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Name of Wrestler: Starr
Picture Base: Matt Sydal
Wrestler Height: 6'
Wrestler Weight: 210 lbs
Age: 24
Theme Music: Mountain Song - Jane's Addiction
Hometown: Cleveland, OH, USA

Style of Wrestling: Agile Striker/Technician(Matt Sydal/Austin Aries), Starr dissects his opponents bodies. First focusing on limbs before going in for the kill with his attacks to the head and flourishes with his charisma...dive.
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel

Signature Moves:
- Noggin Knocker (Ushigoroshi)
- Sweat the Technique (Parallel Snapmare followed by a kick the chest and a senton)
- Release Regal-plex(set up for Starrstruck)
- Reverse Atomic Drop & Enzugiri(Irish Whip Rebound, not a powerful signature but it's a momentum changer)

Other Moves:
- Running Busaiku Knee Smash
- Apron Knee smash to opponent hung on the middle rope
- Toe Hold into a Muta lock
- Overhead Belly to belly suplex and kip up
- Leg Pick & Leg Snap
- Running Reverse Sto (Sometimes on apron)
- Backstabber
- Hurricanrana/Frankensteiner variations(Psych Out Inverted, Running to kneeling opponent, Off the apron)
- Wristlock Ripcord Elbow Smash
- Springboard Tope Con Hilo



Finisher: Starrstruck (Superkick to a kneeling opponent and followed by an inverted overdrive.)

Gimmick: The new Starr is a cold and calculating individual. His anger and drive to prove his detractors wrong is what fuels him. Starr has done away with all of her dirty tricks and solely relies on his technicality, agility, and striking.

History: After growing up in the hills of a small town, Starr quickly wanted to get out and make his dream come true and become a pro wrestler. First becoming a high flyer like his influences, he was cheered by the fans. After returning from a tour, he found out his mother had passed and
took a hiatus from wrestling. Returning 3 months later, he was injured during a match.

After returning from a tibia injury, he turned heel by attacking his old tag team partner. Ditching his rural roots, Starr became obsessed with fame, fortune, and, most importantly, the power that comes with them. He claimed that the fans were only pitying him and supported him because of it. He's arrogant, confident, a ladie's man, but don't let that pretty boy exterior fool you. He's playing mind games with you. What lurks inside is a powerful and advanced athlete. Starr has aligned himself with the talent agent Anna Alexis and so far the duo have prospered. Anna knows how much Starr is worth and one way or another they'll prove it. Starr is looking to prove to his detractors that he's not all flash and can take anyone to their limits.

Starr achieved his goal after a hard fought battle against Sean Raines and Drayden Fields. Having finally become a champion, Starr has vowed to be a better man and be the best champion in IIW, turning face in the process. Starr later joined up with DNA, a group in IIW, in their feud against Osh Vaughan, who had orchestrated an attack on Starr the week prior. In fighting would begin between Starr and Rixton Ruin leading to several altercations. Rixton took a leave of absence from DNA leaving Starr, Ryleigh, Izzy, and Justice by themselves. Starr would team up with Justice as JuStarr and began a tag run. The two challenged then champions The Commander and Blade Alexander but ultimately came up short. Post match, Starr, as well as the rest of DNA including the returning Rixton Ruin, beat down and excommunicated Justice from the group. Starr cut a scathing promo about how unappreciated and unrecognized he felt in IIW. His future in IIW is pending.

Entrance: A bass begins to play. A music person would recognise the song as Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction.


Starr’s graphics appear on the tron and the man emerges from the back through a thick cloud of smoke to a big reaction from the fans. Starr walks confidently to the ring. He approaches the ring and lays his championship on the apron. He takes a couple steps back. He slides into the ring and grabs his title in the same swift motion. He acts like he's about to charge the ropes, but it's only to fool the fans. He raises his championship slowly and angrily stares into the hardcam.

Appearance: Slightly pale but still tan. Brown eyes. He has an undercut with three stars shaved out over his left ear. He has a five o’clock shadow. Starr has fit body type and chest hair with a certain trail leading down to his trunks. He has a tattoo on his left forearm of stars, smoke, and a rose.

Attire: In ring, Starr wears trunks and kickpads of many different colors and patterns, covering a pair of black boots, but three things remain the same:
- His logo on the crotch
- His name on the back of his trunks
- His gold studded/white leather belt through belt loops on his trunks with a pair of lips belt buckle
His left hand is taped. On his right wrist is usually a pair of hair ties.
On street and during promos, he usually wears a custom tailored suit with gold buttons on the blazer, no tie, and black dress shoes.

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