Shawn Taylor Vs Jason Fenix Vs Rixton Ruin

Shawn Taylor Vs Jason Fenix Vs Rixton Ruin

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Shawn Taylor vs Jason Fenix vs Rixton Ruin

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The lights go out, plunging the arena into darkness. A blue glow rises from the screen and the ramp. “Carnivore” by Starset begins to play and as the first verse begins, flames begin to rise around the entrance and top of the ramp.


He stands staring at Shawn Taylor..he makes his way down to the ring as Shawn is staring him down Rixton Ruin sneaks up behind and rolls him up!




Rixton suddenly wakes up in a dark room one of in his family's vacation homes the middle of nowhere. It’s 3:27 in the morning, he’s still drunk for the night before and has with who knows who asleep and snoring besides him. Rixton has had this same nightmare every night since he was robbed of the IIW World Championship at the Make or Break PPV in Rome, Italy. It always ends on of two ways, it’s always after the pinfall, sometimes he’s celebrating his much deserved win, and the other times with what really happened. With Bob Mitchell’s forgotten son Blade Alexander interfering and costing Rix the match.

Rixton scans the room to find find the only liquid he drank since that day, Jack Daniels. After searching through probably twenty bottles he finds one with about one swig left in it. Rix sits a chair in the corner of the room and stares at the naked snoring machine in his bed. Not being able to deal with the awful thrum this woman is creating he wakes her to leave. He nudges her a few times before she awakes.

Rixton: Hey, time for you to go! Do you know you snore really fucking loud?

???: (The woman is also quite drunk and drooling on the pillow.) Huh? Where am I? (She comes to her senses and tries to flirt with Rixton.) Ohh, It you handsome, That was one hell of an evening?

Rixton: Sure, it was great, but know it’s time for you to go. I told you I had no intentions of you staying here tonight.

???: Well that’s not very nice Rixton Ruin! I poured you drinks for the last week, a lot of them free to be honest. The least you should do is be polite to me?

Rixton: I never once asked for any of those drinks and I left you a crisp Benjamin on the bar the last five nights. Fuck! I knew bringing you home would be an issue. (Rix mutters something to himself.) Please just get dressed and go. I’ll call you a Uber or something.

???: Fine, I’ll go! But I don’t need a cab, and what in the hell is an Uber? I knew my sister was right, she told me you are a womanizing asshat that didn’t deserve my cookies. I’ll just call her. Fuck off Rixton Ruin.

Rixton turns on the lights in the room revealing he’s stark naked. She abruptly gathers her things and leaves the cabin . She can be heard having an arguement with someone on the phone and crying. Rixton staggers back to the bed and falls back asleep.

The next morning to his phone his phone ringing. It’s an automated message from Alexa, the same call he’s gotten for the last three weeks since the PPV. But, today’s has a different message than usual. It states:

“Today’s date is September 1st and you need to wake yourself up and come back to Seattle, Rixton. Tomorrow is a very important day in the lives of the Ruin’s. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Ryleigh Jayne Ruin and Isabella Van Doren. You presence is expected and mandatory. Please contact Miss FortKnight and she will set up the jet to come get you. Thank you and I love you, Mom

P.s. Please come back, there’s a bet on if you will and I really want to win”

Rixton stares at the phone for a while swearing he will not follow the directions of his mother. But, in a moment of clarity he makes the call and makes him way back to Seattle for the big day.


Izzy is sitting with her sister, Bex, her nephew, Sammie, and her biggest fan, Paige, as they try to make sure the bride is calm and collected. Izzy has already ran through half a box of tissues because of her nervousness. Starr walks into the room, practicing his Man of Honor speech to himself. Skye has already reapplied Izzy’s makeup twice today and doesn’t want to keep doing it over. Starr can feel Izzy’s tension and he kneels over to Izzy and makes sure she has her breathing in check.

Starr: Don’t worry Iz. This ceremony is gonna be over with just like that. You won’t have to worry about a thing. I’ve-(Skye smacks Starr in the arm. She flashes him a smile.) ...We’ve got the reception covered. All you have to do is go out there, say your vows, kiss, and give each other rings.

Bex: That’s over simplifying it a bit, but yeah. You won’t even notice. And you’ll have me and Ian right next to you. We’re not gonna let anything ruin this day for you. Well you’ll be “Ruin”-ing it yourself! (Bex cackles at her silly pun. Starr and Izzy laugh along, but don’t find NEARLY as funny as Bex does.)

Starr: So… do you think you’re ready champ? (Izzy is silent as she keeps her fists balled up and is shaking.) Listen, (Starr gets down to Izzy’s eye level. He pulls out his Man of Honor speech for Izzy.) I know I’ve made some mistakes lately, but I’m here. I’m here for you and Ryleigh.

Izzy: Ian save your speech for the reception! I don’t wanna hear it yet.

Starr: You sure? Figured it might calm you down a bit. Oh well, your loss.

Paige: Mrs. Van Doren, if I could offer a suggestion…

Izzy: Please anything right now would help out so much.

Paige: Starr, why don’t you lead the room in a meditation?

Starr: Holy cow, why didn’t I think of that?

Bex: Wait you do that?

Starr: Yeah I do that! I do that before any match! Okay everyone get in a circle. (Everyone in the room grabs a chair and forms a circle.) Okay, now everyone grab hands. This is a group effort and everyone here is nervous. Well maybe not Sammie… Okay. I want everyone to breathe in for a count of 4, hold for 3, and release for 5. We’re gonna do this a couple times. So follow me.

Starr sits up and demonstrates how he usually sits as he does this exercise.

Starr: Breathe in...2....3....4..... Hold...2...3....exhale...2....3....4....5… Close your eyes. Breathe in… Hold… exhale… Roll your shoulders slowly forward and... back. Breathe in… Hold… Exhale... Relax your muscles. Observe your breathing. Sit quietly, seeing in your mind’s eye your breath flowing gently in and out of your body. Follow me, in… hold… out… As thoughts come in, they will, just let them and pass like a bird overhead and return your attention to your breathing. In… hold… out… (There is a pause as everyone follows along.) Now I want everyone to gradually reawaken, open your eyes, shrug your shoulders, wiggle your fingers and toes. I want everyone to repeat what I say on the count of 3, "I will get through this" Everyone ready… okay… 1… 2...3…

The room: I will get through this.

Starr: "This feeling will pass”.

The room: This feeling will pass.

Starr: And once you feel that you have achieved your inner peace, I want everyone, one by one, to say, "I am safe right now". (There is another pause as people keep taking deep breaths.) I am safe right now.

Paige: I am safe right now.

Bex: I am safe right now.

The room smile at each other as Izzy keeps taking breath after breath. Her grip tightens on both Starr and Bex’s hands. She lets go of her tension.

Izzy: I am safe right now...

Izzy smiles brightly as she wipes away a small tear that escaped from her eye. Izzy gives Starr, Bex, Paige, and Sammie big hugs and thanks them for being there.

In a room opposite the one Izzy is in we find the Ruin family. All of the member sans one, Rixton, are there to assist Ryleigh with her pre ceremony needs. Ryleigh is in her white wedding dress and sitting in the in the makeup chair wait for Skye to apply it for her. She looks around the room and when she makes eye contact with Reagan, her mother, she begins to cry.

Ryleigh: There’s only an hour left and he’s not here. You said he’d be here.

Reagan: He’ll be here, he arrived on the plane last night and went to the loft he has here in town. The security cameras showed him leaving his place an hour ago in a very nice suit. He’ll be here Ry.

Ryleigh: Why would he want to come mom. We screwed him by not helping at the PPV. DNA left him high and dry, I chose Ian over him. We left him in Europe. WHy would he want to come. I’m sure he hates me again. (Ryleigh cries even harder.)

Royce not wanting to see his little girl cry on her big day takes Reagan’s hand and they both hug Ryleigh in comfort.

Royce: (He cups Ryleigh face in his hands.) I spoke to him last night Ry-Ry. He assured me he’d be here. Rix is a lot of things but I’m sure he wouldn’t miss his sister wedding. I’ll gladly lose this bet for him to show up.

Ryleigh: Wait, there’s a bet? (She’s wipes eyes just as there’s a knock at the door.) Come in…

Skye: Ryleigh? You texted me? Is there anything I can do for you or your mom and pop?

Ryleigh: I’m ready for my face, that’s all. I just need a Skye special for the day I marry the most perfect woman in the world.

Skye: One Skye Special comin right up! Anything for the bride.

Royce: Well, I’ll leave you ladies to it. You look beautiful princess.

Ryleigh: Thanks daddy. I love you. (Royce leaves the room to makes sure the last minute preparations are set.)

Skye: (She begins applying Ryleigh’s makeup.) You doing okay in here, Ry? I heard crying from the door.

Ryleigh: Cause I’m really messed up over Rix. I really hope he shows up. How’s she doing over there?

Skye: She was a nervous wreck last time I checked. I think I heard Starr trying to fix it when I came over here.

Ryleigh: I wish I was nervous about this wedding. I’m more regretful for what we did to my brother.

Reagan: Honey, he’s a very forgiving man. The last I spoke to him he was concern about his actions as well. He even wants to apologize to Starr. I think the time away was good for him.

Ryleigh: Can we just get this over with? I need my lady, she always know what to say to bring me back to the light. And this is the longest I’ve been without her since we met.

Skye: It’s only been twelve hours, you’ll be with her soon. I’m gonna glam you up soooo good.

Ryleigh: Twelve hours too long! And I didn’t get laid last night! (The ladies share a laugh at Ryleigh’s expense.)

The time comes for the wedding ceremony to start and everyone takes their seats. There is a seat empty in the front row right next to Reagan for Rixton and it stays so through the entire ceremony. The time comes for the bride to kiss the bride and out the corner of her eye Izzy notices something that distracts her just for a second. Rixton is seen in the back of the setup of chairs sitting on a fountain in the back garden of the Ruin estate where the wedding is taking place. She whispers to Ryleigh to look, she lets out a slight gasp, smiles and plants a most appropriate kiss on her now wife’s lips. The official announces Mrs. and Mrs. Van Doren-Ruin to the guests and the two make their way down the to the back of the garden where Rixton is sitting. Ryleigh immediately let’s go of her wife’s hand and rushes to Rixton for a hug.

Ryleigh: Oh my god, oh my god, you’re here!

Rixton: (He smells the slightest bit like Jack Daniels.) I wouldn’t miss this for the world sis. No matter what comes between us you will always be my sister and I love you. You look beautiful today.

Ryleigh: I’m so sorry for not being there for you, Rix. I really am. I’d like to introduce to someone. This is my wife Izzy Van Doren-Ruin. (She reaches for Izzy’s hand.) She my wife Rix, how cool is that?

Rixton: That’s amazing for you two, Ry-Ry. And I was here the whole time, what a beautiful wedding ladies. Dad told me you were really worried about me.

Izzy: You had Ryleigh worried sick! (She punches Rix in the arm.) I was already nervous so I had more things to worry about. But I’m glad you made it. Good to have you back, Rix.

Rixton: Hey new sis, you know I need to make a grand entrance. Convention really isn’t my thing.

Ryleigh: We’re aware. (She rolls her eyes.) Will you come back to DNA with us?

Rixton: Let’s get you two to the reception and we’ll talk later?

Ryzzy: For sure!

Izzy: Oh hey we invited someone special for you bud.

Rixton: I know I’m not looking forward to seeing Bex later today. She might be the second Van Doren to punch me today.

Izzy: Oh I’m sure she will! But, it’s not her.

Just then as the guests are exiting the seated area Violet Frost can be seen walking towards the trio.

Izzy: Tada! We’ll leave you to it.

Ryzzy walks towards where the reception is taking place greeting their guests as the Van Doren-Ruin’s all the way there.

Rixton: Ummm, hey Violet. It’s good to see you again. How’s your break been?

Violet: It’s been… okay. Wish I would’ve known where you went though.

Rixton: That ending to the match really fuck me up Vi. I needed to clear my head and get some clarity. I’m sorry for not telling you.

Violet: I can imagine it did Rix, but rather than running away you could have come to a person that is starting to care about you.

Rixton: Oh yeah, I wasn’t aware I had someone like that. (Rix looks at the ground and back at Violet with a smirk.)

Violet: You know what Rixton Ruin, you are a bit of an asshole. But I like that about you, there’s something charming in it, really. You know what?

Rixton: What? (He still looks ashamed.)

Violet: Beyond my better judgement I’m going to give you a second chance.

Rixton: Why would you want to do that? I’m a broken man that doesn’t know how to act appropriately around anyone. What looks attractive in that?

Violet: Because you’re damn hot and I like to fix things. Your like that lost puppy that just needs love in his life to make them better.

Rixton: I suppose I do. I’m going to be a pain in the ass, you know that?

Violet: I’m aware, now come on broken man. We have a party to go to.

Violet and Rixton make their way to the reception area themselves to find the party in full swing. They go to the bar and get a drink before making their way to the head table where all of the family and DNA members are seated minus the brides who are still greeting their guests. Starr is given a microphone and begins the festivities as the Man of Honor is supposed to.

Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to welcome you all. I volunteered to be MC and Man of Honor tonight. And, if everyone is okay with it, I’m gonna go ahead and give my speech now. (The guests laugh a little as the two newlyweds take their seats.) So… Izzy, Ryleigh… You two have really helped me out so much. You two brought me to one of the most energetic women I’ve ever known. I can’t thank you enough for that. (He takes Skye’s hand and kisses it.) I can’t thank you specifically enough that I got to meet someone as intelligent, beautiful, and kickass woman as you, Iz. I’m so incredibly happy for you right now. Ryleigh, I haven’t known you for nearly as long, but you have become one of my best friends. When we met, Ryleigh and I HATED each other. (Ryleigh yells “He was trying to steal my lady!”) BUUUT then, I saw the real Ryleigh. The Ryleigh that Izzy sees. The kind and loveable Ryleigh. Ryleigh, you’re like a sister to me now. We fight like siblings, but we make up like siblings. You two are my ride or dies right now. Thank you for letting me be in charge of this. I can’t say how smart it was, BUT I’m done talking and I’m ready to get this party STARTED!!!!

After Starr finishes his speech dinner is served and the band plays the usual dance tunes that are played at weddings. But along with that they play some of the music near and dear to Izzy’s heart. Ryleigh has a nice slow dance with Royce. Izzy shares her family dance with Starr and Bex, but halfway through the three break from their slow dance the music picks up and the trio begin moshing to the delight of the guests. As the party begins to wind down, the members of DNA, Bex, Skye and Violet find time to talk. Paige is seen walking back to the party after putting Sammie to bed for the night.

Ryleigh: Guys I have to say it again, you are the best friends any two girls could ever ask for. Thank you so much for sharing this magical day with us.

Izzy: Thank you all for coming tonight. Starr, I know you gotta go, so I guess you’re excused. Paige, it’s been so fun to have you back in my life.

Starr: I hate to leave you all so quickly. I’m sure I’ll see you all soon though. I’m off to Full Intensity Wrestling for my debut!

Ryleigh: Is that the fed you we’re talking about having us come join?

Paige: Holy crap Starr! You wrestle for them too? Ry, if you get the chance you better join them.

Starr: Oh definitely! You, hell bring Iz with ya. We could all be a big travel family again!

Ryleigh: Well if they’ll have Ryzzy I think we be interested checking it out.

Starr: Gotta run! Thanks again for letting me borrow the jet, Ry! (Starr grabs Skye’s hand but he’s stopped by Violet.)

Violet: Oh and you can’t take Skye this time, luv. We’re having a girls day tomorrow and no boys allowed, well besides Sammie. (She winks at Skye.)

Skye: We’re gonna watch Disney movies and talk about boys!

Rixton: Then what in the hell am I to do. I’m by no means one of the girls. Hey Starr could I tag along?

Starr: I thought you hated me and I should go fuck off?

Rixton: Don’t live in the past bro, I was having a bad couple of weeks there and I’m sorry for that. Not to mention I had Fenix in my ear telling me I was better than you guys and I should move on. Man was he wrong. This family is exactly where I want to be and I’d love to be a part of DNA again if you all will have me?

Izzy: Rix, we never wanted you to leave!

Ryleigh: As long as you don’t kick him out again I’m good. Starr?

Starr: He’s fine by me. I’m willing to forgive you dude.

Ryleigh: And you know we have Justice too, he wasn’t able to make it. Had some convention to go to. And you know you have a match for the title at the next Mayhem right big bro?

Rixton: For the what title?

Ryleigh: The World Title!

Rixton: The World Title! Are you fucking kidding me?

Violet: She’s not kidding, luv. It with both Fenix and Taylor.

Rixton: Man, living off the grid you really lose a lot. How could this day get any better?

Violet: (She whispers in Rixton’s ear.) You could stay here and we could shag tonight?

Rixton: That would make it better. (Rix is clearly a bit drunk.) Sorry Starr, I’m going to have to let you go in this trip alone buddy.

Starr: Well, wouldn’t be the first time I’m flying alone.

Paige: I could come? I’ve never seen a FIW show before!

Starr: Paige, you really want to come on a plane with almost a total stranger just to fly and meet more total strangers?

Paige: None of you wrestlers are strangers to me, Starr. I’m kinda a wrestling superfan!

Starr: Heck yeah, me too!

Izzy: Are you sure the parentals would let you Paige?

Paige: Well it’s a DNA thing, right? My contract states that I’m allowed to go to any shows DNA deems necessary. This seems pretty necessary to me?

Ryleigh: It totally is, Paige. You better bring back some amazing art!

Starr: Oh I have some cool ideas for some gear I need designed.

Paige: This is going to be awesome!

Starr: Maybe you can help me with a certain commission I got asked to do.

Paige: Absolutely! Now you’re coming back tomorrow night, right?

Starr: That’s right, I’m doing the show and coming right back to Seattle right away.

Ryleigh: Then it’s settled, Paige goes with Starr and they put some work in on gear. You two have a blast!

Bex: Hey Rix, can I talk to you for a sec? (A collective “Ugh” can be heard from the group.) What? I’m not gonna hurt the guy.

Rixton: Sure Bex.

Bex: I just want you to know I’m not mad at you. Just a little sore. You never returned my calls after our first date and I thought everything was okay. Then I found out you were talking to Violet, and my heart sank. I-I thought I did something bad. I never wanted to hurt you Rix, you’ve been hurt way too much and I thought I could help, but I kinda just made everything worse.

Rixton: Nothing bad at all Bex, I’m so sorry I wasn’t more transparent with you Bex. The both of us are very vulnerable people right now. You have your broken marriage and I’m just broken in general. I never meant to hurt you if I did. You didn’t make anything worse for me, I promise. I really enjoyed our date, I really did. But with the job we do it’s hard to have a relationship with some outside of it. I hope you understand and you can punch me now? It’s what you Van Doren’s do. (He laughs.)

Bex: You’re lucky I really like her, like REALLY lucky. I’m not the violent type, that’s more Izzy’s motif. She’s the wrestler, I’m just the artist.

Rixton: You will find a really great guy that will love you and Sammie way better that my dumbass ever could. Any guys worth a grain of salt would be lucky to have you, Bex.

Bex slides in and give Rixton a hug and Rix returns the embrace. Izzy comes over and checks on the two of them.

Izzy: You two hashing it out alright? I was told there’d be punching.

Rixton: She refused to slug me. It was quite nice, a non-violent Van Doren! I didn’t know such a creature existed.

Bex: You know I only hit you, you butt. (She lightly punches Izzy’s shoulder.)

Rixton: Oh my, that’s the cutest punch I’ve ever seen. (He laughs rather hard.)

Ryleigh: (She and Violet approach the group.) Enough violence at our wedding! Well unless it towards captain disappearo over here.

Izzy: Bex started it!

Rixton: So now I really have a match for the title at Mayhem.

All of the ladies: YES!!!

Rixton: Well there’s no reason for shouting, I see that match in my dreams. I need to redeem myself of that horseshit decision the ref made. I beat Taylor, I pinned him 1,2,3 in the ring. I’m the World Champion. Well at least I should be! What other match are there on the card the we are involved in?

Violet: Starr and Justice have a tag team title match against-

Rixton: Wait… Taylor has to wrestle twice that night?

Violet: No, luv… They lost the titles to The Commander and Blade Alexander. Again, you really should have stayed in contact with us and you’d know these things.

Bex: This is why I really like her!

Rixton: Ohhh, Blade fucking Alexander, huh? I’m going to show that guy what The End looks like at some point. He’s the guy that cost me the match!

All of the ladies: We know!

Rixton: So the Bob Mitchell stooges are the IC and the Tag Champs. Who’d a thunk that? Well between Fenix Taylor and the BM guys it looks like DNA has their targets. What’s going on with you ladies?

Izzy: Ladies tourney to see who get to face me for the title. I haven’t been booked in a while and I kiiiinda gave Ry a small concussion. Still sorry about that.

Ryleigh: I’m good, I have my ImPACT Test next Wednesday and I’m sure I’ll be cleared. So Eri won the first and that bitch Lexi has a match against Bell this week. I’ve spoken to Blythe and if Lexi loses I get her next. She won’t be able to beat Eri, who is the cockiest person I ever met by the way. So I’ll be whooping that ass sooner than later.

Rixton: You ladies have just as much drama as us fellas do?

Violet: Well this is wrestling Rix, drama is kinda what you lot do?

Rixton: You have a point, but you guys know I won that match right?

All of the ladies: YES!!!

Izzy: Babe are you ready to get out of these dresses as much as I am?

Ryleigh: I thought you’d never ask, babe. Well bye, we have some of those wife duties to take care of!

Skye: Can I help with those? I don’t have a cuddle buddy tonight. (Skye gives a puppy dog eyed look.)

Ryleigh: Absolutely! You’re the ones that squeezed us in them?

The group disperses to the rooms they were assigned in the mansion. Ryzzy in Ry’s old bedroom, Bex to the room she, Sammie and Paige shared many times, while Rix and Violet ajourne to his bedroom in the estate. After helping the newlyweds disrobe Skye ends up spending the night with her iPad FaceTiming Starr and Paige during their whole flight to the FIW. It turned out to be an amazing wedding and the whole DNA band is back together. During the next week Rixton and Violet become much closer than before the break the IIW took.


Before the Mayhem in Madrid, the DNA crew sits down with their personal interviewer Violet for an episode of The Chill Spot.

Violet: Hello my name is Violet Frost and IIW fans, welcome to The Chill Spot. We are here in Madrid, Spain, and today we have my favorite guests the one and only Dawn of the New Age. There is much to talk about since our last meeting guys and where to start?

Izzy: Well I guess we should start the good news, huh?

Violet: Good news is always a good way to start a show I suppose. But, there’s actually a couple of good things that happened over our small hiatus. And they all stemmed around one event… The marriage of you and Ryleigh. It was a glorious event everyone I know because I was there.

Ryleigh: It was quite fun indeed Vi, I got to marry my bestfriend and soulmate all in one day. But, the most important thing that happened revolved are the return of my brother Rixton not only to the family but back to DNA. You know Violet he’s here and could come out and join us if you’d like.

Violet: Well, I suppose if he’d like to come out and join the party that would be okay. (She looks a bit sad. There’s an uncomfortable pause before Rixton enters the shot.) Hey, welcome to the show Rixton. How’s it going?

Rixton: (He just looks confused of why his girlfriend is acting so strange on camera.) Ummm… I’m just fine Violet. How are you today? Wait I already know because I drove here with you and the rest of the DNA crew. What are you doing... We’re an item now.

Violet: (She looks towards the floor and starts to giggle as she was trying to play a joke on the IIW Universe rather unsuccessfully.) Sorry IIW Universe, I tried to pull a fast one on you. Yes it’s true, Rixton and I are a couple and I couldn’t be happier to be with the next IIW Champion. Speaking of which, Let's go back to the Make or Break PPV and see what happened in the main event. (A video package of the title match plays showing all of the best spots and the very controversial ending.) From the looks of it, you won the match and between Jason Fenix and Blade Alexander they caused a no contest.

Rixton: That’s very true, so true that I can’t believe the footage that I just saw. To be honest, that’s the first time I’ve seen the match since it happened. You wanna know why… Because it plays like a movie in my mind every second of the fucking day! Taylor, I’m not sure who you have in your pocket or who you are pleasuring to get an outcome like that. Because I beat you, watch the footage and you see that I schoolboyed you and the ref completed a three count. In every other match I’ve ever seen that mean the guy who shoulder were on the mat lost. They weren’t this guys (He points towards himself.) that was on his back it was you, Shawn Taylor. But at the same time Jason Fenix had to stick his nose in our business. So, I think I win and slide out of the ring to celebrate and who do I find waiting for me? Not any of the DNA members, not Osh Vaughan to award me MY World Championship belt, no I find the IIW’s biggest jobber’s boyfriend Blade Alexander staring at me like he’s never seen a world champ before. So I was all amped up and try to rush the dude. He’s way fresher than I am and blocks my shot at him and gives me his crappy finishing move. At which the ref, which already awarded me a three count stops the match and calls it a no contest because there was multiple interferences. This really happened in real fucking life. (Rixton is getting rather worked up towards the end of the story.)

Izzy: Whoa... Slow down big bro. We all know what happened and I don’t think anyone in this room would say you’re wrong. The evidence was on the screen for everyone to see.

Rixton: Sorry, I just get really worked up when I think about that crap.

Violet: No worries… Tonight DNA is involved in matches that involve all of the players that were involved in one way or another. What are your thoughts on that?

Rixton: Well after the PPV Shawn Taylor and Jonny C were contracted to defend their Tag Team Titles and lost to none other than the Bob Mitchell guys The Commander and Blade Alexander. My DNA brothers Starr and Justice affectionately know as JuStarr, won the chance to face them tonight for those Tag Team Titles. I fully expect for them to be able to beat the Mitchell boys, but that certainly does not take the little one off of my radar. Blade, you and I have a talking to be had buddy. You cost me the match and now you’re on the Rixton Ruin shit list! After those two beat the crap out of you tonight you and will have that talk in a couple of weeks. So that brings me to Jason Fenix. Jason, Jason, Jason… You won the right to face the winner of Taylor and I because you won a number one contenders match. Most of the time that means that the guy or girl… Waits until they are scheduled for said match not in the middle of a already running title match. Now I know you’re the guy that years ago did whatever he wanted with that doormat Michael Hunter. But this isn’t that time and Hunter is certainly not by your side to do your bidding. So I really don’t know why you inserted yourself into the match and cost me the title. I know I’m on your shit list, well guess what pal you the second one on mine.

Violet: You left one person out of your triade, Rix. What about Shawn Taylor?

Rixton: I didn’t leave him out Vi, I was merely thinking how I was to address him. But to be honest I kinda think this starts a little higher that Shawn Taylor. I think this goes all the way back to Osh Vaughan himself. You see Miss Frost, some of us in the IIW have different privileges than others here in the IIW. Now, I’m not talking about the regular ones that any champion gets or hell even deserves. I’m also not talking about the ones that can be bought like we in DNA can afford. I’m talking about the very simple and very concise rule of the game and frankly some people those rules simply do not apply to. I pinned him. I pinned him before the ref noticed that any of the interference happened and I won. Period! It doesn’t get any more plain than that. The ref should have called for the bell because the match was over. It’s not like I was aligned with any of the players that interfered in the match. Not one of my DNA member were involved. I was screwed. Period! So, Shawn… Now you get to live Groundhogs Day pal, just like Bill Murray. We will keep doing this over and over again until the wrong gets righted and the title that you do not deserve is around its REAL owner’s waist. It's that easy, Violet. I’m the champ and he’s not. Tonight will only be an encore for the fans to see me beat the piss out of two men instead of one. That's really all I have to say about that so let's talk about some of the other developments involving my fellow DNA members and call it a day?

Violet: I think you’ve said all that is necessary and now we just need to have this match for the ages.

The rest of the interview is centered around the tag team match and the issues that Ryzzy has with the ladies in the women’s division. Rixton sits back and enjoys watching her lady conduct the show only commenting as needed or when asked. He seems pleased and relieved to have gotten the weight of the match off of his chest. After the show ends, he prepares for war and will settle for nothing than victory in his coming battle.

Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
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17 Sep 2017, 23:19 #3

We're in a darkened room, at an unknown location. All is quiet when suddenly some writing is superimposed onto the screen


A voice starts to speak through the darkness

The theme of today's lesson, is as you can see... madness.

The voice appears to be of none other than IIW World Champion, the recently elusive, Shawn Taylor.

You see... Webster's dictionary contains various definitions of the word. This evening, we shall be looking at 3 of these, in no particular order, and how they might apply to a particular IIW wrestler. I of course refer to the ever off topic, Rixton Ruin.

White writing begins to appear on the screen again

1. A state of intense anger or “rage”

Well... I think this one speaks for itself don't you? Mr Ruin is certainly an angry young lad these days. Kids today I mean honestly. They see something they don't like and go running for their “safe space” claiming life isn't fair and the whole world isn't pandering to their every whim. Welcome to the real world Rix. I have to hand it to you for fulfilling the millenial stereotype to a tee however, because not only are you up in arms over the slightest social injustice and seeking approval for this thin act you put on like it's your real life, the injustice that has apparently irked you, doesn't even exist! So irked are you in fact, that you even went to extreme measures to get your way, again over a non existent problem...

But we'll get to that...

The writing changes

2. A state of severe mental illness

Indeed. Once again the evidence points starkly towards our little ball of self entitled reality tv wanabee, enhancement talent Rixton Ruin...

That's right I said enhancement talent.

But what I hear you all ask, shows Rixton to have a severe mental illness?

Well there's a number of factors. I mean the biggest has to be... well the delusions.

They're getting out of hand now. I think when you pay people to be around you to then become characters in your little soap opera which you think passes as a wrestling promo, then there is an issue. As you have all seen, this is exactly Rixton's little niche. I mean let's face it the woman he pays to “interview” him, now apparently sleeps with him! Come on that's an escort service no matter what way you spin it! I ain't judging man, but let's call it what it is. Let's face it, given the NSFW material I've seen your sister allow herself to be involved in for the seedier corners of, it's certainly a recurring theme in the Ruin family.

The delusion issue sorta bleeds into the other symptom which is an INABILITY TO READ

I mentioned before that there is some big nonexistant issue that Rixton is crying about. Well somehow he's got it into his head that he beat me for the IIW world title. I mean the absurdity of that scenario aside, let's have a look at the transcription of the match available to the public at You might recognise PART of it from Rixton's “dream” he just so happened to be having ON CAMERA

The writing appears on the screen...

The lights go out, plunging the arena into darkness. A blue glow rises from the screen and the ramp. “Carnivore” by Starset begins to play and as the first verse begins, flames begin to rise around the entrance and top of the ramp.


He stands staring at Shawn Taylor..he makes his way down to the ring as Shawn is staring him down Rixton Ruin sneaks up behind and rolls him up!




Now that's the bit Rixton allowed you to see, but for someone who tries to accuse others of politicking their way through the business (although he put it far less articulately) he certainly does have a knack for using information, quotes or otherwise completely out of context. Let's look at the NEXT PARAGRAPH shall we?

Rixton rolls out and starts celebrating! Till he turns around and notices it wasn’t the 3rd count he heard but the referee getting taken out as the returning figure of Blade Alexander stands tall.

There is confusion all around about what has happened. Rixton quickly advances towards Blade Alexander 

ORIGINAL SIN….Blade Alexander takes out Rixton Ruin… Jason Fenix upon noticing this rushes down to the ring and jumps up to the side. Shawn sees him coming and EXCL…no! Fenix ducks it! He grabs Shawn Taylor… REBIRTH!

Both competitors are down in the middle of the ring as Jason Fenix and Blade Alexander stare each other down….

There is the sound of a bell being heard as the recovered referee has called for the bell…he rolls out of the ring where he goes to speak to the ring announcer

Melanie Jackson – The referee has ruled this match NO CONTEST!

That was probably more information than was nessesary to make my point but for the sake of not taking things out of context there it is. There was no 3 count you dolt. I can understand someone reading that and making the mistake but YOU. WERE. THERE. You even noticed what had went on yourself! There was no three count, there was only outside interference and a no contest.

So there you have it, a non existent problem evoking such an extreme reaction. I mean I got laid out too, I am not in the least bit happy with the outcome of that match, not having any control over it, good or bad, something which is becoming a theme of recent times but cest la vie.

And finally....

3. behavior or thinking that is very foolish or dangerous or “Extreme folly”

Really I should think this one is obvious. You have this idea that somehow you're already champion because you misheard a person crashing to the mat for a slap of the referee's hand... and that somehow this match is a full gone conclusion. Coming up against me, as I have proven time and time again is probably the best definition of “Extreme folly”

It's foolish to think that you can beat me and become champion. It's foolish to think that you could ever be World Champion over me. Not only is it foolish it's dangerous... because that kind of thinking is going to get you hurt... REALLY hurt. This world champion is going to take you to school. It's a triple threat match but my focus is on you. I think you need to start thinking about tomorrow and what you're going to do because I'm worried Rixton.

I'm worried that another superkick making you fall from that pedastal you put yourself on might just deepen your already considerable descent...


The word MADNESS appears on the screen in big white letters and we zoom out to find it's the big entrance screen in the empty arena ready for IIW mayhem less than 24 hours from now. Shawn Taylor is stood on the stage.

Rixton Ruin, Jason Fenix, Welcome to my world. It's not a hotel room set, it's not a family marriage sponsored by OK magazine, it's not in a text message exchange with Osh Vaughan. It's the WRESTLING ARENA. That place this is all supposed to be about remember?

Well. Thanks to Jonny C losing the tag team championships.. (seriously guys look at the footage I carried that guy's ass but i'm no miracle worker)... you now have to deal with a singularly focused Shawn Taylor.

You can bitch and moan about this all you want, you can threaten to quit to get yourself put into title matches, which by the way everybody knows you did. You try and can record another big long episode of “The days of our RUINed lives” and tack a very short 30 second promo on the end of it. Seriously I watched that and had to skip 80% of it, I think in that I missed one PASSING MENTION of the match? Not the way we do it here Rixton. Jason's been round the block here he knows the score, even if he is quiet. You'll both get that competition you apparently crave, but not the win you so need. Go on I dare you, bitch to Osh all you like, the World Championship is staying with Shawn Taylor.

The Shawn Taylor who doesn't need to be around for 3 weeks and is still better than you.

The Shawn Taylor who can say more in one promo than you have in your entire “career”

The Shawn Taylor who long after you've ridden off thinking the IIW will crumble without you, will carry the place as I and others have always done.

The Shawn Taylor who will give you a reason to hand in your notice, and then to not rescind it even when an easy route to a false sense of success presents itself.

The Shawn Taylor who does not need Jonny C, does not need a stable and certainly does not need Osh Vaughan to be the best..

The Champion...

The incomparable... Shawn Taylor.

Shawn extends his arms as we fade to black

Former IIW International Champion
IIW record holder for longest undefeated streak: 9-0
IIW record holder for longest title reign (International Title) - 55 days