make sure I spend time down there every day. I'm not slacking off here, but at some point we have to be realistic.

Alec: About what?

Jason: About the fact that I'm facing off yet again against people who don't belong in the same ring as me. Look at last week versus Donny Allen.

Alec: I dunno. Seemed like he gave you a run for your money.

Jason: It did? I must have been lazy then. Donny threw everything he had at me and then some. Every big move he could pull off. Still couldn't keep me down. Time and time again, Donny went deep in the well and every single time I kicked out. I was hardly winded at the end of that match. Donny didn't belong in the same ring as me. Here we are, next show down the road, back in the ring with people I shouldn't be dealing with.

Alec: I'm not doubting your ability, Jason. I know full well that you are more than capable of fighting. I just don't think that writing off everyone like this is the best way to go about things. You’re better then this.

Jason: Are you serious? Just the other week you were making jokes with me about Donny Allen. This week, it's the same story on the card, but you clam up.

Alec: Jason, last Mayhem was you and one guy. Yes, that guy wasn't at your level, but it was still one guy. This week, you’ve got two. You need to be ready. I don't doubt your ability to win this tournament and get the belt. I doubt your ability to remain focused. I think you are going to slip up and let your guard down and you damn sure better believe that when you do, someone will be waiting with baited breath to strike you when you aren't looking. You are a notch on the belt that every person in this fed would love to have. You have a very large presence in IIW, Jason. Everyone knows who you were. Now that you are back, everyone would love to be the one that says “I beat Jason Fenix”

Jason: And if I was facing someone who had the remote capability of doing so, then yes, I would be concerned. Have you looked at who my opponents are? Its ridiculous.

Alec: Yeah, The Commander and Starr. I don't see what's ridiculous.

Jason: The Commander shouldn't even be thinking about me. I couldn't think of anyone lower on the IIW totem pole last Mayhem other than Donny Allen. Turns out, there’s The Commander. A man who’s been a walking punchline in IIW since the place first opened its doors. I’ve personally handed that man his ass on more than one occasion. As a matter of fact, I don't know of too many people walking those halls who haven't beat his ass.

Alec: Okay, what about Starr?

Jason: What about him? Kids got some good potential, but he’s not ready. He’s not going to be able to last in the ring with me. Thats nothing meant to discredit him, but he’s still green. He’s small fish in a big pond. I happen to be the great white. I wish circumstances were different for our meeting, but….

Alec: Different how?

Jason: If this was some one off, one on one type match, I could actually go out there with the kid and enjoy the match. Kids got talent and I’d love to put on a match with him. Unfortunately that's not how this is gonna go. This kid is now standing between me and something I want. That puts him in my crosshairs.

The two sit in silence for a moment. Jason pours another finger of scotch into his glass and takes a sip.

Alec: So when you heading back out?

Jason: Soon. The jet lag is brutal coming back and forth. I dont know if I'm going to swing back by here again after Mayhem. Maybe I’ll do some sight-seeing.

Alec: Jason Fenix, the tourist.

Jason: Yeah, maybe. I dunno.

Alec: Might be good for you to get gone for a while. You spent enough time haunting these halls. Go do something to cut loose a bit.

Jason: That's a dangerous concept…

The two chuckle for a moment.

Alec: Couldn't hurt, man. I mean as long as you don't get yourself arrested for something horrible, you could use the vacation.

Jason: Yeah, cause I’ve been working so hard lately.

Alec: The last month or so has been pretty crazy for you, Jason. It's been a big shift in gears. I don't see how taking some time to relax can be a bad thing.

Jason: You’re probably right...EVA, what's the next available departure?

EVA: Accessing….Next departure window available in three hours, twenty-two minutes.

Jason: Let's make it happen.

EVA: Affirmative.

Alec: Heading out then?

Jason: Looks like I got time for one more round in the pit, then clean myself up and go.

Alec: I’ll hold down the fort.

Jason stands up and shakes Alec’s hand.

Jason: I know you will. Thanks for getting me moving again.

Alec: That's why you pay me.

Jason: You got that right...we’ll see ya, Alec.

Jason calmly strolls out of the office, leaving Alec alone in the now deafening silence.


The next scene opens and we see Jason Fenix in training gear sitting on the edge of a steel walled, dirt floored pit under a huge mechanical device. Jason sighs and snubs out the last of his cigarette, then climbs down the ladder to the dirt floor. Jason presses a few buttons on the panel next to the ladder and the machine above comes to life, a large cylinder lowering itself down to within a foot of the floor.

Jason: Voice Authorization for Jason Fenix.

EVA: Hello Jason. Welcome back. Shall we begin?

Jason: Yeah, set training protocol Seven-Bravo-Delta.

EVA: Confirmed. Number of opponents?

Jason: Two

EVA: Please adjust settings.

Jason: Opponent one, Large size, Strength 8, Agility 5, Speed 6.

EVA: Confirmed

Jason: Opponent two, Medium size, Strength 6, Agility 8, Speed 8

EVA: Confirmed. Would you like to proceed with these settings?

Jason: Yes

With a roar of machinery, several pugilist arms and block pads spring to life from the center cylinder.

EVA: Training program ready.

Jason: *taking a deep breath* Begin…

The machine and Jason both spring into action with Jason blocking attacks from the machine and striking at the block pads.

>>As good as I could design things, this wasn't going to match the real thing. It kept me on my toes though, and that was important. Alec had been right. I needed to refocus and rededicate myself to this. I made it to the top by throwing myself headlong into the fight. I fell to the bottom by thinking myself invincible. I liked to think that I didn't flaunt my achievements, but I knew I was hardly a humble man. I deserved every accolade I have claimed. I earned every notch on my belt. The last thing I was willing to let happen is having some hot shot rookie, or IIW’s walking punchline, manage to catch me off my A-game. I was a charging rhino, and no one would stop me…<<

Jason: OOOFF!!!!

One of the pugilist arms quickly around and catches Jason in the stomach with a solid thud. A moment later, another arm slams into his back and knocks him to the dirt floor.

Jason: Shit…

The great cylinder whines and moves to a more advantageous position, another arm slamming down to the ground aggressively. Jason rolls out of the way at the last moment and gets back to his feet.

Jason: You caught me slipping, EVA.

EVA: Adjusting combat protocol…

Jason: I wasn't saying take it easy on me!

EVA: Confirmed. Moving to level 8

Jason: Whoa! What?!

In a flurry of motion, the cylinder whips around and bears down on Jason. Jason moves quickly to try and keep up with the attacks, the two circle the pit in a flurry of strikes and blocks.

>>Okay. Not a great time. EVA sped up on me and I wasn't ready. Maybe this was it though. Maybe I needed to feel like this. Maybe I needed to focus that anger. I wasn't going to be forgotten. I wasn't going to be the next legend who couldn't keep up. I was better then that, damn it. I was going to bring this full bore on my opponents. Commander can talk his trash. Starr can ride his high from winning a title. I was here to ensure absolute victory for myself. I would not allow anyone to stand in the way of that. <<

The back and forth of man and machine continues on, Jason taking shots from the pugilist arms but shrugs them off for the most part with a slight stagger followed by a counter attack. He grits his teeth in anger and starts fighting harder.

>>One more naysayer. One more person who thinks I don't have what it takes anymore. One more doubter to silence. This was my second coming. This is what I’ve worked my entire life for. I didn't need this for glory. I needed this for my own inner peace. My first run wasn't enough. I wanted to etch my name into the stone pillars of IIW. I was going to make sure I was a name never forgotten…<<

With a primal yell, Jason catches one of the pugilist arms, pinning it to his side and returns a vicious elbow to the joint of the mechanism. It gives way with a loud crack. The machines whirring slows as it comes to a stop.

EVA: Warning. Critical Malfunction detected. Ending Combat routine protocols.

Jason stares for a moment at the ruined arm mechanism, now hanging limply to the floor and leaking hydraulic fluid and oil.

Jason: Well shit...that's a repair bill I didn't want...EVA, leave this here. I’ll fix it when I return.

EVA: Affirmative.

Jason: I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready. What's the time til departure?

EVA: Departure window arriving in one hour, twelve minutes.

Jason: Sounds good. Thanks, EVA

EVA: You’re welcome, Jason.

Jason punches a few buttons on the panel by the ladder and the lights go down as he crawls out of the pit.


Our next scene we see Jason Fenix walking down a street in Berlin in the early evening, dressed in his usual suit with an overcoat to protect from the blustery winds of the evening. Walking next to him is Violet Frost, the newest addition to IIW’s reporting team, wrapped in a coat of her own. The two are mic’d up and there is a small camera crew in front of them. Violet focuses her attention on coordinating with the camera crew while Jason finishes a smoke and looks around at the buildings and people of the city.

Cameraman: Okay, Ms. Frost. Were ready when you are.

Violet turns to Jason and offers a warm smile.

Violet: Jason, thank you for this opportunity.

Jason: Not a problem, Ms. Frost. Everyone needs to start somewhere and I like the format you are working with on this.

Violet: After talking with Osh, I thought this might be a more interesting format once and awhile. Instead of the usual sit-down interview. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just that, you know….something different….

Jason chuckles slightly

Jason: No need to convince me, Ms. Frost. I'm the one that agreed.

Violet: Well again..thank you

Jason: *holding up a hand to dismiss the thanks* No worries.

Violet takes a deep breath and nods to the team to begin filming. After a few moments, she begins speaking.

Violet: Hello, ladies and gentleman of the IIW universe! Im Violet Frost, and here on today’s edition of The Chill Spot, I'm joined by none other than Jason Fenix here on the streets of Berlin! Jason, thank you for taking some time today to join me.

Jason: It's a pleasure to be on the show. Great night for a stroll despite the winds.

Violet: Would almost seem a bit appropriate with all the changes going on around IIW.

Jason: I would absolutely agree. The winds of change certainly seem to be blowing.

Violet: With the growth that has come from the IIW relaunch, what do you see as being some of the biggest changes?

Jason: For the company as a whole, I would be remiss if I didn't give a nod to the “Women's Revolution” that is happening. We’ve seen a recent influx of female talent coming in and with that, we have given rise to an entirely new division in IIW. I think it speaks greatly of where the industry is heading.

Violet: *smirking a bit* Jason, do I detect a bit of snark when you say Women's Revolution?

Jason: No, that's not at all what I mean *Jason laughs a bit as he pulls up the collar around his neck* I don't like the term “Women's Revolution”. I feel like it implies that Women are not equal. I’ve never felt that way. I think it's wonderful that we are seeing more female talent stepping into the ring and being given an opportunity, but I feel that the opportunity has always been there for those willing to push themselves beyond what they believe they can achieve.

Violet: Sure, but you can't argue that it's been a male dominated industry for ages.

Jason: Absolutely, but if you look back historically, there have always been amazingly talented females who have been able to rise above that. Look back to the mid 1900’s with The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Mildred Burke. The list goes on. Woman in the ring has always been a thing. Its just now its become more prevalent. That's why I don't like the term “Revolution” implies it's something new.

Violet: So you believe that women are more than capable of being in the ring?

Jason: Why not? Combat Arts to me has never been about gender. MMA, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Boxing. Women are more than capable. I just think a lot of men give us all a bad name by thinking we are superior solely based on gender. If we look back historically at the human species as a whole, from a biological standpoint, we find that genetically speaking, males are physically larger, therefore stronger, but what we forget is that there are always outliers. You know, waifish, thin men, or on the other side of the coin we see some of the greats like Chyna, or the legend of the Amazons, you know? Woman who absolutely were physically dominant. That being said, are we gonna start seeing little 125 pound woman going toe to toe with 325 pound juggernauts? Probably not. That's just science. But even with that being said, there is something very powerful to be said about speed and agility in these things.

Violet: That's a very interesting point, Jason. So we know you support the women's division, but let's say they truly wanted what you would consider to be a “Revolution” and they decide they want to get in the ring with the men. How would you feel about that?

Jason: I'm hardly the one to make that decision, but that's not to say even that is totally unheard of. I’ve been around in my time and I’ve seen promotions running with mixed divisions, some of which even touted female world champions. Bottom line is this, Violet. A woman wants to get into the ring with a man? I personally see no problem in that. But with that in mind, don't expect special treatment. If a woman came to me and said “I want a match against you, I’ve had it sanctioned, I have all the proper clearance and whatever” I'm not going to turn them down. I will go out and fight them just as I have fought anyone else. I will do everything I can to hurt them and to succeed. It has nothing to do with gender.

Violet: *snickering slightly* So you are saying you, Jason Fenix, would hit a woman?

Jason: *gives a sideways glance to Violet* Careful now....No, that's not what Im saying. I would never hit a woman just because. That woman wants to get in the ring as an equal? I will treat her as an equal.

Violet: I knew what you meant, but had to take the shot.

Jason: Good to see you have jokes…

Violet: Of course, love! What else do you see as being a major change to the IIW landscape?

Jason: I don't know if anything else could be seen right now as a major change. There are things developing that could hold potential to be major

Violet: Such as?

Jason: There has been a lot of talk lately about Dawn of the New Age. Some seem to think that this group could be the next big thing in IIW. Personally, I think it's too early to tell. I speak from personal experience in saying that simply naming yourself to a stable and proclaiming yourself to be the next big thing doesn't make it so. Time will tell what that group does.

Violet: Yes, but there is also a lot of talk surrounding DNA that says you are going to be a member.

Jason: Of course. The rumor mill loves to grind away at anything it can sink its teeth into. Truth be told, I care very little what becomes of them. I have no intention at this time to sign on with them. I have my own business to tend to.

Violet: But you can't deny the reports of you having met with Ryleigh Ruin after last Mayhem.

Jason: Correct. I did meet with her. It was not a discussion about me joining the rank and file. I am nothing if but a businessman. I recognize latent talent and ability when I see it, and if I feel it can further my own ends, I will seek to cultivate that. Ryleigh has that latent talent. We spoke at length about that and how to truly harness that.

Violet: So what does that mean then? What do you gain from the success of DNA?

Jason: Personally, right now? Not much. At least not in directly tangible assets. I am a man with a legacy to preserve. I have done some great things in my time and have secured my eventual place in the IIW Halls of Fame. That being said, I also am not so blind to believe that I will be able to maintain peak performance. A day will come at some point where I physically will be pushed into retirement. When that day comes, I want my knowledge and experience to endure and help those that follow. Ryleigh is the beginning of that. She is someone who has the mind to absorb what I can teach her, and as long as I see she is adapting to that new knowledge and growing with it, I'm happy to provide it to her.

Violet: So in having that tie with Ryleigh now, a lot of people are saying DNA will have an influence on your match in the tournament this week with one of your opponents being Starr, who is currently being scouted, I guess, by DNA.

Jason: I don't find that to be an issue. They have nothing to gain by interfering with my match this week. If we look at the brackets, sure, they could try and force the hand to ensure that the final match is between two DNA members. The problem with that theory is that Ryleigh isn't that dumb. Make no mistake, that girl is calling the shots in that camp. She has no reason to immediately alienate what could become a very strong ally in myself for the sake of pushing someone who they aren’t vested in. If DNA chooses to tip the scales in this, they are going to be pushing for Apollo. Starr already holds a title and putting two on his shoulders is poor planning. It just makes the kid a target.

Violet: Now, you just referred to Starr as ‘Kid’. Is that an indication of your feelings towards him?

Jason: *chuckling slightly* That's one of those things in this business. I have to applaud you on your keen eye to detail. Everyone wants to read into everything. Sure, Starr in my eyes is ‘kid’. He’s young. He’s new to the game. He’s still growing and going through the paces to make a name for himself. That hardly implies anything negative about him. If anything, Starr is to be commended for the ability he has shown thus far. The fact that he has moved himself to being the TV champion is nothing to dismiss. Personally, I enjoy the kids work. The fact is, he’s fun to watch in the ring. He puts on damn good matches. I look forward to seeing what the kid can do down the road and I dont think its too far of a stretch for him one day to be holding the strap at the top of the mountain. All that aside though, now isn't going to be the time for him to make that next step. This match isn't going to favor him. He’s going up against not just one, but two Veterans of the ring, even though having to refer to the Commander as a Veteran actually makes the bile rise in the back of my throat. Starr is going against twenty plus total years of experience in this match. The odds are greatly stacked against him. Not for a lack of trying, but if he were to pull off this win, it would be huge for the kid.

Violet: But if DNA is looking to bring him into the fold, wouldn't that present a stronger case for them to get involved and make that a reality?

Jason: To an outsider looking in, sure. In the big picture though, it still doesn't make any sense. DNA, for all their chest-pounding, has not established themselves fully as “The dominant stable” of IIW. They are hardly in a position to start creating enemies. Rixton is so beside himself to get his hands on me he can hardly see straight, but an act like that would be counterproductive to where they are trying to go. Overall, it would amount to a significant expense of resources and the returns on it are not worth the investment. Ryleigh knows that. And again, I don't want to be misconstrued in taking anything away from Starr. I like the kids work. I hope one day to have some time in the ring with him on a one on one level. I think we both could learn from each other. Unfortunately, this doesn't get to be that time. This is extremely important to me. More than I think most people realize. When I go out there this week, I will be setting aside whatever warm fuzzy bullshit I think about Starr, and in my mind, he becomes another target. Right now, at this moment, he is another person who has been put in my path to try and stop me and I cannot...I will not...allow that to happen. I can say though, for the first time in a very long time, I'm stepping into the ring against someone who I will be seeking to simply subdue, not significantly injure.

Violet: So you will not be taking your usual highly-aggressive tone against him?

Jason: No. And I'm sure there are those out there who will think that will be my downfall. I'm known for being someone who enjoys the violence. Enjoys making people hurt. I enjoy the fact of walking away from a match knowing that someone is in a serious amount of pain because they tried to stand against me. Starr is not that person in this match. Starr has found himself in a very unfortunate spot here in the fact that he’s going into a match with myself and a man I really cannot stand. A man I find truly pitiful. That's who I want to hurt. I want Commander to suffer badly at my hand. The man is a walking dumpster fire, and the fact that he’s in the same ring with me makes my blood boil. Im not out there for Starr’s blood. If he gets in my way, I have no problem taking my pound of flesh from him, but I would greatly prefer not to. If I can put him down and keep him down with minimal long-term damage, then that is what I'm going to seek to do. He’s a good kid, with a big heart, and I don't want to be the one who cuts that off before it has a chance to launch. Thats blood I dont want on my hands.

Violet: Okay, so now, throughout this conversation, you’ve made mention of your other opponent, The Commander, a handful of times and each time you’ve had some very disparaging remarks about him. What exactly is the problem you have with him?

Jason: It boils down to his attitude. The man is a joke. For a decade, the man has been IIW’s bottom feeder. He’s been the guy that gets put into the ring with the new blood to get their feet wet and get them acclimated. The guy has never been able to pull off a win, so he just stays relegated to the bottom tier because even people like Sebastian Riddich can pull off a win against the guy. So we have this guy that's been a punchline to the rest of the locker room forever. Osh throws him in this tournament to fill a spot, and somehow, he finds someone who’s stupid enough to believe that he might be worth wasting the time and money on, plucks him up out of his dumpster, scrubs and delouses his, slaps a cheap wal-mart suit on him, tells him to stop being such a worthless pile of shit. Okay? So all this goes down, Commander goes out and manages somehow by the grace of God to pull off a victory against semi-decent talent like Sean Raines, and now, NOW, this walking pustule starts walking around like big man on campus? Give me a break! The Commander is still a complete joke and I'm mildly offended that I have to face someone like him. I’m a former World Champion. I'm a man who ran this place back in my time. I don't mind moving back down the ladder a bit and doing some other things. Hell, I have my reasons for sticking with this stuff, but for fucks sake, at least give me some people worth a shit. That man doesn't have the ability to stand toe to toe with me even when I was soaking myself in booze and hiding from the world, let alone hang with me now when I'm actually starting to feel like my old self a bit more and more every day. There is no form of reality here or in any alternate dimension where the Commander can ever stand at my level. This is a push match as far as Commander is concerned. The fact that he’s spent weeks now, running off at the mouth about how ‘he Commands it’ and how dominant he’s going to be and how he’s sick of being cast by the wayside makes me so angry I'm afraid I just might hurt myself. When I go out there this week, I'm going to break him. I'm going to cause him pain in ways he didn't realize were possible. I'm going to show him every single way that the human body should not bend. I'm going to make him scream. I'm going to make him bleed. And when I make him bleed, I'm going to show him that it's by my hands and his suffering is not going to end until I decide that it's done. That piece of shit doesn't belong here, he doesn't belong in a ring, and he damn sure doesn't belong STEPPING UP TO ME!!

Jason catches himself in his moment of building rage. Even Violet seems a bit taken aback by Jason’s rantings. Jason stops walking and breaths heavy a few times before reaching into his coat and pulling out a pack of smokes, pulling one from the pack and using his coat to shield the wind as he lights it.He takes a long drag off it and exhales, blowing away from Violet. After a moment, he speaks again.

Jason: I apologize....I intended not to smoke during this conversation as I felt it would be rude to you…

Violet:….after all that, you seem like you could use it…

Jason: Give me a moment please…

Jason turns away and leans up against the side of the bridge the two were crossing. He breathes hard, his shoulders shaking slightly with the built up rage. Violet gives him a few moments before walking over and leaning her back against the railing and looks at Fenix.

Violet: You okay?

Jason: ...yeah...I’ll be fine…

Violet: Do you want to continue?

Jason: ...I just need a moment…

Violet: Jason, I took this job because I truly admire and appreciate the intensity and passion you guys all show for what you do. You train yourselves and focus yourselves so hard on being the best that you can. This is precisely what I want, please give me the raw Jason Fenix?

Jason takes another long drag off his cigarette and exhales. His expression becomes somber as he stares into the distance and his tone drops.

Jason: I came from nothing, Ms Frost….when Osh first found me, I was living in a studio apartment sleeping on a wood pallet under a bare bulb. I made my living by putting people in the hospital. I fought in dirty warehouses full of rich chinese businessmen. I used my bare hands to end lives. When I came here, I told myself I would never go back to that place. I worked tirelessly and sacrificed anything and everything to make sure that I never had to live that way again. I made sure that nothing stood in the way of me making it to the top. I talk a lot about being the best in the ring. I talk just as much, if not more, than any man in the locker room about my superiority. The difference is, I have a long, long track record to back my claims up. The commander has nothing. The commander has more losses than the rest of IIW combined. One match...One lucky he wants to speak about me as if he knows me….as if he is somehow on my level now....I can't abide by that. I won't allow it to go unanswered. Commander wants to talk about me? Commander wants to act as if he is of the same caliber as me? Let him enjoy his moment then. I plan on making sure my name never passes through the lips of that piece of garbage again….

Jason pauses again, his body started to heave with rage again, shuddering under its own tension as he takes another long drag.

Jason: ...I got word earlier today from my associate that Osh decided to make this match a no-disqualifications match, and I couldn't help but smile. Osh may not realize it, but he just signed a very heavy hospital bill for the Commander….

Jason takes another drag.

Jason: I’ve been doing this a long time, Violet….I've made my money on the blood and flesh and bone of others….and for the first time in my life...Im afraid....

Violet looks concerned and puts a hand on Jason's shoulder.

Violet: Afraid?...Jason, what are you afraid of?...

Jason stands himself upright, pulling his collar up around his neck again, shrouding his face in shadows lit only by the ember of his cigarette.

Jason: I'm afraid that this time….this time I don't know when to stop...I’ve been given the authority to use anything and everything in my means to ensure I walk out the winner, and I’ve been set in a match against a man who has made my blood boil in a way I can't remember it ever doing. I can use literally anything I want in this match. I'm afraid that I'm going to get my hands on Commander and I'm going to do terrible things....I'm not worried about winning this match. I know that I will win...What I'm afraid of is how many men it's going to take, and how many men are going to get hurt trying to stop me from killing him…

Violet steps back, a bit aghast. Her hand covers her mouth and her eyes glass up a bit.

Jason: A pound of flesh will not suffice here. There is no salvation for that man. I'm going to put him back in the dumpster where he belongs….I just don't know if I can stop myself before he ends up going back in a body bag...I'm sorry, but I need to go. I think it's time I found myself a drink...If you see Starr...tell him I'm sorry…

Violet: For what?

Jason: For having to be involved in what's going to happen at Mayhem…

Violet: You just did, love. Well that’s all the time we have for this edition of The Chill Spot. Thank you for watch IIW universe and be lovely to each other.

Jason turns away and walks off into the crowd, his head down and his shoulders seeming to carry a much heavier weight now...

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We find Starr and Ryzzy at the Cordobar in Berlin, Germany. Ryzzy were looking to have a few glasses of wine before Starr shoots the first webisode of his new show The Shooting Starr.

Starr: You ladies enjoying yourself? Anna finally sent in the money for the damages.

Ryleigh: I can’t believe that bitch destroyed twenty-seven grand of your stuff.

Starr: My stuff gets pretty expensive. The funny part is was barely fifteen things she burned or ruined.

Izzy: I can’t understand why someone would do such a thing. I promise I’ll never do that to you, Ryleigh Ru. (She taps Ryleigh on the end of her nose, Izzy is starting to catch a buzz and is getting sillier.)

Starr: Extreme case of psychosis, Iz. Delusions in the brain that make you believe what you perceive is true and no one can change your mind until you come down from it… (Izzy tilts her head giving Starr a puzzled look.) I took a Psychology class in college. Some things stuck with me. I’m a lot smarter than I look.

Izzy: I’m starting to get a little tipsy Ian and I have no idea what you’re talking about. You know if you ever did anything fun?

Starr: I’m completely fine being our DD tonight. You two little ladies drink to your heart’s content, I’m paying.

Ryleigh: Good so I’m getting us another glass then! (She get up and goes to the bar.)

Starr: You two are having fun, right?

Izzy: Of course, what do you mean?

Starr: You know me, I worry about everyone. Just wanting to check in with my two favorite ladies and make sure you’re night is just as good as mine.

Izzy: Thanks Ian… (She puts her foot on Starr’s crotch.) Oops, my bad… (She moves it back to Starr’s to the rail on his chair.)

Starr: No… uh… no problem, Iz. God you are tipsy.

Izzy: And you’re still cute!

Starr: Ah, that’s just the alcohol talking.

Izzy: Nope, it was my mouth talking. But seriously, you are too cute to not have a great girl, like I have Ry?

Starr: I’ll admit adjusting to “the single life” is a bit weird.

Izzy: Ian… you are fffffucking HOT, best bro.

Starr: Oh my god, Iz. You’re drunk as fuck, dude!

Ryleigh: (She shows up with two more glasses of red wine.) Here you go, babe. Wait she’s drunk? Like how drunk?

Starr: Yep… And it looks like you’re getting drunker.

Izzy: I’m not drunk! I’m just… I’m just tipsy and free, honey… God you’re so hot right now!

Ryleigh: Just right now?

Izzy: My fucking nipples are hard just thinking about fucking you right now!

Starr: I’m sitting right here!

Izzy: Sorry, Ian. Do you wanna join???

Ryleigh: Ummm, not gonna happen, babe. No offence Ian.

Izzy: Ryleigh, you should see his fucking COCK, dude. IT’S FFFUCKING MAAAAAASSIVE!

Ryleigh: Babe, you’re yelling. Now I’m starting to agree with you Ian, she’s pretty drunk. (Ryleigh slides Izzy’s glass of wine away from her.)

Starr: You two wanted to come here? Here, Iz drink this. (He slides her his water.)

Izzy: Oooooo fizzyyyy… (Izzy starts to drink Starr’s sparkling water with a straw.)

Ryleigh: Did I over hear on the way over that you’re unhappy with being single, Ian?

Starr: Eh, I’m not unhappy persay. Just that it feels a bit awkward.

Izzy: We could help you find a new girl? What about Bell? (She talking while she still has the straw in her mouth. She laughs and the sparkling water goes everywhere.)

Starr: Uhhh… well... as cool as it would be to be royalty, I’m gonna have to pass on being Bell’s beast. I don’t think we’re that compatible.

Ryleigh: I love drunk Izzy! She’s so much fun!

Izzy: What about Ryleigh?! She’s nice! Oh wait, nevermind… She hates dicks! Well on men at least. She REALLY likes dildos!

Starr: Drunk Izzy is an experience very few see. You should feel honored.

Ryleigh: We should come up with a name for this like Brie Bella has Brie Mode?

Starr: No, from what I recall, Izzy just gets up and shouts-

Izzy: (She interrupts Starr and stands in her chair.) I’M FUCKING WASTEEEEEEEED!!!!! (The entire bar cheers her on.)

Starr: Yeah that… (Izzy sits back down.)

Ryleigh: How is that possible, I barely have a buzz and she drank me under the table when we first got together.

Starr: Something about Germany and alcohol just seems to get to her?

Ryleigh: Wait, did you eat earlier when i had dinner with the sponsors I’m trying to line up, Iz?

Izzy: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh…. no?

Starr: Bingo! There’s the culprit.

Ryleigh: Are you hungry now, babe?

Izzy: I’m hungry… FOR DICK! HAHAHAAA!!!

Starr: This is fucking amazing...

Ryleigh: (She’s just shaking her head as she looking at the menu that’s all in German.) [color=#FF007C]How’s about a Bratwurst instead?

Izzy: I want his bratwurst! (She points back at Starr.)

Starr: Wooooah… calm down there, Iz. I’d like to keep my junk intact.

Ryleigh: Yep food stat! There was a food cart on the way here let’s hit that and then we’ll make our way to where I have the camera crew setting up for the new show. (Ryleigh slams the last of the wine.)

Starr: The walk should help sober her up...

Izzy: But I want mooooooore!!!!!!!

Starr: Izzy, you don’t need anymore! I promise!

Izzy: Shut up I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough! Hey Ian, I know you wanna look at these. (She lifts up her shirt to show her black bra.)

Starr: IZZY! STOP! Ryleigh take her out of here. I’ll pay for the drinks.

Ryleigh: Actually It’s on my card, you get her out please?

Starr: Come here drunkie. (He picks up Izzy and throws her over his shoulder and takes her out of the bar. He awkwardly waves bye to all the other patrons.)

Ryleigh pays for the tab at the bar and apologizes for Izzy’s behavior. The trio make their way to the food cart that Ryleigh spotted earlier. Izzy has a Bratwurst and a bottle of water. She begins to sober up after the meal and the walk to the filming location.

Izzy: Okay… I’m better now. What the hell happened?

Ryleigh: Well we found Izzy Mode and she loves dick and flashing her tits!

Starr: My dick especially…(She and Starr laugh.)

Izzy: Ian! Oh my god I’m so sorry!

Ryleigh: To who, my fiancee?

Starr: Eh, nothing to be sorry for... I liked being flattered a bit.

Izzy: God damnit I did both of those things, I’m sorry to the both of you and I don't really want you, Ian. (Starr gives her an “I know” sort of look to her and Ryleigh.) And you know I love you more than anyone right, Ry? (Ryleigh hugs and kisses her.) [Please, remind me to not drink on an empty stomach again.

Ryleigh: There’s no chance in hell that’s going to happen again on my watch, babe. I love you too.

Starr: Don’t worry, we gotcha… (Izzy hugs Starr.) ...Love you too, Iz... Welp, looks like we’re here…

Ryleigh goes to the camera crew and makes sure everything is in order so her fellow DNA member can start his webisode.

Taping of The Shooting Starr

The cameras start to record. We see Starr leaned up against a wall in Berlin. It’s night and the only thing lighting up Starr’s face is a light from the camera crew. He initially doesn’t even pay attention to the crew.

Starr: I have to do this…

Starr stays focused.

Starr: I HAVE to do THIS…

Starr stresses how important this match could be and looks into the camera lens.

Starr: Everything I’ve wanted is right through this obstacle… And it is a very big obstacle…

Starr pulls his jacket together.

Starr: On one hand, I have the seemingly unstoppable force, this new supposed assassin of the IIW roster, The Commander… and on the other, there’s another legend in this business… a legendary competitor and a legendary figure in Jason Fenix… and waiting in the wings is my boss and his cronies waiting to pick my bones regardless of if I win or if I fall. Do I have any possible way of coming out of this match the winner and going on to the finals? I’d say about a One in A Million chance… and boys and girls, you’re looking at Mr. One in A Million…

Izzy: (The camera zooms out and we see Izzy and Ryleigh are sitting on a production case giving Starr moral support..) And don’t forget you have DNA to back you up no matter what?

Starr: I know, Iz. I know… but it seems everyone thinks that I want you all to interfere… I mean it’d make MY life less stressful, but having someone fight my battles isn’t really my forte. You guys know that…

Izzy: Well there friend, you know we always have your back.

Starr: I know, Iz. I know…

Ryleigh: I’ll only send out the hounds if either of them do anything over the top. (She gives Starr a wink.)

Starr: You guys this match is probably gonna be a highlight of my career. I could be a double champ by the end of the tournament.

Ryleigh: No matter what happens just remember that you’re already a champion and a vital part of our group.

Izzy: And my best boyfri- er uh guy friend!

Ryleigh: Good save, babe.

Starr: Excellent Freudian slip there, Iz. (The three of them laugh.)

Izzy: Don’t let us stop you, bud. Cut your promo!

Starr regains his focus and looks at the camera.

Starr: Osh, I’ve said it time and time and mother fucking time again. I will take out your buddies and as soon as these two have their full…and then I’m finding you. Donny, I already have your number. I beat you in our first encounter and although the result was not what I wanted… A win's a win. Dillan, I hate the fact that Apollo gets his hands on you before I do. I hope he kicks your fucking ass this Mayhem. That Monster isn’t going to be stopped by anyone. You boys, wanted to do the same thing to Curtis… whatever his last name is now that you did to me. Luckily, I’m one of the few men around here that won’t stand for that sort of bullshit. You can run all you want boys, but when push comes to shove, you do what you love, and I love beating the everloving fuck out of people.

Ryleigh: Don’t worry Starr, The Ascension is at the top of the DNA shit list after Make or Break! Mark my words Osh, DNA is going to crush your lackeys in due time!

Starr nods to Ryleigh and adjusts his posture.

Starr: Jason Fenix… Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the respect you showed me in the interview with Violet. It’s nice to see that someone outside of DNA appreciates the talents I bring. See, I know what makes you tick. You’re a master of minds. A puppeteer stringing along people and making them do whatever it is you want. Puppets that get tangled up in their own strings... Bad news for you, I am no one’s puppet. Not yours, not Osh’s, not even Ryzzy’s! Thanks to my two friends here, I’m finally free and there are no strings on me… Jason, you’ll look into my eyes and realize that I’m just as good as I say I am. Like I always say, my name is what I am. Starr. One word, one syllable, and a million ways to hurt anyone that’s in my way. I’m giving credit where it’s due, you’re a veteran around the world, but experience doesn’t factor in when being in the ring with. Nah, man it’s about endurance. Are you going to make it to the final hour, final minute, final second? Are you willing to go through every bit of offence that me and The Jobber are gonna throw at you and survive? I can, and I will. The stranglehold you want on IIW stops at me. And I’m not sure what type of crap you’re trying to pull with Ry here but don’t think us DNA men didn’t notice. I know it may appear the I may not be on the same page as Rix and Apollo but we have a mutual respect for each other and that’s enough. We fellas are very protective of our leaders, just so you know you’ve been noted and logged in on our list to watch.

Izzy: Now talk about the other guy!

Ryleigh: Yeah, let him have it!

Starr: The Jobber?.. I mean The Commander… while I do appreciate the fact that you’ve finally decided to actually get serious about this, it took you how long? Yeah, you’re not advancing in this tournament because of me. No chance in hell that’s happening. You say you can break my bones, crush my lungs, hell do what your old pig in a suit said and cripple me, but you know what? Nothing will not stop me from fighting until the very end. I came back from a torn MCL and still wanted to wrestle. You want to break Sean Raines and put him on the shelf? You still don’t scare me. I whooped Raines’ and Field’s ass at the same damn time to win this. (He holds up the TV championship and slaps it a few times.) From what I saw in that match you got lucky. You caught Raines off guard and anyone can get caught. Yes… even you. Most people don’t realise I can choke a bitch out too. And by my calculations, the bitch in this match is (He mimes doing math on a chalkboard.) you The Jobber. And not for nothing, I remember until that match you were the butt of every joke in the IIW. You must remember that? Or does Bobby, not like you to remember it? So now what, you get a agent, a cheap suit, a new attitude and now we’re all supposed to forget that everyone and their fucking grandma beat the snot out of you for months? Rix beat you in less than a minute and stretched the match out for comedic value. Because none of us on the rest of the roster have, you’re a Jobber with a new look and you’re not fooling anybody.

Izzy: I think he got that suit from Goodwill in my opinion. My grandpa has the same one.

Starr: Totally. Boys, there are tons of possibilities in this match. But the only that I see is me taking you both out. Commander is gonna pass out from lack of portion control, and Mr. Fenix is gonna return to the ashes from which he came. So as far as I’m concerned, Apollo and Adam, I’ll see you two at Make or Break. And by DNA’s calculation that gives us the International Championship because Bradley you’re just the wrong guy in the wrong match. Leaving me and Apollo to battle it out for the strap. Yes, the International Championship is going to be mine and come this Mayhem, my path to the gold gets that much closer and that much brighter. So bright that it’ll blind everyone and leave them all…

Ryzzy: Starrstruck!

Starr: Atta girls! Now, let’s get out of here…

The camera follows Starr and Ryzzy as they walk down the street and into the night.

The Commander
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Where are we? Somewhere, somewhere like a gym. Some German gym no doubt. Most likely because unlike some people we actually care about winning and unlike other people we don't fight robots and mistake it for the real thing. So here we are in a gym. But we're professional too, so instead of working out The Commander is wiping the sweat from his brow before he exits the boxing ring in the background. It's not like most gym's come fully equipped with a wrestling ring available for use. You make do.

BM: You know it's a funny thing what I've been hearing the past few days. Aside from two complete morons who clearly have better things to do then what's supposed to be their jobs, both of them keep spitting out this word 'joke' but the funny part is just how much fear that word comes tinged with.

Just to the side stands the re-maker of fates, Bob Mitchell. Dressed in his usual suit he's been overseeing The Commander's work out. Bob's a pretty hands on manager. Perfection takes fine tuning.

BM: Now, I'll let The Commander handle most of this time because I know he has a lot to say, but I did want to just add what I observed from the sorry excuses for opponent that my charge has to face on Monday night. See guys, while you Jason Fenix waste all your time playing pretend Tony Stark, complete with your own version of Jarvis attending to the smokeless ashtrays or self-shaving razors or whatever other bullshit gadgets you think are going to make you rich, The Commander is focused entirely on the International Championship.

And while you Starr, are getting drunk lamenting over you ex, getting drunk with a lesbian and her girlfriend wondering if you'll ever find love again, The Commander is focused only on beating the two of you and winning the International Championship. See where I'm headed with this? You two try to talk some big game, but your head isn't even in it. You throw insults his way to try to cover up the genuine fear you feel, and while you verbally blow off The Commander as a joke, you're both preoccupied with other affairs because both of you know full well after this Monday night you're out, and mentally you're getting used to that idea and moving on to other affairs. Oh and Starr, I see that nice shiny title belt you got there. Don't worry, I made mental note of it.

By this time The Commander has thrown on a shit and now joins his manager, towel still around his neck.

BM: You see this boys? This is a guy who's focused on victory. This is a guy who's path is destruction. This right here is your next International Champion.

He indicates The Commander.

TC: Jason Fenix, make no mistake about it boy, I DO know you. For over a decade just as you've been doing your thing here in IIW, so I've been here too. All those long years when you and every other idiot were talking big games but doing the same thing as each other I laid down for the money, but I listened to every single word you said. And look at you now Jason Fenix, the only thing I can't figure out about you today is if you're lying because you think bragging up your legend will really make you that great, or you think if you lie about it long enough then those DNA kids will never notice and actually start believing you're as great as you say you are.

That's just it though isn't it? You say you're great but you haven't actually got the goods to back it up. You call yourself a sure fire Hall of Famer, but take it from someone else who knows first hand, just being here for a decade doesn't ensure you're worthy of the Hall of Fame. You claim you're currently stuck in the mid-card, but you'll surely get back to where you were last time, in the main event, but will you? Were you? What last time was that Jason? The one where IIW was only open a short time and didn't really have time to build up where everyone fell on the card? Were you in the main event picture only because everyone was while the World Title was being decided so you got that main event rub against guys like Shawn Taylor or Jonny C or Jake E Dangerously? You know those guys Fenix... Those guys that lived in the main event picture you claim you were in. Those guys who beat you as often and as soundly as you beat me? Your whole 'I was great once' bullshit might work on the new kids, but save it for someone who doesn't know. You're stuck in the mid-card because that's all you've ever been good for. You're what they call a 'solid hand' Jason. A career mid-carder who has fallen ass-backwards into the main event a few times when the talent pool was thin.

And now look at you, red in the face because you have to try to go through me to win a championship. You shout how this is beneath you, how you're so much better than facing The Commander, but after over a decade in this business, in this company, here we are in exactly the same place, in exactly the same match. That's what reals boils you. That's what you're really mad about. After all this time, after everything you think you've accomplished, here you are no better off than me and the worst part is that as far as you think you've come all of your real accomplishments are outside the ring.

You used to fight for your supper, just like I do, though unlike me you've never actually killed someone. Beat them bloody maybe, but we both know you've never committed man slaughter in your life. You call me stupid but I'm smart enough to know that. You kill someone in a street fight it's murder and you go away for life Jason. You do what I've done and it's just what happens in war. Think about that.

But you started in a little apartment with a pallet for a bed and a bare light bulb, and now look at you. What did Bob call you? Tony Stark? You got into the tech business and made yourself money so now you have expensive mansions and probably own your own plane, but none of that ever translated into real success in the ring. The best you could ever do in the ring was just mediocre. You never really reached the heights you think you did and while you've been around a long time you've never really left a lasting impression on IIW the way that everyone else who has earned their way into the Hall of Fame has.

And now the thing that has you really all worked up is me. After over a decade of being in IIW, after over a decade of failures when you know you got into the ring with The Commander that at least there was one guy who would let you walk all over him I had the arrogance to take that away. I had the selfishness to go and get some self-respect thanks to this man right here...

He indicates Bob, who's grinning like Sylvester the Cat with Tweety Bird's feathers sticking out of his mouth.

TC: Now thanks to this guy I realize that The Commander has some worth and I deserve better than just letting the pathetic likes of you walk all over me and that's what pisses you off Fenix. I'm someone who's been around and knows you, and you know I know you. I see through your lies and fabricated accomplishments. I know you're no master of mind games, you're a pathetic boy in a suit who's never been as good as he thinks he should be, and all the while, when you look at me, that mess replaced by a monster, you see everything you hope, you wish to be. You've always dreamed of cracking into the main event and you know now that I'm going to do it. You dreamed of making a mark on IIW that people would remember forever and you see me on the rise, the perennial jobber who became a champion and you wish this rise was yours.

Why else would you stick with IIW for as long as you have? With all these other interests and so much demanded of your precious time why would you come back to the relative unprofitable realm of IIW if not for it being your one big regret. You never set yourself apart here, you never really ever established yourself as the mental threat you wanted to be known as, and you never really had a run at the top, not the real top anyway, or are remembered as even a noteworthy champion. You like to use fish metaphors Jason so here's one that fits. IIW is your white whale. It's that one place that you always dreamed of leaving your mark on, but to this day you never have. For all you've done in all the places you've ever been, this is the one place that stood out as the one you desperately wanted to make yourself known in only to fail utterly and completely just when you got to that certain level time and time again.

And here you are one last time. You've reached that level again and it makes you angry in your bones that the man to stop you this time is The Commander. The joke. The punchline. The man everyone would face when they needed that easy win to get back on track. How many times have you needed that win Jason, dozens? Hundreds? It's been a lot. I lost count. And now when you had everything going your way and you had that group of kids DNA almost totally buying into your whole 'I'm a legend, respect me' bullshit you come across me, your sure-fire fail safe, only this time I'm the guy taking it away from you. The last man you ever suspected is the man that's passing you right by and even though we're going to face each other in the ring on Monday night you know deep down in your very soul that there's nothing you can do about it.

And then there's Starr. The biggest mistake you made, you little shit, was buying into all the crap that DNA, the Ruins, and even Fenix were saying about you. You made the mistake of thinking that The Commander from days gone by, even the one that faced that idiot Ruin is the one you're getting in the ring with. You're dead wrong. You think I have to endure, you question if I have enough to make it, but I set the pace. You said nothing will stop you from fighting me until the end, but that's just it. I said when the end comes. You fight me until the end, but I say when it's the end. You'll fight until there's no fight left in you, then what? When you've been left broken and beaten and Jason Fenix, the man who fooled you into thinking he was a legend, is laying in his own blood beside you, what then Starr? When I decide the end has come and you hear the ref count the three and it sounds far off and a million miles away in your ears when you're flat on your back and you hear my music and realize that it wasn't you god-damned legend Jason Fenix and it wasn't the new hot kid, the TV Champ who won the match, what will you think then? Will you remember the jokes then? Tell me one. Tell me one of the jokes they've made about me over the years. There have been thousands, you said you've heard them all, surely you remember one... You can do me that favour can't you? After the No Disqualification rule that's been put in place to save face for Jason Fenix fails him, after the No Disqualification rule that's been put in place so your DNA buddies can jump in and give you the help you need to win fails you and you find yourself laid out, showing signs of a concussion you can still remember some of those jokes they tell about me can't you? You'll tell me one after I've been you and your adored legend in the same match while I have my hand raised in victory, right? After I've beaten you and shattered your stupid little illusions about me after I've hurt Jason Fenix we call all still take a moment together to tell some of those jokes and share a laugh right?

He shakes his head no.

TC: What jokes will you tell after? When the lights have gone down and reality has set in and all your left with are the bruises of battle and the agony of defeat what jokes will you tell? What jokes will you and Fenix have to tell the rest of the IIW locker room after The Commander has put you down and moves onto the finals before I claim the International Championship? What jokes then huh? What jokes will you have to salve the wounds of your embarrassment over being beaten by the biggest joke in IIW? Just because you laugh about it doesn't make it true, and the truth you'll have to live with is that you were beaten by The Commander. The new suit, the haircut, these things aren't just fine dress up on top of what you boys like to call a dumpster fire. They are indicative of a fundamental change that you will have no course but to admit to after I beat you and I'm the one wearing the title. It doesn't take much for one fire to go wild and turn from a little thing that keeps the homeless warm and alive in the dead of winter to a raging inferno burning out of control turning the hopes, dreams, homes, even memories into ash on the pyre, but surely Starr, above all else I don't have to explain to you how much damage a fire can do.

He smirks.

TC: And Fenix, you did hear it right? All this talk of two titles on Starr. It's obviously what he's planning. You said it wouldn't be smart for DNA to have him with two titles, that it would make him a target, but if you didn't notice he's already got him a target, whats one more? A smart play would be to gain as many titles and as much glory as you can. If people want to come after you, let them. When they come beat them all, that's how you become a legend, that's how you get people to remember you. But then again, if you knew that then maybe you'd be a real legend by now Jason, maybe you'd be remembered as something more than someone who was just around a long time. Maybe if you know how to really make a statement and set yourself up for the glory you claim then you would be spoken of in higher regard the The Commander by the real legends of IIW, and not just by the new kids who don't really remember anything past two weeks ago.

Both of you are idiots. Both of you claim I got a luck win on the last Mayhem and both of you prove you weren't paying attention. Ask Raines if I was lucky. He made the mistake of getting riled up and threatening me with physical violence. You did the EXACT same thing Fenix, the only difference this time is that Osh Vaughn has stepped in and made it clear that what I did to Raines after our match will be all legal to do to you during our match. We'll see if I get lucky again. We'll see if luck plays a part in two morons laughing off The Commander as a joke when they should realize that he's just become the biggest threat in IIW. We'll see if they can still laugh after they receive the savage beating they've asked for on Mayhem. We'll see if they still want to tell jokes about The Commander and if they still can't take me seriously.

If anyone can't take me seriously I invite them to step up, face me. I'll gladly teach any and everyone a history lesson. Yesterday's Commander is not today's. Today's Commander is the next IIW International Champion. You all laughed at me for years. You laughed when I was fine to just lay down and take a beating and that was fine. You laughed when I got my hair cut and put on a suit, and that was fine. When Sean Raines threatened me and I sent the most prolific hardcore champion in IIW history to the hospital you kept laughing. That's on you. After I beat as self-proclaimed IIW legend and the newest hot thing and current TV Champion we'll see who's still laughing. The dumpster fire has gotten out of control and while you laugh I'll burn your world down.



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Undisclosed Location

A light shines in the room and we see two cardboard cutouts of Blade Alexander and The Commander.

Starr walks into the room wearing a Bob Mitchell costume. He checks out the cut outs and smiles. Starr begins to speak.

"Bob": : You know it’s a funny thing I’ve been hearing that you DNA boys have been making fun of me and my adopted sons! Well I’m here to tell you that you better not even get close to them or me and pasty, white, fat ass is gonna come after ya!

Starr’s impression of Bob is actually oddly good.

"Bob": : You see, look at the man on my right! Blade Alexander, he’s a world class athlete and… uh… hasn’t been booked for two weeks… yeah sorry about that sport.

We see Blade’s shake in place like a puppet talking. The voice is of Ryleigh’s doing her best attempt at a deep voice.

"Blade": : It’s okay, Bob. I know someday I’ll get booked again. Maybe one day I’ll finally be entertaining enough that people won’t fall asleep during my matches…

"Bob": : You’re just a diamond in the rough, son! Nobody’s gonna get to you I promise, and if they do! Then by god I’ll just whine to Osh about it and get you a rematch!

"Blade": : Wow thanks, Mr Mitchell!

Starr pats the cardboard cutout on the back.

"Bob": : But the other man on my left. He’s my prized possession! My star pupil! My big golden boy with a body like Buddha! A man that I’m proud to have in my agency! Here’s The Commander to give you all some words about his upcoming match at Mayhem!

We see the repeated motions with The Commander’s cutout which has a shirt and towel on it. The shirt says “Thick boned and loving it.” The voice behind The Commander’s is Izzy’s doing her best deep voice.

"The Commander": : Hi…

Starr looks at The Commander and looks outraged.

"Bob": : That’s it?! That’s all ya got ya big doofus dumbass from dumbtown?!?! Good lord! Say some more words! You gotta beat them! EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IF YOU SAY MORE WORDS YOU BEAT THEM!

After a moment of silence, “Bob” stares at the cardboard cutout. It stands perfectly still like… well cardboard.[/

"The Commander": : Ummmm, I really don’t know what to say without my script Bob? I’m a big doofus!

"Bob": It’s okay I have an extra I keep it in my pocket in case either of you two forget your lines! Here! (He hands the script to The Commander and smacks it against the cardboard. The script falls to the floor.)

"Blade": : Oh Bob what would either of us be this out you?

"Bob": : You’d still be in the minor leagues, that for sure!

"The Commander": : I’d still be a jobber like Sebastian Redditch. Maybe you can help him too, Bob?

"Bob": : I know boys. You’d be absolute goners without Daddy Mitchell! (Starr imitates Bob’s laugh almost perfectly.) But, that Redditch I’m sad to say there no hope for his sorry ass. Now keep talking Big C.

"The Commander": : (In a monotone voice like he’s actually reading from a script.) Jason Fenix, Starr, I will fight you. This I command. Your bones will be shattered. Your hopes broken. Your pain my pleasure. This I command. DNA sucks. This I command. And it will all be thanks to the great and wonderful man known as Bob Mitchell. He is so much smarter than me and I love him my daddy.

"Bob" wipes away a few fake tears.

"Bob": : Commander… that was the most beautiful promo you’ve ever done… I’m so proud of you. Hell I’m proud of both of you. But I’m especially more proud of you Commander.

"Blade": : No he’s my daddy!

"The Commander": No he’s mine! Command I this, damn it I got it wrong again.

"Bob": : It’s okay big guy, you’ll get it right soon enough. Now boys quit your fighting! You’ve got a lot of things to look forward to! Well more you Commander. Blade stop being a disappointment and do something…

"Blade": : It’s because you love him more!

"The Commander": : That’s right I’m the best!

The two cutouts start to slamming into each other.

"Bob": : Boys! Boys! Boys! (He pulls the two cardboard cutouts a part. Starr laughs for the first time in his real voice.) Stop your fighting or no apple juice at lunch time!

”Blade” & "The Commander": Sorry, daddy…

"Bob": : Now that Starr boy, pheeeewee he is good. Now I tell ya, I don’t think either of you could beat him combined. And Fenix is smarter than all of us so make sure you learn those big words we talked about.

"The Commander": : Like… uhhh…. I forgot them already…

"Bob": : Winning! The word is Winning you loser!

"The Commander": : Oh yeah… sorry daddy, I haven’t done that in so long I almost forgot how to spell it.

"Blade": : Winning… W… uh… I… uh… N… another N… I need a nappy, my head hurts. (Ryleigh is struggling to keep it together.)

"Bob": : Goodness gracious, Blade! You’ve been taking a nap nonstop for weeks! Fine! Go take a nap.

"Blade": : Yaaaaay!!!! (Blade’s cardboard cutout scoots off camera. The all to familiar Ryleigh giggle is heard.)

"Bob": : (Starr is also struggling to keep in character.) Keep quiet on set over there!

"The Commander": : Why don’t I ever get a nappy Bob? (All three of them are seconds for breaking.)

"Bob": : Because buddy, you need to win matches and make me money! Money for me to go out and buying more food for all of us.

"The Commander": : But that was a lucky break for me Bob. I’m a big fat ugly loser. (Ryleigh is totally losing it of camera.)

"Bob": : I know you are, son. But so am I *snicker* and we’ll make it through this world somehow. (Starr hugs and kisses the cardboard cutout.) Would you like Dairy Queen tonight, big guy?

"The Commander": : Can we go to Chuckie Cheese instead?

"Bob": : We can… go.. Wherever… (Starr starts laughing uncontrollably and hits Izzy with the papers in his hand.) Awwww fuck this I can’t do it anymore.

Starr: Bobby boy, that’s the joke. Always has been and always will be. (Starr strips off his Bob Mitchell costume. Ryleigh comes back on screen wiping away tears from laughing so hard. Izzy throws the Commander cutout off camera.)

Ryleigh: Oh my god, Starr I knew it’d be funny but you outdid yourself here.

Izzy: That was amazing dude.

Starr: I have my funny moments. (Starr now has his regular clothes back on.) Like I said before… This triple threat means everything to me. And I’m not letting IIW’s punchline make his name off of me. I’m going against a legend... and a meme… a stupid and hilarious meme… And after Mayhem every will see the joke that you really are. Hey Fenix, seeing this is a NODQ match how’s about you and I show him the same respect he showed Raines and then we can settle this like men. A legend… and a Starr in the making… The past meets the present and the wrestling world goes crazy!

Ryzzy fakes audience cheers in the background.

Starr: By the way, Bob I don’t drink. You would know that if you knew anything about me. And also I wasn’t “lamenting over an ex”, if anything I’m happy that I’m alone. Right guys?

Ryleigh: And not for nothing “Iz Time” is far more entertaining than anything your two idiots… I mean clients could ever come up with. And that was purely on accident…

Izzy: That indeed was a shoot, brother. Kayfabe Is Dead!!!

Starr: You think my head isn’t in this. It always is. Except I don’t have to focus on it like a student taking a test. I’m able to shoot the shit with just about anyone and uh... (He holds up his costume.) able to make a couple jokes… Why did I use these big standees instead of just having Ry and Iz do costumes with me? Because that’s all Blade and The Commander, god that’s still a stupid name, are. Two big cardboard cutouts of other more popular talent. I sense that fear in you Bob, the reality is that I am going to be the first multi singles title holder of the new age. And there isn’t anything you or your meathead can do about it. You can’t sick your big boy on me because he’ll already be too broken to do anything about it, and the other one… where is the other one anyway… (Ryleigh and Izzy both shrug their shoulders.) Needless to say, you are the least of my worries. And Fenix, you’re just going to be collateral on my rise to the top. And I couldn’t offer anything to help.

Izzy: My suggestion would be to leave?

Starr: It’s time for the Dawn of the New Age to finally take what we want and be kings AND queens of IIW. Me and my friends here we’ll make every single member of this roster realize that we are just as good as we say we are. We will reach that mountaintop. And we’ll all be bathed in gold and shining and it’s gonna be just oh so glorious. And by the time you’ve realized that… you’ll be absolutely…

Starr & Ryzzy: Starrstruck…

Ryleigh: Hey look everyone! I found another cutout! (She holds up a Jake E Dangerously cutout.)

Starr: Ohhh and that’s the biggest shoot of all…

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Our scene opens in a large, well-furnished hotel room. Jason is seen sprawled out, fast asleep. An alarm begins to sound from his cell-phone. Jason grumbles for a moment and stirs, reaching blindly for his phone. He grabs it, shuts off the alarm and looks at the time. With a sigh, he sets the phone on his chest. EVAs voice chimes in after a moment.

EVA: Good morning, Jason.

Jason: Morning, EVA. Can you remind me why I set my alarm this early?

EVA: Im sorry, but that information isnt available.

Jason: Of course not….

EVA: You have two new messages waiting for you, Jason.

Jason: Alright. Give me a second. Let me wake up here a bit…

Jason climbs out of bed in his shorts and pulls on t-shirt. He sits himself down at a nearby table where a laptop sits. Jason opens the laptop, turning it on and grabs a smoke while the computer boots up. Jason lights the smoke up and sits back.

Jason: Alright EVA, what do we have?

EVA: Onscreen now.

A window on the laptop pop up. Two video messages register. One shows as a video call from Alec. The second looks to be an attachment.

Jason: EVA, play the first message.

EVA: Affirmative.

Another window opens and a video comes up. We see Alec sitting in his office, looking into the camera.

Alec: Hey Jason, Im sure you are sleeping right now, but I wanted to make sure this was first thing when you woke up. First off, great job on The Chill Spot with Violet. Very nicely done. Its good to see you putting on that face again and putting yourself out there. That being said, I did notice the way you were looking towards the end. Dont let this get you, Fenix. This is exactly what Commander wants to happen. You get off your game, you start getting all twisted up and you arent going to be thinking straight when you get into the ring. Stay frosty, keep your head level. This guy cant beat you if you come with your A game. I wont talk your ear off about it. You know all this, I just wanted to put the bug in your ear. Alright, second thing, I included another video here, just came through last night. Its the comeback from Commander. I watched it. He says a lot of words but not much of worth. Give it a watch, you should at least know its out there. Its more of the usual from him, but should be seen. Not top priority, but its there when you are ready. Last thing, I ordered that package you wanted the other day. Very clever on your part. I got it express shipped to the arena so it should be there waiting when you get there. Someone will track you down with it, just keep an eye open for it. Alright man, I’ll catch up with you later. Time to wake up and put on your game face! Big day today, so do your thing and lets roll past this. Call me later..

The video cuts out and Jason exhales a breath of smoke.

Jason: EVA, play the second video.

EVA: Affirmative.

The second video plays and it comes up with The Commanders second promo. Jason sits in bemused silence as the video plays, quietly smoking his cigarette while he watches the video. He chuckles a few times throughout and shakes his head. As the video comes to a close, Jason speaks again.

Jason: EVA, can you just keep that going on a loop? Im gonna start getting ready. I know his words are a lot of hot wind and dont mean much, but I want to make sure they stick.

EVA: Affirmative. Looping playback.

The video starts to play again and Jason snubs out his cigarette, rising to his feet and stretching.

Jason: Just another day in the life, right?

Jason heads to the bathroom, turning on the shower as the camera cuts fades out.


Our next scene, we find Jason dressed in a suit in the back of a limo driving through Berlin. He looks at his phone for a moment, hits a few buttons and holds it up to his ear. After a few rings, we here Alec come on the line.

Alec: Good morning, Jason.

Jason: Hey Alec.

Alec: Howd you sleep?

Jason: Best I could in a strange bed. It wasnt terrible.

Alec: Good to hear. You get my messages?

Jason: Yeah, spent most the morning watching that promo from Commander. He really doesnt have a clue does he?

Alec: Dont be too hard on him. You spend that long getting fruitlessly bashed in the head like that and your brain stops working so well.

Jason: True enough. You get that package shipped, you said?

Alec: *laughing* Yeah, that thing was a bitch to find, but when you told me what it was for, I couldnt help but laugh. It wasnt cheap, but its there.

Jason: Thanks man, I appreciate you tracking it down. Look, I cant stay long, Im on my way to the arena now. I just wanted to touch base with you and make sure things were on track.

Alec: Yep, all square, man. You heading home after the show tonight or tomorrow morning?

Jason: I dont know. Depends on how beat up I am. Keep Dan on standby. I’ll keep you posted.

Alec: Will do. Keep me posted.

Jason gives a goodbye and hangs up the phone. He stares out the window for a bit as the Limo starts to pull into the arena. It rolls to a stop by the back entrance and after a moment, Jason steps out and looks around before grabbing his bag. He shuts the door and smacks the roof of the limo to signal the driver, and the driver rolls away. Jason walks in through the back door and immediately is seen by Charlie Schmidt, busy mopping the floors as usual. He pauses his mopping and looks at Jason with a smile.

Charlie: Hey Jason! Good to see you!

Jason: Charlie...always a pleasure. Nice looking floors.

Charlie: Thanks! Hey, before I forget, I have something for you. It came in last night. They gave it to me since Im always wandering around the halls, they figured I’d bump into you when you showed up.

Charlie goes to his custodial cart and grabs a box from it, He hands it over to Jason, who opens the top to check the contents. Seemingly satisfied, he nods and closes the box again, tucking it under his arm.

Charlie: Hey Im sorry man, I wasnt trying to pry or anything, but I saw what was in there. I just want to ask why?

Jason: *smirking* No, its fine. Its a gift….for The Commander…

Charlie looks confused for a moment, thinking to himself. A grin creeps across his face.

Charlie: Oooooh! HAHAHA!!! I see what you did there! Thats good...thats really good…

Jason: I thought so. Can you tell me where his locker room is? I want to make sure this gets to him.

Charlie: Yeah, its down in B-wing. Room 37.

Jason: Awesome. Thanks, Charlie

Charlie: Hey can you do me a favor?

Jason: Whats that?

Charlie: Could you just, you know, not trash up his room? I know you are into smashing things up and stuff, but it’d be nice if I didnt have to deal with that this time.

Jason: *chuckles* Yeah man, I’ll leave things in place. Not really my style anymore.

Charlie: I appreciate that. Good luck man…

Jason: Thanks…

With a wave, Jason heads off down the hall. As he makes his way through the halls, he’s approached by Michael Morrison and a film team.

Michael: Hey! Jason!

Jason pauses and turns his attention to Michael

Michael: Hey, with the show getting ready to go on later, I was wondering if I could get some final thoughts from you?

Jason: Sure, heres a few. 1. We eat pizza from the inside out. Think about it. 2. At some point in the future, someone is going to say your name for the last time. 3. Your stomach thinks all potatoes are mashed. 4….

Michael looks terribly confused but cuts off Jason.

Michael: No, no, no, Jason. I meant thoughts on the match! What the hell was all that?

Jason: Well, you didnt clarify so I gave you some thoughts. Just some stuff to ponder for you.

Michael: Okay, but could I get your thoughts on the upcoming match you have?

Jason: Sure. What do you want to know?

Michael: Um...whatever you have…

Jason: Okay, how about this? I spent my morning listening to a bloated windbag ramble on about nothing. I spent the other night watching a talented rookie argue with some girls about a dick pic and then try and convince himself that he might have a fighting chance in a hell in a match that he unfortunately landed in. I spent the time in between trying to enjoy some sights here in Berlin, have a few drinks, and cut loose a bit. Now, if we go back to the bloated windbag, he’d have you believe that I do that because I have no focus and no determination. The truth of it is, I do those things because it lets my mind relax. I dont need to spend every waking minute training. One, its not terribly healthy, constantly breaking your body down like that. Two, I dont need intense training in order to beat IIW’s number one walking punchline. The Commander decided once again to run his mouth about things that he knows nothing about. His incompetent manager wanted to add his two cents in, too, because the man has no real value otherwise. There’s an old saying “Better to be silent and be thought a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt” He wants to point me out to be a Tony Stark wannabe. Okay, fine. Yes. Im a big fan of Tony Stark. I can live with that. I live in a large mansion, I have lots of expensive toys, and for the record, he is absolutely correct that Jarvis was the inspiration for my AI assistant, EVA. Whatever. Problem is, I have all of these things and I’m very proud of my accomplishments in earning them, whereas Windbag just comes off seemingly horribly jealous. Yeah, Commander, we all saw you wandering around the city like a moron waving your two generation old iPad around in the air trying to find a wifi signal. If you were worth nearly what you seem to think you are worth, If you were anywhere near the level of worth Im at, you wouldnt have to rely on spotty reception from free wifi spots. See, when you get to basically any income level above the poverty line, you can get a thing called a cell phone and you can get coverage through a real company. Coverage that will allow you to have wifi no matter where you go. I’ve had absolutely no internet coverage problems since I’ve been here. Coverage has been great. Thats what happens when you dont live in a dumpster. Next, he wanted to throw shade on my past and try and pretend like he knows who I am and what I’ve been through, then tried to one up it based on his own assumptions. Frankly, I dont give a rats ass about who he thinks he is or what he says he’s done. I dont need to flaunt my shitty past as some kind of sob story to garnish interest in my matches. The Commander is about as interesting in the ring as a hobo struggling to get out of a wet paper bag, and listening to him talk for any period of time kinda makes me wanna stab myself in the ears just to make it stop. No one gives a damn what the guy has to say because the bottom line, plain and simple, is that he is boring. Terribly, mind numbingly, boring.

Michael: Well, he did make some pretty disparaging remarks about your career.

Jason: Again proving he has no idea what he’s talking about. Lets take a look at my career, shall we? I dominated the upper card during my first run, holding the World Title and Tag Team Titles both at the same time. Ive been at the top, and I’ll be going back to the top by the time Im done. Now, lets take a look at The Commander and all that he’s accomplished...He...Well, he….He...ummm….well, he hasnt done a damn thing. He’s been a jobber. Thats his legacy. He wants to talk big and tough about how amazing of an athlete he is, yet his only win of any note, possibly his only win ever was against Sean Raines last Mayhem. This only further solidifies the fact that the man is clearly delusional, maybe someone needs to let out the waist on his Wal-Mart slacks, maybe his cheap tie is too tight, but clearly he’s not thinking straight. He wants to talk about how its a mistake to underestimate him and how Im going to fall just like Raines because I threatened him with violence, except I didnt underestimate him. I nothing him. I know exactly what he’s capable of. He’s capable of being a bottom feeding jobber. Also, my talks of the violence I was going to inflict on him was hardly a hollow threat. It was a very real promise that Im more than capable of making good on. In the end of all this, The Commander is going to realize that when he’s in the same ring as me, he’s no commander. He will command nothing. He’s just another grunt who Im going to kick the shit out of. I know in my last interview, I got a little heated. I got in my own head too much. I’m past that now. I dont care what he wants to spout off about anymore. He isnt on my level and I have no need to pay any mind to whatever garbage he wants to spew. The mans a joke. I know it. The fans know it, hell, even Osh knows it. He got put in this tournament as filler and ended up pulling off a surprise win. Good Job. After this week, he goes back to slumming it in his dumpster and the rest of us can move on to things that matter. Commander can enjoy his little flash in the pan revival he’s having, but its coming to an end real quick, and his little doofus crony Bob Mitchell cant do a damn thing to stop it.

Michael: Jason, he also seems very adament about the fact that DNA is going to assist in this match. Do you see that happening?

Jason: Much like I said before, no. Frankly, I dont care what they do. They arent going to get involved with me. Will they come down to have Starrs back? Probably. But if they do come out, it has nothing to do with me. Commander needs to stop worrying so much about DNA and focus on the real threat, me. Commander isnt worth DNA’s time. DNA isnt wasting time on jobbers. DNA has their eyes on much bigger things then that fat sack of garbage. No one except Commander actually thinks he’s going to win. Its a pretty foregone conclusion that he’s not getting anywhere near that title for some time. I on the other hand will be moving on to the finals, and then winning that title and putting yet another line on my resume of things that I’ve accomplished. Again, a resume that holds a lot more in it then “Jobber”

Michael: So where does that leave things between you and Starr?

Jason: I dont really know what more I can say. Good kid, a lot of promise, but he ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s having to go up against me, and its not going to work out in his favor. Bottom line. Im not letting this opportunity get away from me. I got put here because Osh knew I was rusty coming back into the ring after so long, but he knows what I can do. Whats he gonna do? Put me at the bottom and watch me end careers of people who shouldnt be in the ring with me? At least here in the International bracket some people might be able to put up a good fight and hold their own against me. I mean, not The Commander, but you know, people. Starrs got a lot of potential and I meant what I said. I see him going places. Now just isnt that time. Im not going to trash the kid just because im facing him. I’d wish him good luck, but this isnt going to be about luck. This is going to be me going out to the ring and doing what I need to do to move to the next round. Commander is going to get his head bashed in, maybe an arm broken. Starr...well, Starr is going to get knocked around a bit to make sure he stays down. Starr will only have to take as much punishment as he decides, because every time he gets up, Im going to put him back down, then go back to beating on the walking heartattack. If Starr wants to just stay down, which I dont think he will because the kids got heart, but if he just stays down, then theres no reason to beat on him. I’d rather let him walk away and fight another day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some matters to attend to and I’ve really had enough of having to talk and answer to Commanders boring ramblings. You wanna know whats gonna happen? Watch me level him in the ring. Excuse me.

Jason pushes past Michael, leaving him to wrap up his own segment and heads off down the hall. He eventually comes to the room Charlie gave to him and see’s The Commanders name on the door. He tests the knob and finds the door open. He cracks open the door, poking his head in but finds the room empty. Jason smirks and walks in, pulling out a chair by The Commanders locker. He sets the box under his arm down, kneeling to take the lid off. From inside he pulls out a vintage Macho Man Wrestling Buddy stuffed doll, setting it on the chair so its propped up. He pulls out a small notepad and pen from inside his suit. He scribbles out a note quickly, then tears the paper out, setting it by the doll. He grins for a minute, then turns and quickly leaves the room. The camera zooms in on the note.

Since you’re going to get your head caved it tonight, I found you an opponent that might be a little bit more your speed. Give ‘em hell, buddy! Maybe you can win a second match. Careful though, he fights dirty.”