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Izzy: So, you and Luna didn’t work out?

Ryleigh: Wait, what? You two got along so well at the pizza shop.

Starr: I guess. But something inside told me it just wouldn’t work out. Being on the road all the time, her being there, I told her that I’d rather be friends than anything.

Ryleigh: I guess I get that.

Izzy: She was way cool though Ian… I wouldn’t count her out?

Starr: I know. I’m definitely not.

Ryleigh: Did you get it in at least? That chick was a hottie. (Ryleigh giggle as Izzy pinches her arm.)

Starr: I mean yeah. We both wanted each other, but when it came to going back to the bedroom… well...

Izzy: Oooo… bad in bed? (The two ladies make a scrunchy face.)

Ryleigh: Was she pierced strangely? I kinda got that vibe from her at dinner...

Starr: Nothing like that… it’s just… no rhythm, y’know what I’m saying? Am I fickle for saying that?

Izzy: Ohhhhh, the motion of the ocean was off! (She laughs.) I know a few others that had a similar issue… (She give a shitty grin towards Ian.) You need to get over that crap dude! Or you’ll never find anyone...

Starr: Way off, dude. Jeez Iz, I have one off night and you make fun of me for it for the rest of my life. I know I have to get over it. Why am I so picky?! God...

Izzy: I wish I could say it was once… (She looks to Ryleigh.) But we… We have all the synchronicity!

Starr: Don’t act like you still didn’t enjoy it. I hate that you two are my best friend sometimes.

Ryleigh: Thank you babe… Did Anna have the correct rhythm?

Starr: It was like our minds connected, Ry. You can’t fake that stuff. You can fake a lot things.

Izzy: Then why not try and reconnect with her?

Starr: I kinda feel like I need my distance from her for now. Besides Ryleigh hates her guts and that’d just be way more awkward.

Ryleigh: But do you still love her, Ian? Who cares what I think of her, I hate most people! I rather disliked you in the beginning and now you one of my people...

Starr: I… I don’t know, Ry. Fuuuuck… Being single sucks ass!

Izzy: We’re fully aware buddy. I have another idea for a date. Would you like to hear it?

Starr: Sure, man... Anything to help cheer me up, here.

Ryleigh: Is it the one we talked about last night?

Izzy: It sure is!

Ryleigh: Ohhhhh… She’s hot Ian! Tell him babe!

Izzy: I know you prolly don’t know a lot of the makeup girls… Well because you’re a guy and don’t wear make up…

Ryleigh: Holy crap you’re stalling!

Izzy: Shut up! (Ryleigh huffs in frustration.) Well there’s this new girlie that is working with Tina that will not stop talking about you. She’s fresh out of school and I think this is her first job. She cute as a button Ian. The only issue is that she’s only twenty.

Ryleigh: But she’d always be here and the distance thing wouldn’t exist? And the fact that she can drink would be an issue because you don’t.

Starr: Well I’d still like to meet her. Like I told Luna, I don’t care if she drinks, just as long as she’s not drinking 24/7.

Izzy: You wanna know who she looks like to me?

Starr: Who?

Izzy: You know the news girl at Vince’s company… I can’t think of her name but I’m pretty sure it two first names...

Starr: Cathy Kelley?

Izzy: Yeah that’s her… I told you cute as a button! I know dark haired girls are you thing or i’d find you some blonde bombshells like this one. (She points to Ryleigh.)

Starr: Can you find me one rich like that one? (He also points at Ryleigh.)

Ryleigh: I’m sitting right here! (Both Izzy and Starr laugh.) Damn!

Starr: I just want to try and get away from the blondes. Just trying to stop myself from thinking about An- uh her...

Ryleigh: You wanna know a stroke of luck? Skye is coming suite to work on make up looks for Iz and I. How’s about you come over about half way through and we’ll see what happens. Now this chick already likes you Ian… Hopefully the motion is correct… (They all laugh at Starr’s expense.)

Starr: Oh my god… I guess I can swing around later.

Ryleigh: Go away Ian! We need to take a shower and fuck before she gets here!

Starr: You are so vile sometimes… I like that about you, Ry.

An hour and a half passes as Starr patiently waits for his “surprise visit”. In an attempt to make amends, Starr decides to check in on Rix. He knocks on the door to his bedroom in the guy's suite to no answer. He knocks a second time and there is still no answer. A minute later, after Starr had given up Rixton emerges from his room.

Rixton: Was that you knocking on the door?

Starr: Yeah…

Rixton: What do you want?

Starr: Listen man I just wanted to bury the hatchet with you.

Rixton: While I’m taking a shit?

Starr: How was I supposed to know that?

Rixton: You wanna know something bro? Sometime people just don’t get along and I don’t like you Starr or Ian or whatever your name is.

Starr: You and I have always been on opposite sides of the tracks dude. I want to make it up to you, dude. I’m sorry about the shit I’ve said about you. I’m sorry I got you heated in the limo yesterday. I take it all back dude. I respect you, man.

Rixton: How can you respect me when you don’t respect yourself man? You’re a joke of a talent with all the ability in the world. You don’t even use your own name… Who does that anymore and gets respect. You wanna know why I don’t like and it that. You’re not a genuine person to me.

Starr: What?

Rixton: Did I stutter? You are a jokey gimmicky mess bro. Starrstruck!!! Who says that? And then you tried to jump you status by calling me out just like Redditch and we see what that got him.

Starr: Okay, dude. I get that I was a dickhead in the past but I’m not that guy anymore. I’m not trying to be.

Rixton: I really don’t care enough to know this new you. Go hang out with the girls, maybe they can help you find your balls… Fuckin little bitch!!!

Rixton slams the door in Starr’s face. Starr is silent and dumbfounded. Just then the door opens back up as Rixton tosses Starr his suitcase and belongings.

Rixton: Don’t come back… To use your corky shit… “Your Starr has been extinguished!”

The door is slammed again. Starr picks his bags back up and leaves having been forced out of his own suite. Starr knocks on Ryzzy’s door and the exact opposite reaction to Starr is across Ryleigh’s face. She has two different makeups applied and a glass of wine in hand. She looks quite funny.

Ryleigh: What’s up buddy!

Starr: Hey, I’m digging the new look.

Ryleigh: It’s the new rage!! Do you think it’s a hit?

Starr: Oh for sure… You’ll make all the heads turn with it.

Ryleigh: Wait, why do you have your bags?

Starr: It’s a long story… you guys decent or am I gonna stand out here for the rest of my life?

Ryleigh: Testy?! I’m never decent, c’mon I’m Ryleigh Ruin. (She takes a swig of her wine.) I’m not letting you in until you tell me WHY you have all your stuff!

Starr: (Starr sighs.) It’s your brother. Need I say more?

Ryleigh: Nope!!! You don’t look like there’s any bruising so I’d say you lucky. (She opens that door so Starr can enter.)

Starr: (Hauling his stuff in.) So you girls settled on looks for the big show yet?

Izzy looks at Starr as he walks in the room. She also has two different makeup looks. One is a very pretty one, the other is a Misfits Fiend inspired makeup.

Starr: Oh shit! Those look sick, Iz!

Ryleigh: (She also has a glamorous look and the other is like a china doll.) This is how it's done bud two looks at once. So we can get more done in half the time. Do you like either of the full makeup looks?

Starr: You two both look… uh, what do you call it… on point! (He whispers.) Is she still here?

Izzy: Yeah, she in the bathroom. I’ve always wanted to do the Fiend!

Skye: (She comes out of the girl’s bedroom.) So, I was thinking that the china doll look might be a bit mean to Eri Inooooo- (She appears startled when she see Starr’s in the suite.) Ohhhh... H-hi.

Starr is silent as he looks at Skye. They both stare at each other. Starr is the first to break as he looks back at Ryleigh. He mouths to her “holy FUCK”. Ryleigh just smiles. She decides to break the awkward silent tension in the room.

Ryleigh: I agree Skye, this look might be a bit insensitive to our asian fans as well as Eri and whatever that lady’s name is. Ling, right? Yeah, Krysta Ling. (The scilence continues.) Just because he’s here doesn’t mean you can’t talk chatterbox!

Skye: (She clears her throat and seems to snap out of her stupor.) Yes, sorry Ry. Hello I’m name is Syke Healy, I’m one of the makeup artists for the IIW. I work under Tina the artist for the ladies. I’m sure you only deal with Frannie seeing that she the male makeup artist. It’s really nice to meet you… How are you doing today?

Starr: Uh y-yeah. It’s nice to meet you too… I’ve uh (He looks down at his suitcase on the floor) ...well let’s just say I’ve had better days. (Starr lets out a small laugh, while Skye lets out a full volume cackle.)

Izzy: Ohhhh, what happened?

Skye: Did you get kicked out of your room? Or are you just getting here? The airline didn’t lose your luggage did they? Wait, I didn’t see you on the plane I would have remembered.

Starr: Well let’s just say Ryleigh’s brother and I… People like us, just don’t get along. I’ve been here all week. I rode with DNA here, that’s why you didn’t see me.

Skye: Wait you guys have your own plane? That must be nice. How does that-

Ryleigh: You’re doing it again, Skye.

Skye: Oh yeah, let other people talk.

Izzy: Hey Ian, can you come help me in the bathroom?

Starr: You want me to hold your hand while you use the bathroom? (Izzy shoots him a glare.)

Izzy: Yes Ian, I’m afraid pee alone.

Starr: Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Starr follows Izzy into the bathroom in the bedroom and Izzy shuts the door.

Izzy: I well... we forgot to tell you… she’s rather chatty still. Kinda like a teenager, but she’s adorable as I can clearly tell you noticed. Man you didn’t take your eyes off her until I spoke to you. Is that an issue for you?

Starr: I don’t care if she’ll talk my head off. I’d listen to her talk for hours. I’d listen to her read the dictionary.

Izzy: Whoa… She’s cute and all but... You okay? What happened at the suite?

Starr: That girl… you two… knocked it out of the park with this one. I’m talking home run for miles. She’s beautiful, she laughs at my shitty jokes...

Izzy: And they were bad… Like high school… Ohhhhh! You’re just like her a little young still!

Starr: Says you! You’re younger than me!

Izzy: But, I don’t find her funny like you do, tell the immature jokes you do, still watches the Cartoon Network all of the time like you do, I could go on forever!

Starr: Okay. Maybe you have a point…

Izzy: It’s fine, Skye might be perfect for you. Let’s go back in there and how’s about you try talking this time instead of staring?

Starr and Izzy exit the bathroom back to see Ryleigh and Skye making small talk. Skye is drinking a glass of wine with Ryleigh.

Starr: Hey sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. Hi I’m Starr.

Ryleigh: His name is Ian! He’s one of those weirdos that uses a stage name.

Starr: Or that you can also call me that. Hey if I had a cool last name like Ruin or Van Doren, I’d use it.

Skye: Mines Healy! What’s yours?

Starr: (His nose scrunches almost like he hates being asked that.) Hathaway… My name is Ian Hathaway…

Skye: Like Anne? Are you related? That’s an awesome last name. She’s so cool… The Princess Diaries movies are my fave!

Starr: Yes… like Anne. No we’re sadly not related.

Skye: Are you sure? Because my father thought he wasn’t related to Glenn Healy from the Eagles… But it turns out we are distant cousins.

Starr: YOU’RE RELATED TO A MEMBER OF THE EAGLES?! Holy fuck that’s awesome!

Skye: Yeah I met him at a family reunion once. He was really nice.

Starr: Do you like The Eagles?

Skye: Yep! Started listening to them after I found out he was my cousin. Their music is timeless.

Starr: Favorite song by them?

Skye: I like Peaceful Easy Feeling and Love Will Keep us Alive the most.

Starr: Oh my god, Peaceful is one of my favorite songs of all time!!

Ryleigh: Holy crap... you two talk a lot!

Starr: Sorry, Ry… It’s just when I find someone who likes music like I do I tend to talk a lot. Who do you think got Izzy hooked on all of her bands?

Ryleigh: No worries, it’s cute as hell. I wanna go wash this shit off my face and have lunch. Everyone hungry?

Izzy: I’ll join you, babe. I’m so ready for food!

Skye: Hey girls, use this stuff to wash your face. (She hands them a bottle of Remove It by Benefit.)

Ryzzy go and take their time removing the makeup from their faces so the two chatty ones can talk more.

Skye: You might wanna check and see if you’re related to Anne. You might be surprised?

Starr: I promise you I’m not.

Skye: How do you know? Have you ever checked? They have ways to do that now.

Starr: I have checked. Besides, I’m sure if I was related to her, I wouldn’t have grown up in the smallest of towns.

Skye: Oh yeah, what town is that? I grew up in Western New York. A town called Fairport, it’s right on the Erie Canal. It’s rather boring there I guess. My parents think they have money.

Starr: It’s a town called Tellico Plains. It’s in Tennessee. 450 people.

Skye: Tennessee? You don’t have an accent?

Starr: My father was a Northerner that moved down for school and met my mother at the University of Tennessee. I sound more like him. My mother on the other hand, her accent was thick like brick house.

Skye: Okie, I have a test for you to see if you talk southern. Say the word a-l-l.

Starr: You mean all like the laundry detergent?

Skye: Yep, you don’t have any southern drawl in you at all...

Starr: Oh believe me it’s there… I just don’t showcase it to the world.

Skye: Right… I guess the question is did you have to think about it before you answered?

Starr: Growing up around my dad, I learned to speak without an accent. I knew it would help when I got out of Tennessee. I only speak with a southern accent if I want to be funny.

Skye: Where’s daddy’o from?

Starr: Michigan.

Skye: I’ve been to Detroit a whole bunch. My father is a HUGE Detroit Red Wings fan. I’ve seen more hockey games than I can count. Do you like hockey?

Starr: I love it. It’s the only sport besides wrestling that I follow.

Skye: Are you a Preds fan?

Starr: Actually, I’m a Blackhawks guy. Izzy kinda made me one.

Skye: Wait… Izzy likes hockey too? I’m a little ashamed to say who my team is.

Starr: Come on… Penguins? Bruins?

Skye: Well… Fairport is really close to Rochester, NY and I grew up watch the Rochester Americans, I love that team. I’ve seen over 500 of their games. So, their parent team Is the Buffalo Sabers. Yeah I’m a Sabers fan and the Red Wings I guess? I know the Sabers suck!

Starr: Oooo… well at least you can fall back on the Wings I suppose. (Starr and Skye laugh.) So… are you joining us for lunch?

Skye: I thought she was talking to you? I’m just the makeup girl… And the apprentice at that. (She takes a sip of her glass of wine.)

Starr: An apprentice? Please you’ve got plenty of skill! Listen, Ry and Izzy definitely won’t mind if you join us for lunch.

Skye: Well… I can’t invite myself. I’ve been told that is rude many times by so many people.

Starr: Well I’m inviting you now. (Starr puts a hand on Skye’s knee. They both stare at the hand and Starr quickly pulls it back off.)

Skye: (She smiles.) You are?

Starr: Why shouldn’t I? I’d love to know more about you.

Skye: Cause you’re Starr… And I’m just the makeup girl.

Starr: Every Starr needs their Skye...

Skye: (She giggles with a snort.) That’s so corny… I love that! Starr needs a Skye…

Starr: Would you rather me say Every Starr needs to be in a Skye? Because that’s more of what Ryleigh would say.

Skye: She’s rather dirty. She told me about the sex they had the other night. Wow, those two are freaks!

Starr: You have no idea… I hear it all the time.

Ryleigh: You didn’t seem to mind the story, just the makeup girl. Say that again and you’ll not be my makeup girl again. There’s a reason we picked you. Because your youthfulness brings a different look and that’s what we want. So are you two coming to lunch with us or not?

Starr: Well Skye? Ya coming?

Skye: (She winks at Ryleigh.) Hopefully later? (Ryleigh giggles.) Sure! I’ll join ya for lunch too!

Starr: (He rolls his eye at Ryleigh.) I can already tell Ry’s been getting to you.

Skye: Is that a bad thing?

Starr: Not at all. Come on, you! (Starr lifts Skye off the couch and throws her over his shoulder. Her pants slide down just a bit exposing she’s wearing a thong. She starts to laugh again.) Come on you two, we’ll race you there.

Izzy: They are too cute for words...

Ryleigh: Oh there’s a word for it… Starrstruck!

Izzy: And Skye High.

Ryleigh: I’m not so sure the Ryzzy Dating Service is going to be in business for too long? Those two hit it off like PB and J?

Izzy: As long as Starr doesn’t fuck it up, the dating service is shutting its doors. Should we tell Ivy?

Ryleigh: Let’s leave her on standby… Let’s make sure the motion is correct. That girl has to be inexperienced!

Izzy: So was I, then I met Ian.

Ryleigh: Am I to thank Ian for the monster in my bed?

Izzy: He’s not as bad as I joke around with him about. He’s good, like too good.

Ryleigh: And me?

Izzy: You’re just as good, babe. Even better.

Ryleigh: (She smirks.) Good lie… I like that you can do that to me to stroke my ego. (She grabs Izzy and kisses her aggressively.) Let’s go grab some for with the “Starr in the Skye”!

Izzy: He was right, you would go there.

Ryleigh: Go where?

Ryzzy laugh and leave their suite and catch up to Starr and Skye who are far too close together at the elevator. The quartet have an amazing lunch at one the many sandwich shops Rome is known for. On the walk back to the hotel, Ryleigh lags back a bit to talk to Starr.

Ryleigh: So, did Rixton kick you out of the suite for real? He sent me a message saying he did. You’re more than welcome to bunk with us in the other bedroom.

Starr: Yeah, he called me a joke and a bitch and threw my stuff in the hallway. I was just going to get a single room, but if you guys don’t mind I’m okay with staying with you guys.

Ryleigh: You know we fuck like rabbits, as long as you can deal with that. And I have no qualms about walking around naked most of the time.

Starr: Trust me, I know. I hear you guys across the hallway. Or was it someone else saying “Yes Mistress” last night?

Ryleigh: Hey I don’t hald back in anything I do. Your buddy dominated the shit out of me as our make up sex. I fucking loved it!

Starr: Nice.. (Starr high fives Ryleigh.)

Ryleigh: And hey... I really like Skye… Don’t fuck this one up. I haven’t seen two people connect so fast besides Iz and I.

Starr: Hey just so you know your rules apply to me as well.

Ryleigh: Rules? (Ryleigh plays dumb.)

Starr: If I have to deal with you two having sex, you two have to as well.

Ryleigh: Do I have to see not so little Ian again? Cause the twins are going to be out! I hate shirts unless I have to wear one.

Starr: I’ve already seen Izzy naked. If you’re okay with us 3 being casually naked around each other, than I’m okay with it too.

Ryleigh: Fine… I guess it’s Ryzztarr from now on?

Starr: Styzzy? Rytarrzy? Whatever it is...

Ryleigh: I’m glad to have you in my life Ian.

Starr: (Taken back by the complement.) Well thanks Ryleigh. I’m happy you’re the Ruin sibling that likes me.

Ryleigh: Just keep your dick away from my wife… Okie?

Starr: I promise.

Ryleigh: Even if she has an Iz-fit… (The two laugh and catch up the Izzy and Skye.)

Starr: Where to next ladies?

Skye: I’d love to see a movie?

Starr: Like in a theater? Or on my Netflix?

Izzy: Do they even show movies in english here?

Skye: Oh yeah foreign country. Netflix is the safest option.

Ryleigh: Have you guys seen GLOW yet? I’ve heard it’s great.

Starr: I haven’t. GLOW watch party in the suite sound good to you guys?

Ryleigh: That sounds awesome to me. Hey you two run along and grab some movie snacks I got to talk to my wife.

Starr and Skye agree and hit up a small grocery store near the hotel. Ryzzy talk on the rest of the walk to the suite.

Izzy: What’s up babe?

Ryleigh: So, Rix kicked Ian out of the boys suite. I got a message from Rix talking about him not wanting to be told what to do anymore and he’s not going to live with a guy he hates. I really think he might need some Dr. Izzy time. Does he seem to be getting back to that darker place again to you?

Izzy: I don’t know, I’m kinda over talking to him. After he tried to two time Bex, he’s been slowly creeping down my “likeable person” list. And the last time we talked he alluded that he doesn’t feel comfortable with DNA. Him and Apollo are growing more distant too. I do think he might just be that darker kinda guy?

Ryleigh: Well, I kinda saw this coming seeing that they don’t do meals with us or any of the things I plan. That’s why I asked Justice to join us. I think Ryzztarr and Justice being DNA is still a very potent group. What do you think, babe? Oh… and Ian is living with us now.

Izzy: You gave him the rules list right? (Ryleigh nods her head) Then I have no problem with it.

Ryleigh: What is your version? Just so I make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Izzy: 1. If you walk around naked, don’t get turned on. 2. Have sex if you want. 3. Be nice all the time.

Ryleigh: All the time? (She winks at her lover.) I’m still working on the ALL part. And that’s outside of work, right?

Izzy: Well we can still give Ian shit, we just gotta be nice about it.

Ryleigh: Thank you for bringing him in our lives. I really like that guy, he’s like the third part of us? Like the brother I always wanted.

Izzy: But he dated your wife. (They giggle.) I guess we’re the three amigos?

Ryleigh: I guess we are? I love you Izzy.

Izzy: I love you too Ryleigh Ru!

Meanwhile in the convenience store, Starr and Skye are still searching for snacks.

Skye: So beside the Eagles what kinda music do you like?

Starr: I like a lot of bands. Like I’m a musical connoisseur. I think that’s why me and Izzy get along so well.

Skye: Like Hamilton? I love Musicals!

Starr: My sister and I jam out to Hamilton whenever I’m back in Cleveland.

Skye: OMG… Are you real? How can we have so much in common. You like hockey, musicals, you’re a god damn wrestler, you got a big dick, there’s so much I like about you Starr.

Starr: Woah woah… who told you that? About my dick.

Skye: Ryleigh showed me the picture you sent Izzy. She showed all the girls. Anyways it got leaked yesterday. Didn’t you know?

Starr: I had no clue! Oh god, I’m so stupid!

Skye: Yeah… Today after it got leaked. (She searches for the picture.) See here it is. You got a big dick dude.

Starr: You’re kidding me? I didn’t want the entire world to find that out though. I’m so embarrassed.

Skye: Yeah, it seems like it was leaked by AVAtotheMAX. I have no idea who that is? Is there an issue with the pic being leaked?

Starr: I mean besides the fact everyone and their mother can see my dick on the internet?

Skye: Yeah I heard Mrs. Ruin saw it too. Ryleigh was pissed about that.

Starr: Oh I know…

Skye: Yep... She said she slapped the crap out of you. But, anyways, what do wanna know about me?

Starr: Well I guess I should start small… is Hamilton your favorite musical?

Skye: Well, isn’t everyone’s fave Wicked? That show changed my life, it showed me that being different is okie and if you are just go with it.

Starr: My sister has seen Idina live I don’t know how many times. She LOVES Wicked.

Skye: I met Idina, Taye Diggs her ex husband is from Rochester and She spoke at my school once. But I think the best musical I ever saw was The Lion King. It’s that movie that I watched a million times as a kid. Ooooo, I love Disney and really got into the HSM movies and Camp Rock. I had a Jonas Brother addiction for along time.

Starr: I wasn’t much of Disney Channel fan. I was a Cartoon Network kid. I do enjoy some J Bros from time to time.

Skye: I really like Dexter’s Laboratory!! (She does the Dexter voice.) I hope I’m not talking to much, I’m told I do that?

Starr: No, I ramble a lot too. It’s fine.

Skye: So… We haven’t bought anything yet. (She giggle with a snort again.) Sorry, I do that.

Starr: Oh yeah, I guess you're right.

Skye: Ryleigh has told me if there something I want I should just go get it and never hold back who you are... And I really wanna k-kiss you right now…. (She gets a sort of puppy dog look in her eyes and gets really close to Starr.) Can I do that?

Starr: Y-yeah. You can.

Skye stands up on her toes to get to Starr. Starr kisses Skye a couple times in the store. An older Italian guy starts yelling at them in Italian and waving his arms towards the door.

Starr: Sorry, sir. We’ll be quick. (He turns back to Skye and cracks up.)

Skye: Popcorn and candies? I like peanut butter cups.

Starr: Izzy and I love Sour Patch Kids. Ryleigh likes chocolate. I got the chips. Any preference?

Skye: Did I hear you’re straight edge?

Starr: (He picks up a large bag of plain chips.) Yeah. But I know you’re not, and that’s okay with me.

Skye: My family’s really open with both alcohol and cannabis so I’ve learn how to respect it since I was a teen. I hope that’s okay with you?

Starr: I don’t ever control anyone I’m in a relationship with. So please be free to do what you like.

Skye: I’d like to buy a few bottles of wine on the way back, cause I can here. But I only got three weeks til I'm twenty-one, would you come in the wine store with me?

Starr: Sure man. Let me get something non alcoholic for me though.

Skye: Man?

Starr: Sorry I call everyone that. I can call you something different.

Skye: I like babe, like Ryzzy says to each other all the time. They are so cute together!

Starr: Yeah. They really are. If you want a pet name, I’ll give you one.

Skye: Sure, as long as it’s not man, dude, bro, homie, or anything like that. I had an ex that called me all of those names. It was so annoying.

Starr: Oh, I’m sorry.

Skye: I’m a pretty princess and I’d like a pretty pet name.

Starr: Well if you’re a princess, how about that be your pet name? That good?

Skye: My daddy calls me princess… (She thinks of a second.) If it’s good enough for him it’s for you. I my friends back in the Port call me the Princess Hockey!

Starr: I want something nobody else calls you.

Skye: Why are we picking out pet names? Are we talking or something?

Starr: Well we did just kiss in the middle of a store. Hey give me your popcorn and candy. I think the owner wants us to leave.

Skye: (She walks to the cash register and in near perfect Italian apologizes to the man.) Nope, we’re good he just doesn’t like the PDA in the store. I apologized for us.

Starr: What the fuck was that? You speak Italian? Since when?

Skye: Yep… Spanish, French, Italian and ALS. And a little Latin. I thought I wanted to be an international sign language interpreter for a while. I may looks all cute a ditsy but I graduated first in my class in high school and finished a four year college program in two years. I’ve been called a genius by some.

Starr: Well I already knew you liked to talk, but apparently you can do it in other languages! I’m definitely impressed. (Starr takes Skye’s snacks and places all of their food and drinks on the cashier’s table. He pays for all of it.)

Skye: I’m not trying to show off here. It’s just all true. But I’ve found a calling in makeup, I dream to work for a major movie studio in their effects department.

Starr: (He takes the bags of snacks and the two leave.) That’s not too bad of a dream to have. You know I used to want to own a restaurant, but then I realized I’d like wrestling a lot more.

Skye: Oh yeah? What kinda restaurant?

Starr: Comfort food. Mac and cheese, soups, sandwiches, chicken…

Skye: Like southern comfort food. Mmmmm, whenever we’d go to South Carolina for vacay my family would constantly eat that kinda food. I love it!

Starr: If we get the chance I’d love to make you some, I promise mine is just as good. I rock at making grilled cheeses.

Skye: That’s not southern comfort food is it?

Starr: It is to me. Nothing is more comforting to me than a grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup.

Skye: Grilled cheese with the crusts cut off was favorite things as a kid. I’ll eat the crust not tho.

Starr: I’ll make you one of those some time.

Skye: If we have this much in common, what does this mean, Ian? I think I’d like to call you by your name? I really like that name. My first crush in second grade was called Ian.

Starr: Ian’s just fine, babe.

Skye: That’s perfect. To the wine store?

Starr: I see it, right there.

Skye grabs ahold of Starr’s hand and they walk to the wine store and Skye buys two bottles of the same red Ryzzy and she shared earlier. They head back to the suite where they are greeted by Izzy at the front door.

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Izzy: Holy moly, we almost sent out a search team for you two It’s been almost and hour.

Starr: Sorry we got a little sidetracked picking out the snacks. I know Ryleigh’s very particular about what she likes.

Skye: And wine!!! Ryleigh says you should always bring wine!

Izzy: Well looks like you remembered everything. Come on in guys.

Ryleigh: (She shouts from in the suite.) Is that them? Holy crap!

Skye: (As she and Starr enters the suite.) Sorry Ry, I talk a lot and Ian is a really good listener. Thank you for the advice. I kissed him already!

Starr: An old Italian guy yelled at us, but it was pretty nice. But Skye’s a freaking secret genius and fixed it, did you know she speaks like five languages?

Izzy: Yeah we’ve heard her speak in all of them.

Ryleigh: Yeah usually cursing when she makes the tiniest mistake in a makeup. It’s rather funny.

Skye: Hey, I like it to be perfect. And I’m trying to impress around the job.

Izzy: And that you do very well, Skye.

Ryleigh: Hey Ian we got you a key for this suite, it’s on the night stand. And mother Izzy put all of your stuff in your room. (Ryleigh is snuggled up in a blanket. She gets up to see what they got for snacks with the blanket like a cape.)

Starr: I got you some Hershey’s bars, and Iz, I got you and I some Sour Patch Kids.

Skye: And more wine!!!

Ryleigh: I knew I liked you Skye. Now make sure you follow the rest of the plan for the evening and all will be as we spoke about.

Starr: What plan?

Skye: For there to be a Starr in my Skye? Us girls have been planning this for weeks. They said we’d be perfect together and they were totally right. Thank you ladies Ian’s amazing.

Izzy: No need to thank us, seeing you two together is so sweet it makes our teeth hurt!

Starr: I can’t believe you guys planned this. No wait I totally can.

Ryleigh: Is this an issue, Ian? You wanted the Ryzzy Dating Service, right? How’d did you think we’d handle this. It my way?

Starr: Hey I can’t really say much but thank you. Me and Skye have gotten pretty tight already and it’s only been what 4 hours?

Izzy: Well that was all it took for Ryleigh to fall in love.

Ryleigh: So as with any good dating service we planted the seeds and now it’s up to you two and build this relationship. I love the both of you and I know that you can make a connection!

Skye: Are we gonna watch GLOW and snuggle. And are you naked under that blanket Ry?

Izzy: She is, that’s why she’s got it wrapped around her so tight. Right, babe? (Ryleigh nods with a mouthful of chocolate.)

Starr: I have a blanket we can share, Skye. (Starr pulls out a large fleece Star Wars blanket.)

Izzy: You still have that thing?! I remember when you bought that.

Skye: Star Wars?! I love Star Wars!! Get over here!

Starr wraps the blanket big enough for two around him and Skye as they cuddle up on the couch. Seeing that there is still three days until Make or Break the four friends binge watch the entire season of GLOW. The snuggles between Starr and Skye become more and more intense as the show progresses. As soon the TV show ends Ryzzy ajourne to their bedroom for the evening leaving the two smitten people together alone. Skye scoots in real close to Starr.

Skye: Hello Mr. Hathaway, what are we to do all snuggled up in this blanket?

Starr: Well we just got finished with the Netflix, you wanna go into my bedroom for the Chill part?

Skye: Nope!

((GRATUITOUS SEX SCENE! NICE!! Hey guys your favorite CD writers here with another sex scene. This time it’s guy/girl. So if you’re into that… we’ll give you the link. Heads up, details are graphic (It’s kinda what we do). Okay? Okay. Back to our regularly scheduled program. XOXO ~CD Crew~))

Skye: Ohohohhhh jesus… (She collapses onto Starr’s chest.) Thank you...

Starr: Thank you… that was fucking awesome...

Skye: Don’t thank me I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I’m spent...

Starr: Me too… So tell me why can’t you get pregnant?

Skye: Just so you know I have only have one ovary and that one doesn’t work very good… Without working ovaries no babies.

Starr: Damn what if you want kids someday?

Skye: Either I (She clears her throat.) we’d have to extract the eggs and artificially inseminate or adopt… It’s okie I’ve known forever.

Starr: Well… shit… so how do your periods work?

Skye: I very infrequently have them, maybe once or twice a year. Don’t be sad for me I’m very okie with this.

Starr: I’m not sad just… curious. If you’re okay with it, then I am as well.

Skye: I think I’d really like to adopt in the far future. Probably a little guy from a minority situation to give a child a better chance.

Starr: God you are just too adorable.

Skye: This is just so perfect… What’s broken about you Ian. Lay it all out there for me. I gave you my worst… Well besides my perfectionist attitude and shitty reproductive system I got nothing.

Starr: Well I came from a broken family. You remember how I told you I had a sister?

Skye: Wait you said had… (She begins to tear.)

Starr: No honey she’s still alive. Well my mother and her mother aren’t the same. My dad cheated to have my sister.

Skye: Oh thank god… I totally were going to say she was dead.

Starr: Anyway… that’s what caused my parents to divorce and I lived in both of my parent’s house off and on until I went to college.

Skye: Where did you go? I went to the The University on the Arts in Philly.

Starr: Kentucky State University… I wanted to get far enough away and into a nice quiet place. Then I started wrestling while going to school.

Skye: KSU great basketball team...

Starr: You’re thinking of UK, that’s the good basketball one…

Skye: Yeah… I’m a little cloudy… (She giggles with the cute little snort.)

Starr: Push came to shove and I dropped out of college to wrestle full time. I was wrestling all over the US and going off on tours and all that...

Skye: (She cuddles into Starr.) What did you go to school for?

Starr: I was an Arts major.

Skye: Really?

Starr: Really. All the graphics on my gear are stuff I do myself. I’ve done stuff for Izzy too.

Skye: (She pulls the cover on to them and snuggles as far into him as she can.) How can all of this be true? You are completely perfect. I only have one last thing to tell you.

Starr: Well right now I’m thinking the same thing. Shoot.

Skye: Remember when I said some consider me a genius?

Starr: Yeah, and you are.

Skye: I’m also a part of Mensa International. Have you heard of that?

Starr: They’re like a group of extremely smart people, right?

Skye: I’ve scored in the ninety-ninety percentile of every IQ test available. So my parents signed me up when I was thirteen and I’ve been a member ever since. It’s really just a cool thing to put on a resume for me. I can’t stand those stuffy people that think they’re smarter than everyone. So, that’s me… I’m the underachieving genius that likes to paint peoples faces.

Starr: Well if you can stand a person that denies everything he used to be in favor of the job he wanted since he was a kid, I can take everything you are.

Skye: Two slacker wanting to do what they love... sounds perfect to me. (Skye kisses Starr very passionately.) Round two?

Starr: (He peeks under the covers.) I’m ready if you are...

They have sex until the morning sun rises only to be disturbed once by the sounds of sex coming for Ryzzy’s room. And the statement “yes mistress” can be heard. Skye and Starr have a chuckle when they hear that. The next morning Starr wakes before Skye does. He meets Izzy outside alone on the balcony.

Izzy: Nice... Nice fucking work, Ian.

Starr: Why... whatever do you mean, mistress?

Izzy: We just wanted you two to meet.

Starr: Hey she wanted to! That girl wanted me so bad, Iz.

Izzy: And how’s the motion?

Starr: Absolutely perfect...

Izzy: Perfect eh… Does this mean we both might have our perfect match, Ian?

Starr: Looks that way, good friend.

Izzy: You know I love you Ian Hathaway?

Starr: What? You’re with Ryleigh, you can’t love me.

Izzy: I’m not in love with you… I love you like the brother I never had. Ryleigh does too...

Starr: Oh. Well that’s kinda weird if we’re like siblings...

Izzy: Why? We got to choose you. Look what Ryleigh was given.

Starr: I meant us, Izzy...

Izzy: Ian, it took the egotistical little fireball in the other room to make me realize… Ian, there was no way we would have lasted.

Starr: (Starr stares out looking over the city of Rome.) Well that was one thing I never wanted to hear…

Izzy: Ian, don't say that...

Starr: Izzy, there’s still a part of me that likes you as more than just a friend. I’m sorry I just had to get it out there...

Izzy: You’re not the only one buddy. I’m just so in love with Ryleigh it’s not even funny. She makes me so happy. And we need to get passed that and accept that we’re not for each other. I’m going to marry Ryleigh, Ian.

Starr: She’s a nice girl. Ryleigh’s really sweet… well maybe not REALLY sweet but most of the time she can be...

Izzy: Don’t kid yourself friend, Ryleigh’s a lot of things. She’s sweet to me and the people I care about, but nice is not a word I’d ever use if you’re not a person she likes. But I know I’ll never be taken advantage of again like I have been in the past. I feel a sense of security with her and her parents. It’s nice for a change.

Starr: You don’t feel like I took advantage of you, do you?

Izzy: Why would I feel that way about you? We were young, stupid, and full of ourselves. I had no idea what love meant, I equated love to pain and it’s not, Ian.

Starr: I just didn’t want to be one of those guys, Iz. You don’t deserve that, Iz.

Izzy: You’re not… Did you use to be for a bit… maybe you could have been. But you’re not, Ian. You’re my best male friend in the world and I’m so glad to have you in my life. And it’s okay if we’re a little attracted to each other, It’s healthy. We’re both attractive strong people that screwed for a bit. So what... Be my best friend, please?

Starr: I’ve told you before, you changed my life. I mean Iz, you’re hot as fuck. I was a complete “hit and quit” scumbag before we met. Like we had the most fun that I’ve ever had in a relationship. I just wish we could’ve separated on better terms. I’d give a lot to go back to the shit we did in Chi-town, but life is life. It moves on… and I guess I should too. I’d rather have you as my friend than nothing at all. Thanks for coming to the IIW, Iz.

Izzy: I forgive you, Ian. You need to forgive yourself. Cause there a great pair of girls in that suite that are crazy for us and if we pass them up we’ll never forgive ourselves. Thank you for this talk. We really needed it. (A toilet is heard flushing.)

Starr: Most definitely… Looking at her at base you wouldn’t think either Ry or Skye are total freaks. Oh I just realized our mates’ names rhyme… God we’re too similar...

Skye: (She appears wearing the shirt Starr had on last night.) Hey guys, how are you this morning? This shirt is comfy.

Izzy: Did you have a good night, little lady?

Skye: For sure… a little sore tho. (She giggles as she walks to Starr and gives him a hug.)

Starr: Not as sore as Ryleigh is I’m sure...

Ryleigh: Nope… I’m sure of that!!!

Izzy: Hey babe. Look at this morning sun, it’s gorgeous!

Ryleigh: Too bright… need a min to catch up and clean the dresser.

Skye: From what?

Starr: You don’t remember the yelling we heard last night?

Izzy: Ryleigh has a talent not many women have Skye. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Ryleigh: I am a...

Izzy: Imagination, babe.

Skye: Wha-.......... Ooooooooh

Izzy: Yeah, it gets messy.

Ryleigh: Breakfast after showers anyone?

Starr: Sounds good to me. What about you, babe?

Skye: I’ll head in right now! (Skye heads back in and into the bathroom.)

Starr: God she is just too cute isn’t she?

Izzy: It’s a shame, we had a last girl for you too.

Starr: Huh?

Ryleigh: Yeah, she’s hot as fuck too. Maybe hotter than Skye. She’s a model. And the daughter of one the legends.

Izzy scrolls through her phone to find a picture of Ivy and gives it to Starr.

Ryleigh: But that ship sailed bud, I’ll beat the crap out of you if you hurt that little girl in there.

Starr: This is her? Jesus Christ…

Izzy: Yeah, curves for days.

Starr: Listen me and Skye still aren’t together. I’d still like to at least meet her.

Ryleigh: Really dude? You might wanna ask her?

Starr: I’m just weighing my options here.

Izzy: I’ve heard she’s a diva and super high maintenance.

Starr: Nothing I’m not used to...

Ryleigh: I thought you said he changed, Iz? You just found the girl of your dreams bro?

Izzy: Yeah Mr. “Hit and Quit”?

Starr: I am single and you two have made it harder and harder for me to choose just one.

Ryleigh: Nope... I think Ivy did that. (She points and giggles.) She’s a bitch, Ian. And you have an angel in your bedroom right now.

Starr: This obviously is going to be someone I’m gonna be with for a while. I need to get a look at my playing field. I wouldn’t mind seeing her. Listen, one date and I’ll know who I want to be with. I promise.

Izzy: Okay… She’ll be in Prague, she’s modeling in a shoot there. We’ll set up a date.

Starr: Thanks you two. I’ll explain my situation to Skye after breakfast.

Ryleigh: Nope… You're going to make it like we’re busy and I know she has to help with the setup in the new venue.

Izzy: Babe, that’s lying…

Ryleigh: No, that’s business...

Starr: I’ll say “Hey, I’m single and I’m just trying to see who I want to be with. Not ruling you out, just looking at my options. You’re still someone I want to date.”

Ryleigh: And if you say that to a twenty year old girl that’s smarter than the three of combined she’ll run. Trust me.

Izzy: Honesty is the best policy, babe. Skye maybe a little childish, but she’s smart enough to know that Ian’s coming back to her.

Ryleigh: Hey, how was the motion?

Starr: Perfect.

Ryleigh: You’re not going to be able to one night, Ivy. I’m sure of that! She dated one of those One Direction guys last. You know who Harry Styles is?

Starr: Ry, I listen to every genre of music there is. I know who Harry is.

Ryleigh: The rumor is that Sweet Creature is about her. That’s fucking crazy.

Izzy: If you’re sure about this Ian, we’ll set it up for you.

Ryleigh: I’m sorry… I just really like Skye. She reminds me of another sweet girl we saved in Chicago, babe.

Starr: I miss Paige. She was such a cool kiddo.

Ryleigh: And so is Skye...

Izzy: Ian, I don’t think you’re taking into account that Ry is calling her a bitch. That’s saying something.

Ryleigh: Hey… I’m your bitch! Alright, if you got to know… I guess you got check it out?

Starr: Skye or this Ivy chick…

Izzy: And you’re just the guy to get stuck between them...

Ryleigh: And don’t forget about Luna? We gave her tickets to the show. What a web we’ve weaved?

Starr: I just asked you two to find a girl for me, not three! Ahhh, this sucks...

Izzy: Hey you found Luna...

Starr: I think Skye’s done in the shower. I’m heading in. See you at breakfast.

Ryleigh: Let the girl have a meal before you crush her? And we need to hit the gym today for sure! I’m out of this… You two take care of this. I got a dresser to clean my cum off of. (She leaves Iz and Starr to it.)

The group have breakfast in the hotel. After which, Starr looks at Izzy and nods.

Starr: Hey Skye come with me, I’d like to talk to you about music and stuff.

Skye: Okie?

Starr takes Skye back to his room. They each sit down on the bed. Starr finds it almost impossible to look into her eyes.

Starr: Skye… there’s something I need to tell you...

Skye: I thought I asked you to tell me everything last night?

Starr: But, you never let me finish.

Skye: Oooh okie, sorry.

Starr: I started wrestling full time and then I met someone that changed my life, and that was Izzy. But when Izzy and I fell apart, I found myself with another woman. Her name was Anna, you’ve seen her on the show right?

Skye: Yeah. What about her?

Starr: Well we broke up a couple weeks ago. I don’t want to tell you all the details right now. Mostly because it’s way too complicated, but I need to tell you… This is the first time I’ve been single in my adult life. Anna and I were engaged when we broke up and it’s been really hard for me to find someone to get attracted to.

Skye: And then you found me?

Starr: Well Skye, that’s the thing about it… You’re not the first girl I’ve been on a date with this week.

Skye: And? So what?

Starr: I just want you to understand that I’m just some guy who’s alone, has no idea what the hell he’s doing, and I’m making plenty of mistakes.

Skye: Get to the point, Ian. This is called skating the point.

Starr: Izzy and Ryleigh have been putting me on dates with girls for a couple days and there’s one final girl they want me to meet.

Skye: Who? I’m just curious.

Starr: Her name is Ivy Townsley. Ryleigh apparently somehow has connections with her. I haven’t met her yet, but I will in Prague. We’re going on a date. I’m not saying I don’t want to be with you, I do… it’s just I need to look at the hand those two have dealt me.

Skye: You mean Ivy Townsley the British model. The girl that just had a high profile break up with Harry Styles? She hardly seems like your type. But, go ahead and see if you like her.

Starr: You’re not upset? You don’t want to like... murder me in my sleep or something do you?

Skye: I’m not Ryleigh, Ian. I understand what is like to want to play the field after a bad break up. I know I’m only twenty but remember I’m in the top one percent of the smartest people in the world. I get what playing the field is. But, after you find out that she not for you. You come back and we’ll screw. Oh fuck that rhymed. (She giggles with a snort.)

Starr: Thank you, I was kinda hoping you’d understand.

Skye: No worries, babe. I had a great evening. You might wanna use one of those condoms with Ivy if you bed her… She’s got a bit of a rep. Do you not know who she is? And besides it wouldn’t be the first time a boy chose the pretty girl over me.

Starr: Hey. Skye you’re beautiful and cute as a litter of puppies-

Skye: I love puppies!! But I don’t look like her. Hell I even think she’s hot!

Starr: She might look nice, but she apparently has a not so great attitude. I’ll have to see for myself. I just wanted you to know that I’m not trying to two time you.

Skye: You wanna tame the beast, I get it. I’ll still be here putting faces on the ladies of the IIW when you find out what you need to find out. Stop apologizing.

Starr: I just don’t want you to see me like those hit it and quit it guys you were with.

Skye: Then don’t. Don’t go on the date. There’s nothing that say you have to, right?

Starr: Ry and Izzy have already told her. I’m going on the date.

Skye: It sounds like a plan, Ian. I’ve got to get back to work anyways. See you in Prague. (She get up and kisses Starr and leaves the suite after thank Ryzzy for a great day.)

Starr: Either I’m incredibly lucky… or incredibly stupid...

Ryleigh: STUPID!!! (She looks fuaterated with Starr.) [color=#FF007C]C’mon stupid, let’s go to the gym and work off the crap we ate last night.

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The rest of the weekend goes very well for DNA besides Rixton that is. His match ended in a No Contest after interference from a few different superstars. He seems even more distant after the result. Ryzzy, Starr and now Justice are all sharing a grand suite in a hotel in Prague. It has enough bedrooms for all of the DNA members. Not much happens on the first two days in Prague. Starr can’t help but keep thinking about Skye and how perfect she seems. But the day come when he is to have his date with Ivy Townsley.

Izzy: Okay, she’s on her way. You ready?

Starr: Does this look good? (Starr walks out in a dark red suit and black shirt with the collar undone. His hair is tied back in a small knot.)

Izzy: Looking very sharp friend, right guys?

Ryleigh: Wow, you look really nice Ian. Good luck… I hope you hate her. Sorry I’m rooting for a different team.

Justice: Looking good, dude. (He says “as usual” under his breath.)

Ryleigh: Where are you sending them? And who’s paying for this?

Izzy: You are sweetie… Well the dating service is. And their going to the best place in town, Portfolio Restaurant.

Ryleigh: Fucking really? I wanted to take you there, babe. That place is a MICHELIN restaurant. The best in all of Prague. Have fun Ian. (Ryleigh tries to hide her pouting by faking a smile.)

Starr: Thanks guys. (Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.) Oh shit...

Ryleigh: I got it… I’m the one that’s net her before. (She answers the door as her whole demeanor changes.) Hello Ivy, it’s wonderful to see you again.

Ivy: (She on her phone with her back to the door when Ryleigh answers.) Yeah mom, I’ve got to do this date… Yeah, Some wrestler that Ryleigh knows. I don’t know… Yes he’s a wrestler. I got to go mom… (She hangs up the phone and turns to Ryleigh.)Hey Ry, I haven’t seen you since Tammi’s wedding?

Ryleigh: I can believe you remember her wedding. You were pretty smashed. Come on in?

Ivy: (She enters the suite.) Is he here already?

Ryleigh: Yep he sure is. Now he’s one of Izzy’s and I’s best friend. Please don’t be so Ivy?

Ivy: What is that supposed to mean?

Ryleigh: Right… Just don’t deemen him. You tend to do that.

Ivy: O-okay, As long as he not a loser. (Ivy and Ryleigh make there way into the common area of the suite.)

Ryleigh: Everyone the is my friend Ivy Townsley, this is Justice Reigns, this beauty here is my future wife Izzy Van Doren, and this is your date for the evening Starr or Ian Hathaway.

Starr: (He steps out.) H-hello Miss Ivy.

Ivy: Hello all, It’s nice to meet you all. What are you all watching?

Izzy: Well we just finished bingeing all of GLOW so now we’re all looking for something to watch while you guys are on your date.

Ivy: Oh, that’s nice. (She has no idea what Izzy’s talking about but smile.) So you’re the wrestler called Starr. I watched one of your matches last night.

Starr: Please don’t say it was bad.

Ivy: I YouTubed it up, it was between you and some guy named Trystan. You got beat up with a chair a lot.

Starr: Ah man! You watched a bad one. I can give you tons more to watch. I promise I’m a lot better now than I was then.

Ryleigh: You didn’t go to the link I sent you in the email Ivy? That match is really old.

Ivy: Yeah… I accidently deleted that email. For some reason it ended up in my spam folder. You look way different now. I also didn’t really have a lot of time to look into that.

Starr: I mean that match was about a year ago. Do I at least look better?

Ivy: The beard is different. Nothing like Rixton’s though. Is it new?

Starr: Eh a little bit, I’ve been growing it for a while. Do you not like it? I can sha-

Ivy: Calm down. (She looks at Ryleigh.) He’s a bit high strung?

Ryleigh: Not usually, you're a bit intimidating Ivy.

Starr: Sorry, I’m kind of nervous when it comes to dates. It’s uh… been a while.

Ivy: It’s just dinner… right?

Starr: We’ll see where this night takes us.

Ivy: I have a shoot in the morning, the night is going to take us to dinner.

Starr: Okay, not gonna push my luck here. (Starr crosses to open the door.) After you, madame?

Ivy: Madame, am I ninety?

Starr: (Starr shrugs and closes the door.) Just trying to break the ice. Madame, to me, brings a… regal-ness to it.

Ivy: (She approaches Starr.) How’s about you just keep it professional, Ian?

Starr: Me? Professional? That’s a bit of a challenge, but I’ll try.

Ivy: Ryleigh, may I use the ladies room before we leave?

Ryleigh: For sure Ivy, follow me. (The two go into the bedroom so Ivy can use the better bathroom.)

Izzy: See we told ya, total bitch...

Starr: Maybe she just needs her ice broken a little more.

Justice: The pretty ones are always the assholes bro.

Starr: Izzy wasn’t mean when I met her.

Izzy: And neither was Skye?

Starr: Skye’s like a tiny kitten. A totally genius kitten.

Justice: I really like that girl. She such a catch for a straight guy. I wish I knew a guy she liked?

Starr: I like her too. She’s a total sweetheart.

Izzy: Well… Go have dinner with the starlette. Good luck!

Starr: I can’t thank you enough, Iz. (He hugs her and lifts her. Ryleigh and Ivy step out.)

Ivy: Are you ready?

Starr: Ready, willing and able.

Ivy: Just to let you know, I will have Greek with me. He’s my bodyguard, he’s in the hallway.

Starr: That’s completely understandable... (Starr opens the door and comes face to face with the 6’10’’ body guard known as Greek.) Well… shall we?

Greek: All is well Miss Townsley?

Ivy: Very much so, This is Starr. Starr this Greek.

Greek: Whoa! You’re that wrestler that just got your ass beat by The Commander? He and Blade are the shit.[/color]

Starr: Yeah… that’s me… I at least got a couple hits in. Did you see the video I did of them? That was funny.

Ivy: Okay boys, Let’s get this over with… I mean to the restaurant.

After a short ride to the Portfolio Restaurant, Starr and Ivy are seated at their table.

Starr: Fancy place, huh?

Ivy: Yes, I’ve been here before.

Starr: Really? How was it?

Ivy: It’s the best restaurant in all of Prague, it’s quite good. I prefer the eateries in Paris the best.

Starr: Paris? I was just there a couple weeks ago.

Ivy: Yeah, Ryleigh was saying that your company is on tour?

Starr: Until October. Then, I’m finally back to the States.

Ivy: Oh yeah, where abouts in the States?

Starr: I have an apartment in Cleveland, OH.

Ivy: I have no idea where that is. is that close to Seattle?

Starr: No it’s in the mid west, above Kentucky, below New York.

Ivy: Oh… I’ve been to the derby a few times. It was a jolly time. I won on American Pharoah the year I was there. I had a wonderful hat that day. I made the Elle in that ensemble.

Starr: I’ve only ever been to the derby once. I’m not a huge racing fan.

Ivy: Neither were Harry and I, we went for the parties my dear.

Starr: Oh yes Harry… always a treat to hear about an ex on a first date. (He takes a sip of water.)

Ivy: Should I not have said who I went with, he is who I was at the Derby with. I’m confused?

Starr: Oh nothing just name-dropping huge mega pop star Harry Styles. I mean that’s impressive. That’s pretty sweet you got to go with him.

Ivy: He’s my ex, Ian. If I went to the Derby with Ryleigh would there be an issue?

Starr: No because Ryleigh isn’t your ex… Listen we’re getting way off on the wrong foot and we’ve met for how long? 10 minutes?

Ivy: Ten minutes? What does that mean?

Starr: It means that I’d rather not start out our first date like we hate each other.

Ivy: Why would I hate you, I don’t even know you. Should I dislike you Ian?

Starr: I kinda get the feeling that you don’t really take this date seriously. Am I wrong in thinking that? I mean your bodyguard looks like he might break my neck if I say something wrong. I just want this to go well bec-

Ivy: (Her phone rings and it’s her mother again.) I need to take this. (She gets up and takes the call as Greek follows her to a quiet place.)

Starr: Okay, yeah totally… (Starr sighs and pulls out his phone. He begins to text Ry and Izzy in their group chat.) Holy shit I’m dying...

Ryleigh: Shocker!

Izzy: What’s happened so far? You guys have been there like 5 minutes

Starr: I DON’T KNOW?!?! I try joking with her and she gets mad. She’s totally ignoring me on our date.

Ryleigh: She doesn’t have a huge sense of humor Ian… I’d talk about her being a model or fashion if you want her to engage you bud.

Starr: I was about to, but then she left to talk to her mom.

Ryleigh: LOLOLOLOLOL… She does that all the time… Victoria is rather demanding of her time.

Izzy: I think you’ll be just fine bud. Just talk about the stuff she likes and the rest of the date should be fine? You can turn this around!?!

Starr: Thanks guys. I think I see her coming back. TTYL.

Ryleigh: Byes!

Izzy: L8r Gator

Ivy: (She comes back and sit at the table.) Sorry, my mother is quite needy of my time. You were saying?

Starr: I can understand that… Moms deserve a lot of our time.

Ivy: Are you close with your mother?

Starr: I uh… used to be. (Starr rolls up his sleeve and shows his tattoo to Ivy.)

Ivy: Oh my, I’m so sorry she’s passed. I’m sorry to bring up a tough topic? (She looks like she wishes she could take that previous statement back.)

Starr: Hey, you didn’t know. It’s okay.

Ivy: Besides wrestling what are you into?

Starr: I’m into movies, social media, music, uhhh… modeling...

Ivy: So media… Wait did you say modeling? Have you ever modeled. You do have great lines to your face.

Starr: I’ve tried it a couple times. I did some before I became a wrestler. (He pulls out his phone.) Hold on, I just posted one of them for a throwback thursday… Here. (He hands her his phone. On screen is Starr posing in some underwear.)

Ivy: Oh, it’s a Reed Taylor’s work he great to work with.

Starr: Truth be told. That’s probably the last modeling thing I did before I got really dedicated to wrestling.

Ivy: Was Gabbie still his assistant at the shoot?

Starr: Uhhh… I think so. It’s been a while forgive me. I’m kinda bad with names.

Ivy: Cute brunette? Kinda looks like America Ferrera.

Starr: Yeah! I remember her now!

Ivy: I love her, I’ve work with Reed a lot. You we’re lucky to have worked with him. Was this a test or was it printed?

Starr: They were supposed to get printed, but something happened and they never did? I don’t know. Now it’s just me, Reed, and Gabbie that have all these.

Ivy: Can you send that to me? I really like that shot. And yes you are better with the beard. You look twelve in this photo. (She giggles.)

Starr: Sure. I can send you them. So how long have you been modeling?

Ivy: My mother has pushed me in the industry since in I was an infant. My first shoot was at six weeks old for pampers diapers. It’s the only thing I know.

Starr: Ooo… and you’re how old now?

Ivy: Twenty-four, I just turned this past month. And you?

Starr: I’m also twenty-four. I did that shoot when I was… 20. Obviously, I’ve gotten a lot bigger since then. I’d like to do it again sometime.

Ivy: You do look very different today than in these photos. You are rather attractive.

Starr: Well if that’s coming from a world renowned model, I guess I’m doing something right, huh? Might I say you look absolutely stunning tonight.

Ivy: Flattery will get you far my friend, always. How did you guy fake that beating with that chair in the video. Because the industry you work in is all faked?

Starr: Oh that wasn’t fake. I felt every single blow. My back had bruises for weeks. I did it all to prove to the Japanese crowd that I was tough.

Ivy: What do you mean? How could you work the next day. If my nail isn’t cut properly I wouldn’t be able to function properly.

Starr: In wrestling, it’s just what you do. You take your shots and you get up the next day and wrestle again.

Ivy: Wait can I see you arm again? (Starr shows her his arm with the tattoo.) So, this is a very real bruise here?

Starr: Oh yeah...

Ivy: Do you think it’s worth the damage to you body to keep this up?

Starr: Oh being out there and entertaining every single person around the world makes me it incredibly worth it. I think I could ask you the same thing about the runway? It must be a bit of a drag to have to keep your nutrition so light like I do?

Ivy: I never thought about athletes that way. We’re really not that different?

Starr: I guess not…

Ivy: Except… None of my fellow models have ever tried to hit me with a chair… Well there was this one time in Cairo. But this has been very interesting date, Ian. I’d like to see you again. When do you leave Europe?

Starr: I leave Europe in October… I’d rather not let this night end. I mean I finally feel like we’re getting to know each other.

Ivy: Where would we go?

Starr: Like I said before we could see where the night takes us. Charles Bridge sounds fun.

Ivy: That’s a bit had for me to do here Ian… There will be paparazzi out when we leave I’m sure.

Starr: That’s what he’s here for right? (He points at Greek sitting at the table next to them.)

Ivy: You have a point. I actually my shoot has three looks at the bridge tomorrow.

Starr: After this meal, you wanna head out there?

Ivy: I’m interested. But I need to be home by eleven. Sorry...

Starr: Aw man, no staying at my place? (He laughs.)

Ivy: (It takes her a moment before she laughs.) You think you’re getting sex tonight?

Starr: N-no I was just joki-... uh you know what nevermind...

Ivy: (There is a very uncomfortable pause.) Well I never said you had to go home… I do have a place here too?

Starr: Excuse me?

Ivy: Why would I have to go back to the suite with one of my best friends? Can’t I have a bit of anonymity?

Starr: Oh yeah… I have absolutely no problem going back to your place.

Ivy: We’ll see here sprinter. I made most of the other boys wait far longer than one date for see all of this. I’ve just really been craving a man’s touch, lately.

Starr: If a touch is all you need, I’ll be more than happy to help.

Starr and Ivy have a lovely dinner and they do begin to hit it off when Ivy comes up with an idea that she’d like to have a drink.

Ivy: How’s about we go to a bar called Bokovka and have a few glasses of wine in the private room?

Starr: Oh… I don’t drink anything alcoholic. I’m up for joining you though.

Ivy: No wait, I thought you just said you don’t drink alcohol.

Starr: I did. I’m straight edge.

Ivy: So you mean like the Adam Ant song… Don't drink, don't smoke, what do you do?

Starr: I just… have fun without it. Like I said I can join you, it’s just drinking isn’t my thing.

Ivy: (She doesn’t look as if she understands the concept.) But the best part of drinking wine is to share it with your friends. I’ve never understood how people like yourself can have fun at a bar without the drinking?

Starr: I can. I’ll show you.

Ivy: Have you ever drank before? Like are you allergic, I met a girl that was before. I’m so confused.

Starr: Choosing not to drink is a sort of personal choice.

Ivy: But why?

Starr: My step father. When I was growing up, he would get drunk and start yelling at everyone. The tiniest thing ticked him off. He threatened to kick me and my mother out of the house before. Seeing someone get that destructive with their life kinda made me not want to.

Ivy: But why would that be you? So you never have never had a foreign substance in your body?

Starr: Nope, none… well I did smoke a cigar for a promo once, but that was before I told anyone I was clean.

Ivy: Do you drink coffee?

Starr: Not a lot. When I do, it’s got tons of sugar and creamer.

Ivy: (She’s just mystified by the information.) Then what do you like to do for fun Ian? I’d like not to put you in a situation you’re not wanting to do.

Starr: Oh trust me being around intoxicated people is something I’m used to, it doesn’t make me feel awkward at all. But if you want to know I like to walk, I like to sing, I like to joke around with people. I like to just chill out and listen to music. I like to do a lot of things.

Ivy: But if it’s something you don’t enjoy I’d like not to do so. It’s strange but change is good right? How’s about the bridge and that area.

Starr: That’s fine by me. A nice, calm night stroll.

The two of them leave the restaurant having paid their bill already covered by Ryleigh. They make their way to the bridge Starr mentioned earlier. The duo look out at the river under the night sky. Starr takes in a deep breath.

Starr: Ahhh… calm water. Beautiful night sky. Amazing architecture. Sorry if I sound boring, but this is just something that calms me down. This just helps me zen out. I don’t show it, but I’m incredibly nervous right now.

Ivy: Not boring… Just different. And why are you nervous at this point. If I didn’t want to with you I wouldn’t be. Zen… Prague is the most nightlife based city in Eastern Europe… There’s Zen here? I find mostly porn and such. (She giggles.)

Starr: I find zen in a lot of weird places. Anywhere from a forest to a rock show. Zen exists if you can tap into it. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not, but this is the first time I’ve been single in a long time. Like a really long time. That’s why I’m nervous. I just don’t want to screw something up.

Ivy: I think you just want to screw. For you are a guy, and that’s what guys want to do. You already brought it up once tonight. So is that your thing… Sex?

Starr: I’ll admit, it’s probably my biggest stress reliever. But I don’t get it much anymore...

Ivy: (She turns to face Starr.) Do you want to have sex with me, Ian?

Starr: (He looks confused.) W-well yeah? I mean you are a fashion model?

Ivy: Why? Am I a nitch in the totem pole? Now I had sex with a fashion model. Or do you want to have sex with me?

Starr: No that’s not what I meant by that at all. I do want to have sex with you.

Ivy: How do you know that, you’ve known me for four hours. Maybe I’m the worst sexual partner in the world. I have been told that before. I’ve been told I’m quite boring.

Starr: I mean it’s a normal human thing to want to have sex with a beautiful person like yourself. What I’m hung up on is… It’s just… do you want to with me?

Ivy: I don’t know, Ian? I agree that you are rather attractive, but I have to be honest the best sex I ever had was with a friend of my brothers that isn’t very attractive. He didn’t want to sleep with me because I’m Ivy Townsley, because I’m attractive or even because I wanted to sleep with him. He wanted to sleep with me because we shared an emotional connection and that was all. I long for that again.

Starr: Do you think we share an emotional connection?

Ivy: I knew Darren for ten years before that happened. How could I build that type of connection in a matter of hours?

Starr: That’s understandable…

Ivy: I know you didn’t like it when I brought it up before, but Styles never understood that. I was just his pretty girlfriend.

Starr: Ivy… is everything alright?

Ivy: I don’t want to just be an object to show off. And to be very honest with both of our schedules how would we be able to build such a relationship? And yes I’m fine.

Starr: I don’t want to show you off, Ivy. I want to treat you like a person and you not the version of you the the world sees. You’re a human being, not a paparazzi magnet. (Starr grabs Ivy’s hand and pulls her in for a hug.)

Ivy: You mean like those two right over there? (She points over his shoulder.) The paparazzi is part of being an international star. You must have fans that follow in wrestling?

Starr: The funny thing is, I never met any of them until recently.

Ivy: Ryleigh...

Starr: Yeah. She’s got a pretty big following.

Ivy: I’m going to be very honest here with you now Starr. I watched every single part on the video package she sent me. And I really didn’t want to like you because I think I really do like you. You’re different… SO different than any other celebrity I’ve ever met, and you are a celebrity. Do you know you are the fourth most searched person on TMZ after that photo can out. That’s higher than me even.

Starr: I don’t really see myself as a celebrity. Especially if it’s because of that picture.

Ivy: But Starr and his penis is.

Starr: Jokes. I like it.

Ivy: I’m not joking, it’s the truth. You are rather popular. You had a high profile relationship with a top sports agent and now you have this picture. You can deny it all you want but you’re a celebrity.

Starr: If I wanted to be famous because of my dick, I’d be a porn star. Maybe in some people’s eyes, I’m a celebrity. But I’m not like your level! I’m just a guy that wrestles and had his nudes leaked.

Ivy: I never wanted to be famous because I’m pretty either. But that is the hand we’ve been given and we need to play them.

Starr: So you’re saying I should ride the wave of momentum this picture has given me...

Ivy: If you were to decide to be with me you’d have to. I’ll be tied to the most download dick of the summer of 2017. Why wouldn’t you?

Starr: It just sounds so odd to me. But I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time someone did that.

Ivy: A lady became extraordinarily famous because she decided to make herself have eight babies. The world loves to see the things they shouldn’t. Why do you think these two have a job. (She calls the two paparazzi over.) This is Rodger Melton, he follows me everywhere I go and has for what like six years? (He agrees.) And this is Cynthia Fanc, now many years? (She says well over ten years.) They have a job and make money because I’m famous. They are a necessary evil and I’d rather know them than not hostile towards them.

Starr: (Starr looks overly confused at all of this. His phone starts to buzz.) Oh shit it’s eleven.

Ivy: I’m not Cinderella, Ian. I can stay awake. (She giggles.) But this is my life. And these two are apart of it. So I’m going to leave the evening like this. Think if you want to be a celebrity or not, because if you do I’d be interested in seeing you again. But, you’re right I should be going 5am comes early and I do need some sleep.

Starr: Never said you were Cinderelly. You said you had to be home by eleven. C’mon, I’ll take you and Greek home. (Starr realizes that he hasn’t seen Greek since they got to the bridge.) Where is that big guy anyway?

Ivy: I gave him the rest of the evening off. I figured with me having a rough and tumble wrestler around I’d be fine?

Starr: Well I’m nowhere near being as tall or wide as him, but I can certainly defend you from someone.

Ivy: Lead the way to your chariot Ian.

Starr takes Ivy by the hand and leads her to his expensive rental car. On the drive back to Ivy’s hotel, he catches Ivy looking at him lustfully once or twice. He smiles as Ivy nervously tucks her hair behind her ear. When they arrive to her hotel she asks him to go to a side door of the building.

Ivy: Well this is my stop, it was very pleasing to meet you today Ian Hathaway.

Starr: What? I don’t get to see the inside of your humble abode? I’m kidding.

Ivy: No you do not, I’m very sorry. That hug will be the most affection you’ll get this evening.

Starr: Hey you don’t fuck on the first date. That’s fine. I understand.

Ivy: I don’t fuck anyone, Ian. Ever. Ryleigh has my contact information if you choose to want to talk to me again.

Starr: Well just saying I can change that, but I’ll leave that ball in your court. Thanks for the wonderful evening, Ivy Townsley. It was nice that you even gave me the chance.

Ivy: You as well. (She opens the door a exits the automobile.)

Starr: (He rolls down the window to talk to Ivy.) I hope I get another one of those chances.

Ivy: You won’t unless you pursue it, Ian. I’d like to get inside now before they catch up with us.

Starr: Sorry, just had to get one last look at you before I leave… alone… going to sleep alone… by myself… with no one to hold…

Ivy: (She shakes her head and laughs. She opens the door to the hotel.) Goodbye, Ian. (She walks inside.)

Starr: Later.

On the ride back to the hotel he calls Izzy.

Izzy: Hello, Ian?

Starr: Hi.

Izzy: How’s it going? You must have salvaged the evening?

Starr: I just dropped her off. She actually started thinking I was funny… or desperate… prolly both. But she thought I was attractive.

Izzy: So one of the most attractive women in the world thinks you’re attractive, congratulations.

Starr: Hey, I’ll take it. That’s about all the compliments I got out of her.

Izzy: Were you expecting more?

Starr: Yes and no… Ivy obvs has some high standards so I knew I probably wasn’t going to end up in bed with her. Kinda wanted to though. That’d be a story.

Izzy: Well, there’s a girl here that would love to end up in your bed. And no it’s not me smart ass.

Starr: Well it’s not Ryleigh, she only sleeps with guys when she’s absolutely hammered.

Izzy: UGGGHHH, DON’T REMIND ME! And she not the one that slept with him dumb ass.

Starr: So she’s there?

Izzy: Yes, Skye is here my friend. She really likes you Ian. She was bored and asked if she could hang. Who are we to deny her? That kinda your job.

Starr: Cool I just parked, and I’ll be up in a minute…

Izzy: Talk to you soon. (Izzy disconnects the call.)

Starr sits in the parking garage for a few minutes to collect his thought before making his way to the suite. The girls and Justice are watching Doctor Strange on Netflix.

Ryleigh: Empty handed?

Starr: Clean as a whistle. Not even a kiss.

Ryleigh: I’ve heard that you were a gentleman. But not from a lack of trying. (His fellow DNA member laugh at him.)

Starr: Laugh it up. The most action I got was a hug, and that was when she was on the verge of tears.

Ryleigh: Tears? Ivy Townsley doesn’t cry, trust me.

Starr: She tried to. I promise.

Justice: Shhhhh… You’re wrecking the movie. Take this lovely girl here and go!

Starr: Oh sorry to ruin the fun… C’mon Skye!

Skye: Naw I’m good. I’d like to watch the rest of the movie. Come sit down and shut up.

Starr: Fine by me… (Starr takes off his blazer, rolls up his sleeves, sits in the floor, and watches the movie.)

Skye: Come sit here, please?

Starr: Someone’s gonna have to move if I’m gonna sit up there.

Izzy: I’ll do it. I’m getting tired anyway. (She yawns.) Night you guys.

Ryleigh: That makes two of us. I love you guy… good night!

Starr: (He moves out of the floor and onto the couch. Skye switches from leaning on Justice to putting her head in Starr’s lap. He drapes his blazer over her as a blanket.) So what did I miss?

Justice: The first half of this movie… now… Shhhhh!!

Skye: You haven’t missed out and anything, Ian. Everything is right where it should be. (Skye snuggles into Starr even closer.)

Starr: Yeah… right where it should be.

The three finish the movie. Justice leaves for his room. Starr tries but he can’t, Skye has fallen asleep in his lap facing his body.

Starr: Hey Skye, honey… yoohoo?

Skye: (Skye lets out the cutest yawn imaginable. She opens her eyes wide to look at Starr, then she sees what she was really facing.) Hiiii…

Starr: You ready for bed, sweetie?

Skye: (Still in her tired mode.) Yeah… I can go back to my room if you’d like me to. We’re in the same hotel this time.

Starr: Don’t worry about it. You can sleep in my bed.

Skye: Thank you… Tina snores. (She giggles with a snort.)

Starr: (He picks up Skye like a baby and takes her into his room and helps Skye get ready for bed.) There you go beautiful.

Skye: You’re staying right?

Starr: Yeah. I’m staying babe. I don’t want Ivy. I told you I’d know after one date.

Skye: It’s not because she wouldn’t fuck you right?

Starr: No, honey. She wanted me to change. She wanted me to be more famous. I don’t want to do that. I’m perfectly fine being a wrestling nobody doing what I love and being with someone that loves me for it...

Skye: That’s too bad cause I don’t know anyone like that. (She tries really hard to not break but she can’t) You’re still not getting laid tonight, punishment for not trusting your heart. We’ll fuck in the morning.

Starr: Hey I learned my mistake. (Skye takes her bra off and gets down to a t-shirt and panties.) Thanks for still being here.

Skye: I’m the Skye and we’re both... Starrstruck!!!

Starr: Hey that’s my line. (Starr takes off his suit and gets into just his underwear and gets in bed with Skye.)

Skye: You had a date with Ivy Townsley, how cool is that? My boyfriend did that... Was she nice?

Starr: At first, no. After I talked about modeling, yes.

Skye: Do you have any doubts anymore? Or is Ian out of the Ryzzy dating service.

Starr: Ian is out, for sure.

Skye: Because I think they’re expanding to the gay market.

Starr: I’ve heard. Hopefully they can find someone for Justice as well as they did for me.

Skye: I’m going to sleep now… Could you do me a favor though?

Starr: Sure babe.

Skye: Could you get a glass of water for me?

Starr: Sure, babe. Be right back. (Starr goes out to the full kitchen in the suite to get the glass of water.)

Ryleigh: (Only in her under Ryleigh is also getting a drink.) Hey buddy...

Starr: Hey, Ry. Sorry about the no pants thing.

Ryleigh: Why? I’m not sorry about the no shirt thing. (Ryleigh’s perfectly shaped B cups breasts are on full display.) Did you get that out of your system?

Starr: Sorry I kinda missed that detail. I’m tired as fuck right now.

Ryleigh: That makes all of us I think, buddy. Seeing she still here I assume you made your choice. Should I get her a key?

Starr: That I have. I’ll do it tomorrow when we wake up.

Ryleigh: I’ll only say I told you so this once. There’s always Starr’s in the Skye. Good night, Ian. You chose right.

Starr: G’night, Ry. (Starr returns to the bedroom and gives Skye her water.)

Skye: (She takes a huge drink of the water.) Night, babe. (She lays her head on Starr’s chest as she cuddles deeply into Starr.)

Starr: (Starr stares at the ceiling, but then he kisses the top of Skye’s head. Skye smiles and she drifts off to sleep.) Goodnight... I love you...