Shawn Taylor

Shawn Taylor

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Osh Vaughan
The Whole F'n Show
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Wrestlers Name "The Incomparable" Shawn Taylor

Height 6'0", 227lbs

Hometown Newcastle England

Alignment? FACE

Finishing Move The Exclamation Point (Superkick)

Entrance Music? My Hero by The Foo Fighters

Wrestler Style Technical/high flyer

Basic Move List [10 Moves Minimum] Vicious DDT
Crossbody from Top Rope
Springboard Dropkick
Swinging Neck Breaker
Flying Forearm
Over-The-Top-Rope Plancha
Asai Moonsault

Gender? Male

Entrance Description The lights do dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope.

Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, to some cheers from the female fans, as he waits for his opponent...

Wrestler History In IIW's Last Incarnation, The Incomparable Shawn Taylor was the longest ever reigning international champion, and had the longest undefeated streak of 9 consecutive matches!

Shawn now returns with IIW his eyes set on higher goals and doesn't intend on letting anything or anyone stop him.