Shawn Taylor Vs Rixton Ruin

Shawn Taylor Vs Rixton Ruin

Osh Vaughan
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Osh Vaughan
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24 Jul 2017, 19:23 #1

World Title Match
Shawn Taylor vs Rixton Ruin

The Pinnacle, Shawn Taylor vs Rixton Ruin, this bitter feud is drawing in fans from all over, will Shawn win and surely exceed Jake E Dangerously's record 90 day title hold? OR will the newcomer see IIW World title gold?

Shawn Taylor
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Shawn Taylor
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We're at an IIW house show. IIW World Champion Shawn Taylor celebrates another win with the crowd, before grabbing the microphone. The crowd hushes...

Shawn: Over a week folks.... It's been over a WEEK since Mayhem.

Shawn geastures to the crowd, pointing at his watch and shrugs

And WHERE OH WHERE is your number one contender? Christ and he likes to put it around the word that I'M not commited!

I tell you folks, there's too much delusion floating around IIW. I mean come on, the biggest match of his life and the idiot hasn't said a word. Not even one of his surrounding cast...

Shawn has a moment of realisation.

Yes... Cast! Maybe that's it! He's probably having casting problems for his next bad TV serial... I mean wrestling promo!

If any of you haven't seen a Rixton Ruin "promo" and frankly who could blame you, or maybe you have and like a rape victim have repressed the painful memory.. how can i best describe it...

Shawn pauses to think....

Imagine if Kevin Dunn, that buck toothed moron produced keeping up with the Kardashians in 1987s WWF.

Except Kardashian is a bad wrestler living vicariously through her all package and no contents sister and Kevin Dunn somehow had less wrestling production talent

Shawn laughs at himself and shudders

I'm sure this will be responded with one of two things. Either the usual soap opera bullshit with a tiny little epilogue talking about our match, or he might actually cut that out this one time in an effort to make me look wrong (because obviously NONE of you have DVR or the internet or you know, memories...)

That's a win win for me because I'll either be proved right or he'll be exposed for the inarticulate attention whore that he is, building this false life for not just the screen but to fill the void of existence that he experiences every day. He invents characters to surround himself with to replace every thing that he doesn't have in his real life.

Shawn makes the “boo hoo” motion to the camera

The truly frightening thing is, this version of IIW has attracted enough morons who think this is the way forward for the business. This crap might work for stoned millenials looking for a pat on the back for doing nothing to make their parents proud, but it doesn't work for professional wrestlers or their fans. And I mean REAL fans Rix, not the characters you're going to pay to appear in your next video clamoring for that crayon scribble you call an autograph.

That's the beauty of living a fake life I suppose. You can always script it as the perfect counterpoint to what people say, and let's be honest, know about you.

Shawn shakes his head

Now I know I've been quiet all week but I figured I'd see what you were made of. Don't mistake my boredom with you and your shit, for a lack of commitment. The simple truth of it is, and this might not be a clever play on words or metaphor. I am better than you. Always have been and I always will be. You don't deserve this opportunity but you do deserve the beating and humbling that comes with it.

Disagree? Come back to me when you've got a better win/loss record than Adam Bradley. The man who quite literally couldn't spell the word "WIN" at one point.

Now this has been relatively short, and oh so very sweet. And that's the point. A fantastic side benefit of being this good is being able to say more in a short promo like this than people like Rixton Ruin can say in 10.

Shawn goes to drop the mic but then has a thought

Perhaps Osh was too quick to dismiss Sebastian Reddich as Number One Contender. Even he seems to deserve it more than some people I could mention. You suffer from a condition

Curtis Vaughan may have stuck it to your sister's tiny preteen frame and he may well be the only known cure for lesbianism (Or in this case, storyline driven attention seeking lesbian whorism), but I am something so much better.

Your sister was cured of her "ailment", and so shall you be because this Sunday young man you come face to face with The Incomparable Shawn Taylor.

IIW World Heavyweight Champion

IIW Tag Team Champion

Former IIW International Champion and longest reigning

IIW Triple Crown Winner.

IIW's Record Holder for longest undefeated streak.

And your saviour because this Sunday you shall be schooled, beaten and humbled by Shawn Taylor, The only known cure for...


That is of course, if you can get out of fantasy land long enough to get in the ring. This is WRESTLING after all...

Shawn drops his mic and the music hits while he celebrates with the crowd as we fade to black...

Former IIW International Champion
IIW record holder for longest undefeated streak: 9-0
IIW record holder for longest title reign (International Title) - 55 days

Rixton Ruin
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Rixton is in an interviewing with Andrea Rock on the radio station Virgin Radio Generation in Rome, Italy. He been the said interview for over an hour and covered topics anywhere from what brand of underwear he prefers to match with Shawn Taylor at the Make or Break PPV. The interview is almost over when Andrea asks.

Andrea: So you have a match at the upcoming PPV with Shawn Taylor. Why do you think you can win? What make you the one that stop his title reign and stops him from having the longest World Championship reign like he does the International title?

Rixton: So the time has come, it’s come the time when I become the World Champion of the IIW. MY TIME!!! It’s been long over due to be honest, because I should already be the Champion. Beating the dead horse of why that is, is not something I’m going to get into today, but we all know why. I am the best male talent on the roster bar none. I know that sounds cocky, but let’s be honest here it’s just the truth. Is it cocky if it true? I think not. I deserve to be the champion and now that I’m getting the chance to contend for the title I promise to all of you I will win. There’s really not anything that anyone can do about it, it’s just my time. It’s written in the stars. It’s my destiny, it’s an inevitability at this point. Shawn Taylor got too much gold all at one time. He’s the World Champ and one half of the Tag Title holders with Jonny C. It seems like he’s put the most important goal any of us have on the back burner and that’s not fair to the the IIW or it’s fans. This fed needs a full time champion not a guy that wants to make jokes with Jonny C. By the way I suggest that they don’t go into comedy because they’re both awful. Not if you wanna see something funny you should watch the video Starr and Ryzzy made. That was fucking hilarious. But To get back to Taylor, he’s just not a guy that can handle two title at the same time. It clear, When’s the last time he defended the championship? Hell, until he this past week when was the last time he has a singles match. I’m here to give the IIW what they deserve from a world champ, a guy that’s dedicated to the belt and will defend it whenever he has the chance. And as far as him setting a record of holding the championship, who cares if you hold a title and never defend it. Just having possession of the title doesn’t make you the champion worthy of a record, in my opinion.

Andrea: Very strong work Rixton, I have time for just one last question. What going to make you different? You also never defended the International Championship while you held it.

Rixton: I have one simple statement for that, Andrea. I will be enlisting an open challenge policy to the World Championship the entire time I hold it. It’s been good enough for past champions and it will be good enough for me.

Andrea: Wow that is a very advantageous idea, Rixton. I like to be the first to wish you luck on the great decision. That there is the end of our interview of the number one contender for the IIW Championship. If you’re a wrestling fan I’d suggest that you make your way the Make or Break pay-per-view right here in Rome. Thank you Rixton Ruin for your time and the great interview.

Rixton: You’re very welcome Andrea. And thank you for your time and amazing line of questions.

Rixton gives his thanks to the disc jockey and bids farewell to his staff. He makes his way to the waiting room where both his sister and Izzy are waiting for him.

Ryleigh: Holy crap buddy, that was the best interview you’ve given to date. I’m really impressed.

Rixton: Thanks Ry, that one felt really good. Andrea was very easy to talk to. He just asked questions that made sense and made sense. I have so many more to do this week, I hope they all go so smoothly as this.

Izzy: Press week is gonna be the death of me. I really am proud too, Rix. Hopefully all of mine can be that smooth.

Rixton: But just think, we all get to have a sit down with Violet as the last interview in the madness. I really like her guys, do you think I have a chance to with her?

Izzy: Absolutely, dude! You keep up with this “Rix Suave” stuff and I think you and her have something.

Ryleigh: Yeah Rix, You got this with her. Just be yourself and I’m sure you’ll be just fine. I found that out the hard way. (She giggles and squeezes Izzy’s hand she holding a bit.)

Izzy: But can I ask one thing, Rix?

Rixton: You can ask me anything you want. You’re like my sister at this point.

Izzy: Well speaking of sisters… Should I tell Bex?

Rixton: I wasn’t so sure Bex was truly interested. Is she?

Izzy: She’s pretty interested, dude. She loved the dinner you guys had.

Rixton: I have a pretty interesting issue here. I really, like really like both Bex and Sammie. I’m so sorry that I’ve looked else where. I’ve not had this kinda… I’m… Having a relationship what a co-worker is totally inappropriate anyways. (He looks totally excited to hear that Bex it totally into him.) I can’t wait to talk to her later now!

Izzy: Dude, I can tell you like Violet. At least give her a try with the two of you?

Rixton: It’s just a crush sis, I really know Bex and I could have a real relationship. I’m going to invite her and Sammie to join use her in Europe. (He’s blushing a bit at the thought of seeing Bex again.)

Ryleigh: Does she have a passport, Iz? Cause we could get she and Sammie one in a few weeks. Pops has an in everywhere.

Izzy: I don’t know I’ll have to talk to her tonight. But I’m sure she would love to come!

Rixton: I’m going to call her tonight too!

The three of members of the Ruin clan make their way to the rest of their press engagements for the day. He hasn’t been able to get Bex out of his mind the whole day. He calls her in the evening.

Rixton: Hello Bex, How are you doing?

Bex: Hey Rix, I’m good. Just finished eating lunch. How are you?

Rixton: I’m well, I have been so busy since on this trip. I had 5 interviews today, it’s exhausting! Our dinner was so enjoyable, hey would you mind if I changed this to a FaceTime? I’d love to see your and Sammie’s faces.

Bex: Absolutely. Me and Sam are just going through Netflix at this point.

Rixton: (Rixton turn the call into a FaceTime. Sammie steals the phone from Bex.) Hey pretty lad-... Sammie how you doin bud?

Sam: Mommy, it’s big scary man. Why is he calling?

Rixton: Sammie, am I really big and scary? We seemed to have fun at the zoo before we left? You and I were animals bros that day.

Sam: I guess so… Mommy can we go to the zoo again?

Bex: Maybe next week honey...

Rixton: Hey Sammie, how’s about we go to a different zoo in a few weeks in a whole different country? You and mommy would be able to ride on a plane again.

Sam: Woooooah! That sounds so cooooool! Can we mommy?!

Bex: I don’t know about that Sam. Mommy does have to go back home and work. I’ll keep it in mind though.

Rixton: Hey Sammie can I talk to mommy for a couple of minutes? (Sammie hands the phone back to his mom.)

Bex: What’s up Rix?

Rixton: So here’s my idea. I’d like for you, Sam and Paige to come to the PPV in London in eight weeks. That would give Miss Fortknight all the time she’ll need to get the paperwork inline. It will also give you time to get yourself set up in Chicago. I’d really like to see you face again in person. I really think we made a connection her Bex?

Bex: Oh… Rix. I don’t know what to say… that’s an awfully kind gesture.

Rixton: My father has always said when you don’t know what to say then say… Yes?

Bex: I’ll see what I can do about getting Sam and I some passports.

Rixton: That is a non issue honey, We got Apollo his in a week. Miss Fortknight will make it happen.

Bex: Well it definitely would be nice to see another man’s face. It’s been me, Sammie, and Eliza up here in the estate like it’s our bunker.

Rixton: I know that feeling… As cool as my parents house is it gets tiresome after a while. I really look forward to seeing you two and you’ll need Paige too?

Bex: Paige is a must have if I’m gonna be in a big city with Sammie.

Rixton: I gotta run though, Ryleigh’s got our final interview setup for early in the morning. Can’t wait to see you. Tell Sammie I said bye.

Bex: Will do! Bye Rix!

Rixton: Bye beautiful! (He waves and disconnects the video chat.)

Rixton has a pleasant night of sleep with the thoughts of a new relationship on his mind. At the crack of dawn his alarm goes off and he gets himself ready for the final interview of the media week. It’s with Violet at a cafe, the entire DNA crew has a one on ones and it will conclude with a group session. Rix is very torn with the thought of seeing his other crush after talking to Bex. On the way there is an argument between Rix and Starr over the dick pic incident. When they get to the cafe Rix goes walks off to let off some steam before the interview. He calls his father on his walk.

Rixton: Hey pops you got a minute? I got something on my mind to talk about.

Royce: Why sure Rix! I’m on vacation.

Rixton: Have you heard about issue with a photo and Starr?

Royce: Unfortunately yes. Your mother hasn’t stopped talking about your friend’s… well how do I put it… situation.

Rixton: He by no means is my friend dad, I totally hate the guy and Ry is making me play nice with him. I’m not sure how much longer I can do this. That pic was kinda the last straw for me. That was so disrespectful to our family?

Royce: Well, Rixton you have to understand mistakes and accidents happen.

Rixton: I don’t think it was a mistake. I think it was a blatant way to fuck with our family. I don’t trust the guy at all dad.

Royce: I don’t see how a mistake like that could be so blatant? Reagan told me that the boy apologized profusely about the matter. Why is he so untrustworthy?

Rixton: I don’t know… Anyways, do you know that we had a altercation with Jason Fenix a few weeks ago? He told Ryleigh and I that he has control of the Ruin Institute. Is that true?

Royce: Control… I wouldn’t say control. He and I have a project we are working on together and it will make the company a lot of money. You see son, Jason loves the mind games and I’m sure it was a way to mess with yours and Ryleigh’s head. Don’t let him in Rix, I know how easily that can happen.

Rixton: I know… He’s very convincing. It just scared me a bit, I know how much the business means to you and I’d hate to have this break our family. (Rixton notices a figure off near a Ferrari that looks like they're watching him.) I got to go… Thanks for the talk pops.

Rixton quickly hangs up the phone and walks towards the car. The vehicle quickly backs up towards Rix and speeds away. The person looked like Fenix to Rixton. Apollo finds his friend and lets him know that he’ll be up in a few minutes for his interview.

Violet: Rixton! It’s so good to see you again. I expected a call last night but I didn’t get anything from you. We’re still going out after Make or Break right?

Rixton: Totally, I just fell asleep early sorry about that.

Violet: Great! I can’t wait for it! (A producer comes by and tells Violet they’re ready.) My crew is good to go, how about you?

Rixton: Hey Vi, who was your interview before us today?

Violet: No one. DNA is my first interview of the day. I do have some scheduled people after though.

The lights turn on and the host and guest get ready. The cameraman signals that recording has started.

Violet: Welcome back to The Chill Spot! We’re still here in the cafe as I make my way through the group known as DNA. He is the number one contender for Shawn Taylor’s World Championship... Mr. Rixton Ruin!

Rixton: Miss Frost, it’s always good to see you.

Violet: How does it feel to be the first two time guest?

Rixton: It feels good. Wow, I’m the first return guest?

Violet: 1st episode remember? So how has Rome been treating you so far?

Rixton: Oh I totally remember, Rome has been busy. It will be nice to have a few days off and hang out with a few people and see the sights. I look forward in seeing the coliseum the oldest fight ring in the world. Rome has so much history to see.

Violet: This past Mayhem you defeated Sebastian Redditch. This Sunday he faces the debuting King Leroy, what are your thoughts on that matchup?

Rixton: Redditch really stepped his game up for that match. I was actually quite impressed with his ability to rise to the occasion. But just as all the rest have learned that The End is hard to come back from. As far as King Leroy, he a very interesting talent and I look forward to see what he brings to the table. Did you get that leaflet he sent out too? Such an interesting way to promote a fight. You should totally fight to get his first interview.

Violet: An interesting talent indeed. At Make or Break your fellow DNA stablemates are all across the board. What do you see being those outcomes?

Rixton: I see DNA holding every title beside the tag belts?

Violet: When do you see you guys taking those belts?

Rixton: I really don’t know. I’ve heard about a teaming of Apollo and Starr in the works. They have a great name picked out… (Ryleigh clears her throat very loudly while shaking her head no.) But I’m sure all of that will come out in the coming weeks. I’m sure we’ll break the news to you there Vi, you are our favorite.

Violet: I see. (Violet giggles.) Well to address the elephant in the room. At Make or Break you’re facing off against Shawn Taylor in what could be the match of your career. Shawn Taylor has already been talking about you at the house shows. Right now, I want to get your response to Shawn. Free from interruptions and questions just you talking to him through my camera.

Rixton: I think an elephant is a good word to use when it comes to Shawn Taylor. They say that elephants never forget and Shawn is certainly never forget to talk about the good old days. When the IIW was different and Shawn Taylor has a streak the was apparently legendary. I don’t care! I’m over hearing about it and also over hear that he’s going to be able to break that streak with this World Championship run. As I’ve said many times before he not a real champion. The guys never even defended the belt. Now, Taylor has tried and make fun of the lifestyle that us members of DNA lead. He claims that our lives are like a reality show and were nothing better than any of those families that have been chronicled that way. That once again just goes to show how out of touch he is. The game is different now. Social media and chronicling one's life is what the younger fans want to see. They want to see the real lives of the people that like. My sister and Izzy get that better than anyone in the biz and if that a bad thing I just don’t see it. And not for nothing, he claims that the core fans don’t care about us. Well that’s just a bold faced lie. DNA is the hottest brand in the IIW since The Franchise. Our demographics are off the charts in every age group and it’s all because of the way Ryleigh has marketed us. You’re just out of touch as far as how to market yourself Taylor!

Violet: Demographics ya say? How are you performing? And on social media, how are those ventures going?

Rixton: I seem to be very strong with the, as Taylor called us like it’s a bad thing… Millennials. I also do surprisingly well with the women. The only group that Taylor beats me with is the forty and over crowd. Shocker! As far as my social media that is something I growing slowly, I’m much more interested and beating the crap out of people than a tweet. I’m the one in our little group that doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. I think I proved that on many occasion. I’m kinda the bad boy of this party and I like playing that role. So Taylor, you’re the lucky one I get to be bad to at this show. You have the thing that all of us want and I’m coming to get it. I’ve been proving myself to everyone and it’s now my time to be the World Champion. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life and I’m going to take what was wrongly taken from me by a guy that isn’t relevant anymore.

Violet: Your strategy going into the match?

Rixton: So Vi, as much as I’d love to give you a game plan for what I’m going to bring to Taylor... that’s just not going to happen. But what I can say is that there’s going to be PAIN lots and lots of PAIN! There will be be more than Taylor will be able to handle and there will clearly be The End to our match and I will be the one that brings it to you. Taylor, I’m so looking forwards to seeing you in the ring and showing you what us “Millennials” bring to the table because you’re going to be seeing the Dawn of the New Age first hand. Oh and lastly, don’t think that the amount of disrespect you showed our leader will go unnoticed joker. Who dumps a perfectly good beer on some anyways? One of our fans prolly paid like ten bucks for that and you just dumped it on my sister. That’s just alcohol abuse bro. Damn!

Violet: Well that certainly was an intense cut you have for Mr. Taylor. But to get us out of that subject and end on a much happier note. How’s about I ask some different questions?

Rixton: Actually I have one last thing to say and then you can ask me anything you want. Taylor, if you think that I’ve been sitting idle all week you’re just joking yourself. I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t been able to get this interview in and I totally wanted to give this you to you Violet. Taylor I’ll never be a paper champion like you and I’ll defend the belt when ever I can. So the long and the short of it is all of this ends in a few days and you and Jonny C can go back to making you not funny segments and defend those Tag Titles against jobbers you two have so eloquently been doing. I think that’s more your speed! Sorry Violet, I just had to finish that last thought.

Violet: Completely understandable, luv. All of the DNA members have been getting five quick, no thinking questions. Just say the first thing that comes to your mind. Is that cool with you?

Rixton: Shoot!

Violet: Favorite food?

Rixton: Burgers and Fries are my shit!

Violet: Simple man. I like it. Favorite band or artist?

Rixton: I really like metal as you could expect. I think at this point I have two an artist called Plini and a band called Destiny Potato.

Violet: Those are some interesting names. (The two laugh.) When did you fall in love with wrestling?

Rixton: I can’t remember a time I didn’t love this business, Vi. I’ve wanted to be a wrestler my whole life.

Violet: Dream opponent in a dream arena. Could be anyone alive. Maybe they wrestle in another fed or here in IIW.

Rixton: It’s a different Shawn… I’d choose Shawn Michaels anywhere that could happen.

Violet: Finally, where are you taking me on our next date?

Rixton: (Rixton’s eyes widen.) Is that something we’re talking about?

Violet: Oh come on! People saw us out together in Berlin! Tell me. (Violet’s eyes look straight into Rix’s with plenty of eagerness. It’s almost too cute.)

Rixton: I’ll take you wherever you’d like to go Vi. I chose the last time, I was kinda hoping you’d come up with this date?

Violet: Well I certainly can do that! Well unfortunately that’s all the time we have for this portion of the big mega show. Anything you’d like to plug, Rix?

Rixton: Nope, next time you see me I’ll be the champ IIW universe!!!

Violet: Well I suppose that’s all! When we come back I’ll be sitting with the leader of this motley crue Ryleigh. I can’t wait to get her thoughts on her upcoming match and all of this DNA business. Enjoy some commercials!

After the producer gives to end of the segment Rix thanks Violet and goes over to where Ryzzy is standing. Izzy looks rather angry and brings Rixton outside the cafe to talk to him.

Izzy: So you’re playing my sister? You know she’ll see this, are you an idiot?

Rixton: I’m in a tight spot here Iz, what was I supposed to do?

Izzy: She better not be crying the next time I talk to her…

Rixton: Fuck my life!!! How am I to fix this Iz? I don’t know what to do…

Izzy: You’re going to have to choose one, Rixton Ruin. One.

Rixton: And if I don’t choose Bex does that hurt us?

Izzy: Your relationship, or lack of it, doesn’t affect me. Bex is her own woman. She’s had to deal with a lot recently. I mean she did just find out her husband was cheating on her. If she sees you doing the same, I don’t know what she’ll do.

Rixton: Then I know what to do, tonight when we get back to the hotel will you help me break it to your sister that I’ve made a great mistake and she’s better off without me? I can’t say that I’ll be able to stay away from Vi.

Izzy: I’ll be there for my sister, but that’s about all the involvement I’ll be able to take.

Rixton: Thank you Dr. Izzy…

Just then Izzy’s phone rings and she shows it to Rix… It’s Bex!!!

Rixton Ruin
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Rixton: Good morning guys, it’s the first day of the rest of my life. Today’s the day I win my first World Title. (Rix lets out a long yawn.) It’s 8:42 in the morning here in Rome and let’s get this day started. So the plan is that I’m going to record the entire process up to the moment my entrance starts tonight. So check in here on Facebook Live and you’ll see how this day goes. Check back in with you guys in a bit.

Rixton turns off the broadcast rubs his eyes to get the sleep out of them. He proceeds to start his morning with a shower, beard care, and all the other things men do to prep for the day. He is contacted by Ryleigh that the crew is meeting at the same place where the interview happened for some breakfast. The limo is leaving in five minutes.

Rixton: Hey Facebook Live it’s the second update here. On my way to meet up with DNA for some breakfast, guess we’re going back to the cafe where Violet Frost’s web show “The Chill Spot” was taped. Man they had good coffee, can’t say I’m unhappy with having to go back there. (Rix checks on Apollo to see if he ready to leave.) Hey big guy you ready?

Apollo: I got the message from the boss lady, give me like a minute or two. (Apollo is finishing up his morning routine as well.)

Rixton: No worries bro, hey say hello to the DNA fans. I’m recording a lot of today so they can see what it’s like to prep for this title win.

Apollo: Oh shit son, that’s a great idea! Yoooo, what’s good DNA fam. It’s your boy Black Hulk here, tune in tonight to see DNA take over the IIW, and see the rightful man earn the World Title. (Apollo slaps Rixton on the chest.)

Rixton: (He laughs as he switches to the front camera.) Alrighty then, Apollo is already hyped up this morning. Hey Hulk, I’m going to head down to the lobby. (Apollo acknowledges Rix a wave.) So yeah, I’m not going to be taking questions here today but I like all the love I’m seeing. And for the last time I can’t marry anyone without meeting you first. (Rixton chuckles again as grabs his gear and exits the suite.) Alright, so this is the hotel we’re staying in. Most of DNA and my parents have the whole floor of suites I’m on right now. I just came out of the suite Starr, Apollo, and I are staying in. This is Ryzzy’s and the one on the end is my parents. This hotel is amazing guys, the best we’ve been in yet on this tour of Europe. (Rixton makes it to the elevator as we hear a door open. It’s from the Ryzzy suite and Ry and Iz emerge with their gear in tow as well.) Hey there ladies, how are you this fine morning? Say hello to Facebook Live.

Ryleigh: Morning everyone, I saw that my brother is doing this and I think it’s great that he’s give you an inside look into this special day for him. Enjoy being inside the life of a usual private person.

Izzy: Hey guys, Looking forward to seeing you throughout the day... Can’t wait to face this chick tonight though! (Izzy hugs Ryleigh around the neck and kisses her on the cheek.)

Rixton: Alright guys, I’ll check back in with you in a bit. I’ll stream from the cafe next.

Rixton turns to Ryzzy and asks if they think that this is a good idea and they both agree that it is. In the lobby they find Justice as he is invited to breakfast as well. He is staying at the hotel provided by the IIW for the last time as he will be staying with DNA from here on out. Apollo and Starr join the crew about three minutes later and they make their way to breakfast. Rixton doesn’t even make an eye contact with Starr yet or less talk to him. There is clearly still bad blood between the two of them on Rixton’s end. We catch up with Rixton walking around the spot.

Rixton: This is the next check in FB Live. We’re here at the 081 Caffè and we just enjoyed a fine breakfast with the DNA crew. (Rix gives a sideway look to the Ferrari the pulls into the cafe.) That’s the same car I saw the other day when I thought I saw Fenix guys. I’m going to go see who comes out of it. (Rix sneaks between two cars, crouches, and switches to the back camera of the iPhone. He whispers.) Alright guys I know this seems strange but the day we taped “The Chill Spot” here I’m sure I saw Fenix get in that Ferrari and he almost ran me over . Let’s see if it’s him that emerges from the sports car.

After about a thirty seconds of waiting a man disembarks from the vehicle. It’s a man that does resemble Jason Fenix a little bit, it clearly isn’t who Rixton thought it was. Rix changes the cam back to the front cam.

Rixton: Okay… So I guess it’s not Fenix.... Just some italian guy that resembles him. It feels like Fenix is always watching me guys. I hope I’m not just being paranoid here, but that guy really loves the mind games and I know he has it out for me after the beating I gave him a while back.

Izzy: Hey Rix… What are you doing? Why are you hiding between two cars?

Rixton: (He stands up very awkwardly.) Ummm… Nothing? Hey Facebook Live, I’ll check back in later. (He ends the broadcast.)

Izzy: Are you sure? You were hiding between two cars and talking about Fenix stalking you. I saw it while… Well that’s not important. You were broadcasting this to the whole world, bud. Are you okay?

Rixton: Yeah… I’m just fine… I... as the video states thought it was Fenix and he’s been watching me Iz, I’m sure of it!

Izzy: Well you might not want to broadcast that to the world? Pull it together Rix, you have a very important match tonight!

Rixton: (He walks towards Izzy.) You’re right as always, Dr. Izzy. Thank you for always looking out for me. I swear I’m not going crazy… Maybe... I’m just getting out a bit of nervous energy before the match tonight?

Izzy: I’m nervous to face your sis too but this looks strange, Rix… Let’s just go back into the cafe and forget this happened... Okay? And you might wanna delete that last video, it’s not a good look.

Rixton: Sure thing, I’ll do that right now.

Rixton proceeds to delete the video as he and Izzy re enter the restaurant. The rest of the DNA crew seem to not know about, or are not reacting to Rixton’s strange behavior. They all finish breakfast and plan on going to the gym for an hour before making their way to the venue where Make or Break is taking place.

Rixton: What’s up guys? Just got out of the gym and now we’re on our way to the venue where MorB is happening, sorry Make or Break. So we’re all in the car here and I got another idea here, how’s about we have the first interview with the newest member of DNA, Justice Reigns![/color] (He switches the camera to the back one. Justice looks a bit confused as to what is happening.) I’d first like to say welcome to the crew and Facebook Live. Here come the first question... Are you ready?

Justice: Ummmm… Sure? Shoot!

Rixton: Like I said, welcome to the team Justice... How you enjoying your first few days with Dawn of the New Age?

Justice: It’s been great to be welcomed in by your sister and her girlfriend. You fellas have been very supportive to me as well.

Rixton: No worries… How do you plan on making an impact in the IIW? Because, we all here in DNA are certainly impact players.

Justice: I plan on kicking ass and taking names. I'm not going to wait for opportunities to fall into my lap. I'm going to seize them, that’s what I do bro.

Rixton: That’s what I like to hear... One last question as I can see the venue in the distance. How do you feel after coming out the other day? I really commend you for doing that, that shows a lot of strength bro.

Justice: Thanks Rixton, it was a bit scary but Ryleigh and Izzy paved the way for our community here in the IIW. They we're a big help in making the announcement. And to my surprise, I didn’t get the backlash I expected.

Rixton: (Rix switches the cam back to the front and sits next to Justice.) I’m so glad to hear that Justice, the world isn’t what it used to be and the LBGTQ community is lucky to have such a great guy. Okay guys, that’s all for now… I’d like to thank Justice for talking here and see you all in a bit.

The limo arrives to the place where the Make or Break pay-per-view is taking place. When DNA arrives to the venue some of the IIW officials pull Rixton aside and inform him he will not be able to continue with the updates on FB Live in the arena due to PPV contract issues. They agree with him that he’ll be able to make on last update right before he makes his entrance to the match. Rix checks back in with Facebook live right before he’s about to walk out to the ring as the IIW allowed him to.

Rixton: I’m sorry guys, I know I wanted to keep you up to date with how I prepped for the match but the IIW brass put a stop to it. They only agreed to this last update. So I’m minutes from changing my life and the IIW forever. The funny thing is… I’m not nervous at all. I’m just excited, hyped up, and most important confident that I can win. Taylor has nothing for me tonight. He a has been that only deserves to be the mid card hero. He’s not in my league and is a paper champion. He and Jonny C can keep making jokes and doing whatever the hell they do with the Tag Titles that aren’t even on the DNA’s radar yet. Today is truly the Dawn of the New Age and I’m going to be the face of the whole company. I think the IIW will be lucky to have a champion that is active and only focused on the World Title. Shawn, your time is up, that’s just a fact. Even if my sister thinks she runs this place she’s wrong. The World Champion is the alpha above all alphas and in a matter of minutes that’s going to be me. I will bring this company to it greatest finest hour! I will be the one to make the IIW the premier wrestling federation in the world. I will be the one that is the Dawn of the New Age… ME not a group of people that want to ride my coattails... ME Rixton Ruin your next Intense International Wrestling World Champion. And if anyone has an issue with that that can talk to the title belt because I’ll be the guys wearing it! Thank you for join me today on my journey to the World Championship Facebook Live… But the time has come... I WILL BE CHAMPION!! COME WATCH MY GLORY!!!

The feed ends abruptly as the beginning of “Lydia” by Highly Suspect is the last thing that can be heard before the stream ends.

Shawn Taylor
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Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
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Up slightly late due to internet problems, Osh aware

What is a Champion?

A Champion won't accept limits.
There's always more beyond the top
The only time he'll use the word “can't”

The words fade from the screen as we open on Shawn Taylor standing in a darkened room. Gear on, in the shape of his life. Championship belts on either shoulder reflecting off the dim lights. Shawn looks intense, and straight into the camera.

Rixton Ruin... I'd like to say you surprised me but frankly your promos are simply more of the same diatribe. They're episodic and they're generic. Something Vince Russo would be proud to have written. So many words used, but so little being said.

I have to congratulate you though because while that crap was your usual drivel it did at least manage to hover around the 50% mark in terms of relevance. More than usual so clearly my words had SOME effect, as I quite publicly predicted they would. When you change your game in response to criticism, even just a little, you can't really go calling that criticism unwarranted now can you boy.

Shawn isn't joking this time, he stares intensely at the camera.

Look around you, no frills, no setting the scene, no jokes with Jonny C, this is game time. It's just you and me now. You can't go running to little big sis for help, you're on your own. Suddenly that hole you've dug for yourself seems that much deeper doesn't it? Congratulations are again in order, you're the first opponent to actually have pissed me off, though granted you did that way before the match was even announced. I've had my eye on you for some time young man.

The only reason you've even been given this opportunity is because I put your name forward. True story. Ask Osh if you like I REALLY had to persuade him!. You were stuck in International Championship level because that's where the OWNER OF THE COMPANY thought you belonged until I dragged you out of it as a potential replacement to Michael Hunter,... so don't you DARE try to suggest you've somehow earned this. I mean how many singles matches have YOU even had lately? I didn't give you this chance because I thought you were good I thought maybe, just maybe it might bring out the potential I saw in you. Occasionally even I'm wrong.

Shawn looks down at the ground and a slight smile appears on his face as he shakes his head. The intensity soon returns however.

You seem to forget that we've been here before, and the result was the same then as it will be tonight. Shawn Taylor coming out on top and Rixton Ruin crying to his baby sister.. I'm sorry “the leader”

I've said it before and I will say it again. DNA is suffering from a severe case of mediocrity. You've all tried and you've all failed, at so many things.

Shawn takes his world title in hand as he lets the tag belt slide to the floor.

This is what it's all about. This is what makes me the man to beat. I earned this just like I have earned everything else in my career. There's a reason I'm the first on the call sheet when Osh tries one of these resurgences.

Oh and for the love of GOD give it a rest with the “Shawn Taylor get's too much gold.” Petulant jealousy if I ever heard it! Myself and Jonny C are the Tag Team champions because those belts need some championship material. We both even offered to Osh to pull double duty at this PPV to give some of the more deserving talent a chance but alas the booking did not go that way. I do not make the matches, I do not sign the talent.

This is not about the Tag Team championship however as that is just another of a myriad of accomplishments I have had in my time. I THRIVE on real competition. I'd much rather put the World Title on the line against the likes of the Commander, or Jonny C. Those guys get it. You don't. Even Fenix get's it more than you and that dude throws a fit every time his shit doesn't win an Oscar!

I will quite happily defend this championship 24/7. What I will not do is devalue it by wasting the chances on those who do not deserve it. THAT is what is not fair on the IIW FANS. (Universe... please. Kevin Dunn indeed!) Also since when did you even care what was fair to the IIW fans or what they wanted? Oh that's right only when it served your purpose. If you're going to put on a false veil of sincerity towards the fans at least show enough respect to make it thick enough not to see right through.

Shawn sets his belt back on his shoulder and composes himself.

You want to talk about a lack of commitment to this thing? Well here's a great example... You were in an interview for OVER AN HOUR and only decided to talk about the match TWICE? That disrespects IIW, Me and the Championship. If that was my interview I'd be interjecting every possible reference to the match and my opponent as I could, since that is the only thing RELEVANT to the IIW fans.

This is of course when you EVENTUALLY deemed it right to surface considering it's the biggest night of your career. It is not I who has something to prove, it is you. I'm already champion. I expected more from you frankly.

The “I was busy” Shtick doesn't cut it when you're Champion Rixton. I notice the minute I had something for you to counterpoint oh all of a sudden you were VERY quick to get something recorded, because let's be honest when you remove everything that wasn't a direct reply there was very little substance there. That's fine.. replies are necessary when you're 2nd place but don't insult the intelligence of our audience by claiming it's something it isn't. THAT is a “Bold Faced Lie.”

Let's see what else you had to say, since direct replies are a theme now...

Shawn looks at his phone and watches Rixton Ruin lamenting the virtues of his reality show style video segments.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Once again Rixton Ruin you hear the words but you simply do not understand their meaning. I wasn't making fun of your “lifestyle”. How could I? I don't even know what your lifestyle IS! No-one does! Whatever it is it sure as shit isn't what you put in those videos. They're as fake as you are. You can talk about “brands” and “marketing” all you wish I am sure Ste Davies will be most interested because that's pretty much the domain of the mid card talent in every promotion and I know Osh was looking to develop that part of IIW.

When it comes to the main event however, the fans want the World Heavyweight Championship to go on the best WRESTLER in the federation. That you poor green deluded cretin, is yours truly, the Incomparable Shawn Taylor. I don't need a brand, I just win far more than I lose. My win/loss record would back me up on that. How does yours hold up?

Shawn continues to watch skipping back and forth in no particular fashion...

Who dumps beer on people? Oh I don't know only every wrestler at some point in their career EVER? Have you even SEEN a wrestling event before? Even if you'd been living under a rock there is one guy you must have seen. Stone Cold Steve Austin ring a bell? Only one of the most successful champions to have lived? And for the record that fan got a beer voucher and a free Rixton Ruin T-shirt to mop up any spray so I think they're good. I mean they left the T-shirt on their chair but it's the thought that counts right?

Also do you really think I give a flying fuck about demographics? That's the producer's job... are you SURE you're not just Kevin Dunn in disguise? How did you hide those teeth?! What I care about is winning. This is WRESTLING it is a SPORT which people like me WIN and people like you LOSE. That's what it all boils down to. People will pay to see it. They always have done. That's what makes me a draw and has given me a job for life at IIW until I decide it's time to hang it up, years from now.

Shawn watches a last little bit and shakes his head in disbelief putting his phone back in his pocket.

Don't bitch and whine about having something “Taken from you”. You have to have OWNED something first to have it taken from you. I understand you're desperate to be a champion, to know what it feels like to feel that sweet success you lack so very very much. Unfortunately you picked the wrong way to get it. You're not going to own this championship. Shawn Taylor is going to OWN YOU.

You see Rixton it boils down to this. I am a WRESTLER. I am the BEST WRESTLER IN THIS DAMN COMPANY. I love this business. I bleed this business. This Sunday. The Incomparable Shawn Taylor is taking you to school. Not wrestling school I fear that would be wasted on you I am no miracle worker. But you will be educated on just what make a CHAMPION because frankly you wouldn't know one if it kicked you in the face... but you will.

For that is the actual REALITY the fans pay to see. They want to see who really CAN be a success in this business...

Shawn points to himself...

And who can merely “market” themselves as one, living vicariously through a well thought out, but so delicate false image they project of themselves to cover up so many inadequacies.

Think of me as cold rain of reality on your little mental bonfire. Think of me as your teacher. Think of me as your conqueror. Think of me as your CHAMPION.

Shawn walks out of the room as we fade to black.

Former IIW International Champion
IIW record holder for longest undefeated streak: 9-0
IIW record holder for longest title reign (International Title) - 55 days