Sean Raines

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Sean Raines

Sean Raines
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Sean Raines

Pic Base: Raven

Height: 6'1


Theme Music: Freak by Silverchair

Hometown: Aurora, IL

Style: By any means necessary


Sig Move: Dead Soul (Sitdown Powerbomb)

Finish Move: Last Light (Camel Clutch done as a Rear Naked Choke)

Gimmick: Lost And demented soul, not knowing where to go or how to fit in.
He enjoys the suffering of others as a way to bond with them with the internal demons he has.

History: Sean and his brother Marcus grew up fighting for all they had. An absent mother and abusive brother brought the boys to realize they only had each other to count on. As the boys got older, they grew away from society, becoming very distant to the normal outside world. They only depended on each other to survive.

Around the age of 18, and in need of money the boys started wrestling with a small Indy company in the eastern states. Sean and Marcus quickly became known as one of the most ruthless and sadistic tag teams on the circuit. Having a growing fan base they quickly escalated to the violence required in the wrestling industry at the time. They stuck together throughout their career leaving a trail of blood wherever they went.

The loss of their own company to a two faced business partner sent the boys into the shadows for a few years until invited to IIW by Osh. Their first run was violent but tragic struck when Marcus was killed in a car accident, leaving Sean alone once again. He again disappeared into the shadows. Returning one more time heading the former XCA faction. After the close out of IIW Sean left the industry. With his whereabouts unknown he didn't really have to worry about dealing with people again, until now.

Once again Sean Raines returns. Stronger, wiser and more lost than ever before. With nothing to lose he heads into this chapter with a twisted head, psychotic tendencies and a sever lack of a soul or companion, Sean is still searching for the reason of life. And a way to fit in, he only has his mind and the pain to try to relate to.

"The Lost Soul" Sean Raines