Rixton Ruin Vs Geeno Steels Vs Shawn Taylor

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Rixton Ruin Vs Geeno Steels Vs Shawn Taylor

Osh Vaughan
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Osh Vaughan
The Whole F'n Show
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01 May 2017, 17:00 #1

Rixton Ruin vs Geeno Steels vs Shawn TaylorWorld Title No.1 Contenders

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09 May 2017, 05:00 #2

***Scene opens with Dj Scratch mixing music and Stan hits the stage***

Stan: Yo Dj you know what to do

***Dj drop the instrumental to Geeno and Stan's Single "Hot Ones"***

Stan: Yeah..... We the Hot Ones

Crowd: Hot Ones!!!!

Stan: Hot Ones!!!

***Geeno hits the stage while the chours is being performed***

Geeno and Crowd: Hot ones!!!!

Geeno: Cause we are on a mission, competition better run!

We the Hot Ones

Stan: Hot Ones!!!

Geeno: Hot Ones!!!

Crowd: Hot Ones!!!

Stan: They have no ammunition, only decision is to run!

We the Hot ones!!

Geeno: Hot ones!!

Stan: Hot ones!!

Crowd: Hot ones!!

***Geeno is hesitant to start his first verse to the song and takes a long 10 second pause as he looks out to the crowd***

Geeno: DJ Scratch........ stop that shit for a second

**Dj stop the record with a sudden record scratch**

Geeno: Ayo who here wants to play a game?

Crowd: YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geeno: Aight this is how its going to go, i'm a true MC not one of these mumble rappers, so we going to switch the beat and i'm going to freestyle
of the top of the head yo heeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddd!!!!!

***Crowd Cheers**

Geeno: Thats not all, i'm going to have stan go into the crowd and have him go to random people and every 8 bars i want you to yell a person, place or thing and
i have to rap about what ever you say aight? So yah ready?



**Crowd goes even louder**

Crowd: YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Geeno: Dj..... Drop a beat

**Dj Drops the Notorious B.I.G- Who Shot Ya Instrumental as stan goes out to the crowd and points the mic at a man**

Geeno: Give the subject bro


Geeno: Thats easy, I said yo...

**Geeno puts the mic to his mouth and begins**

Geeno: I get two checks, one for this, and IIW/
i got cars, clothes, jewlery,
so i don't talk to you bum dudes/
Money talks you should listen
much to your expense/
You broke so when you talk
it makes no sense(Cents)/
Money don't grow on trees/
i know i look like a G,
Shiiiiiittt it looks like it grows on me/


***Stan apporaches a girl and puts the mic to her while Geeno is still rapping***

Fan 2: Candy Bars!!

***Geeno Laughs and gets to business

Geeno: She said candy bars, let me get that/
i guess ill rap 4 bars like a kit kat/
I bet she loves my milky way, so her i may lay/
she goes down like may day, feels good like a pay day/
Im on a diet so candy bars im a drop it/
yo stan pick a person, its on to the next topic?

***Crowd cheers***

*** A guy approaches Stan and Says...***

Fan 3: I got one

Stan: What is it?

Fan 3: Rixton Ruin!

***Geeno smirks***

Geeno: Ok..... i said yo......

Geeno: I guess i'll talk about this trash called Rixton Ruin/
My signature wig wam will leave Rixtion Ruin/
He's a sissy and i really think he's bi/
Cause he admitted to being inseparable with a guy/
I don't know about you, but i think thats strange/
So i have no choice but to bring you pain/
You did time for assualt and battery, something ain't clickin to me/
You did 4 years and some days, that sounds like snitching to me/
You used a deadly weapon, you was chirping like a cockatoo/
You snitch bitch, you probably hand wash socks and took a cock or 2/
This is for all the real thugs that are living life behind the cell/
So on Monday Mayhem im going to bring you hell...

***Stan cuts him off***

Stan: WOWOWOWOAHhhhhhhh easy bro i got another subject from another fan with me..

***The fan grabs the mic***

Fan 4: Shawn Taylor

Stan: You guys are hold up huh!

***Geeno cuts Stan off***

Geeno: I got this... yo...

Geeno: He the number one contender, but he's boring watching him is a struggle/
He's the type to be at his moms funeral, look at his phone and start to chuckle/
I beat wrestlers up, and i know you seen me/
You a chump, and a grown man that says shit like meanie/
You gonna lose to me then lose to corey too/
You gonna be a number one contender till you 42/
You have Rixton tendencies, as a man you a B/
cause when the cameras are on, you get caught stairing at your knees/
He's not a bull like me, this man is just a sheep/
boring guy, i bet you put insomniacs to sleep/
Your existance in wrestling is where i have a damn prob/
If your girl sucks as bad as your promos.... well then ill just get a handjob!

***Geeno throws the mic in the crowd and the crowd goes crazy, Geeno helps Stan get back on stage. Stan then lifts Geeno's arm then points at him as the scene fades while the crowd chants "Geeno"***

Rixton Ruin
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Scene One:


We see Harold Bishop the IIW head referee pop to his feet and exclaims that Rixton Ruin has become the NEW Hardcore Champion as he hands Rixton the belt. Perplexed by what happened he looks for the man in the black hoodie who has given him such a strange gift. Rix walks up the corridor to find just the person he was looking for still laughing from his handy work.

Rixton: Hey there buddy I think you dropped this. (Rixton holds up the Hardcore belt)

There is no audible response from the unidentified Robin Hood besides laughing. He gets up from the production case he was sitting on taking a few steps back from the new champion. He points the sledgehammer he has in his possession as if he is mimicking Babe Ruth in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series. Lets out another very strong belly laugh and blast the belt right out of Rixton's hands as it skitters down the hallway. Completely shocked by the actions of the mysterious man Rix fails to react before the man disappears in to the mass of backstage hands laughing to himself the whole way. Rixton stops one of the workers to inquire him of who the man that did these things was.

Stage Hand: Uh really?........That is ummmm Michael Hunter. He's kinda a legend around here.

Even more confused now Rixton thanks the guys and makes his way to where the belt landed. He picks up the title that looks like its had its best days behind it and continues his investigation of his surroundings with the his new prize slung over his shoulder.

Scene Two:

A few minutes later Ruin is approached by a rather attractive woman stating that she is the production assistant for the online reporter Ste Davies. She asks if Rix could come and give an interview for the internet fans. He agrees and they make there way to the IIW social media center.

Ste: Oh great you got him. (The assistant shakes her head excitedly.) Welcome Rixton we are going to usethe newest form of interaction with the IIW universe, Facebook Live.

Rixton: Okay, what do I have to do?

Ste: You just be you and I'll take care of the rest. Oh and congrats on winning the HC Belt. You'll have a constant target on your back now.

Rixton: Do you think that where I come from this is something I'm not used to?

Ste looks nervous for a moment before saying.

Ste: Not at all, just a heads up. (He chuckles.) So lets get started! This will run just like any other interview besides we will be taking questions directly from the IIW universe with no filter. Feel free to answer any questions you find in the chat as well as any I ask of you.

Rixton shakes his head in agreement and the Facebook Live broadcast starts.

Ste: And we are live...Hello Facebook friends Ste Davies here with none other than the newly crowned IIW Hardcore Champion Rixton Ruin! So lets get the questions rolling. That was a very impressive win in your debut match here in the IIW.

Rixton: That's right they fed that joker The Commander to me, gave me five minutes. I only needed to borrow two of those minutes and the rest is history. And then some guy called Michael Hunter fed me that joker again which lead me to winning this. (He sets the Hardcore title belt on the table.)

Ste: It seems like Michael Hunter choose you to win the belt from what I heard. Are you and Hunter acquainted?

Rixton: Nope not at all never even met the guy until an hour ago.

Ste: Alright he we go the question are coming in now. We'll start with an easy question from IamDiSTONER420 - Hey Rixton what's your favorite band or music?

Rixton: Wow haven't thought about that in a while...Well before I went in the can Big D and I were really into this band Sirens and Sailors. I listen mostly to metal and the heavier stuff.

Ste: Right on, here's another from JonnyF'NC4Me – Do you think you can win the World Title?

Rixton: Is that a serious question Ste? (Ste shrugs.) Okay I'm gonna tell you that I came here for two things. One to wreak havoc on the IIW with my best friend Big D and the second is to win championships. Looks like I've started the latter pretty well?

Ste: Speaking of “Big D” does he have a real name because it's gonna be pretty hard to find a friend with just a nickname like that?

Rixton: Of course I know his name Ste. Do you take me for an idiot? None of the men on the roster have the same I knew Big D as so that's not a help but thanks Ste, I would have never figured that out by myself. (Rixton almost rolls eyes out of his head.)

Ste: Sorry for stating the obvious. But lets continue with the questions, here's one from DaDonDaMan – Hey Ruin U gonna answer da verbal slaying dat my main man Geeno put on U?

Rixton looks clueless.

Rixton: What in the hell is he talking about?

Ste: So Geeno Da Man is also a hip hop artist of sorts and at his latest performance he made up a freestyle about you and your other opponent Shawn Taylor.

The assistant proceeds to show the fan made video of the concert.

Rixton: Am I to be impressed that he rhymed my name to my name. It was kinda creative to be able to rhyme the same words to one another? Can you play my part again? (The assistant plays the rap about Rix again. He listens very intently.) So here we go Da Don. You thought you were going to clown me with a rap about me looking for my best friend my brother from another mother and you are so insecure I'd have to be gay, Right. So you pulled a Nickle at Elmira for using a piece to take what wasn't yours and I'm somehow a snitch. I hate repeating myself but I was setup and DIDN'T SNITCH on anyone for defending myself. You see Geeno I'm the guy that no one fucked with while I was in the cage. And you look like one of the June Bugs that the Wolves would have there way with. I thought I made that joker I faced last week my example but I just found a new candidate for THE YOU DON'T FUCK WITH RIXTON RUIN message. But I guess I was wrong. I thought seeing that we shared a common bond with having our freedom taken against our will you'd play it cool. You know how this works now I'm gonna have to Take Flight on your punk ass to make that my statement clear to the IIW. I'll make this really easy for you Geeno if you think you're froggy I know just the pond for you. It will be under the bright lights where my deadly weapons aren't so illegal. (Rix shows his fists to the camera.) So I think you might wanna bring something else besides those Benjamin's to the ring this time. Be it that piece you got busted with, your brother, shit bring your DJ too cause none of them are going to help you now joker. (Rixton clearly looks on edge.)

Ste: Okay Rixton lets take a break from the harder questions for a sec.

Rixton: Nope to late for that I like to answer the statement from ShawnTaylorGurl143 – My man's gonna kick your ass!!! (Rix takes a deep breath) And as far as Shawn Taylor I think it's just gonna be wrong place wrong time for you bud. You see Geeno has made this against my manhood and I will destroy anything or anyone in my way of showing this joker a lesson. Aren't you the number one contender for the lesser belt anyways. It's the International Championship, right? I notice that you've held that title before for like 55 whole days. Is that supposed to be impressive? When you get to the big boys table let be know I'll show up to welcome with open arms. Just because you've been an underachiever for a long time doesn't make you a legend either. You see, I have you two jokers to put in my rear-view on my path to owning even more gold here. (He slams the HC Title on the desk.) Then I'll get to face a real legend like Jonny C for the IIW Heavyweight Championship. Oh and if your looking for a sport to play I suggest tennis, bowling, golf you know something with less fists. Maybe you just haven't found you calling yet? There might be a World champ just waiting to come out of you in something else like mediocrity!

I'm sorry Ste I think I'm done here. I got to go see who this man that gave me this gift is
(Picks up the HC belt.) a REAL legend like Michael Hunter. And as far as you two jokers...I'll see you in the ring!

Ste: Well that ended abruptly...I for one can't wait till Monday Night Mayhem to see how this and all the other number one contender matches pan out!

Rixton leaves without saying goodbye to do just as he said...To seek out Michael Hunter.

Scene Three:

We find Hunter and Ruin is one of the locker rooms looking at a laptop computer.

Rixton: Are you sure we should do this? Mr. Vaughan going to be pissed.

Hunter: That's the plan!

When the camera focuses on the computer screen you see Hunter pointing at an Ebay posting for the IIW Hardcore Championship belt. The buyout is 1$. They both laugh very loudly.

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***Scene opens up in a iiW fan fest in Las Vegas,Nevada where there is a big fan fair. Geeno and Stan are hosting. Geeno and Stan both at a custom table with a big iiw Monday Night Mayhem banner directly behind them, and other tables with a podium in a press conference set up. Geeno and Stan are signing autographs.***

Geeno: Hi sweet heart is your name?

***The girls is in shock***


Geeno: Hi Jessica who do i make this out to?

***Jessica puts her hand over her mouth and starts to slightly shake and go into tears.***

Fan Jessica: Me DUH!!! Oh my god i can't belive its you!!!!

***Geeno Signs the autograph and puts a circle with a slash with Rixton Ruin's and Shawn Taylor's name in the middle.***

Geeno: Here you go honey.

Fan Jessica: Thank you so much can i have a picture with you guys.

Geeno: Aight

***Geeno, Stan and Jessica take the picture.***

Fan Jessica: By babies i love you! Good luck with your match..... KICK THEIR ASS FOR ME!

***Geeno and Stan Laugh***

Geeno: Aight

***The line moves up 2 steps as the next fan comes up.***

Fan George: YO!

***The fans opens his hands then crosses it and stands in a pose, George is wearing and Stan and Geeno shirt with a fake chain and a ring. Geeno and Stan Laugh.***

Geeno: Yo! Whats good homie, whats your name brova?

Fan George: George.

Stan: Yo come here for a second George.

***George walks up to Stan, while Stan reaches in his pocket and pulls out a diamond tester. George face lights up and starts to get nervous.***

Fan George: Wa wa whats that fo for?

***Stan reaches over and grabs the chain and puts the tester around the chain. Geeno and Stan looks at the machine.***

Both Geeno and Stan: WAAAAAAAA!

Stan: Give me the chain.

***The fan gives Stan the chain with a unhappy face. Stan puts the chain in the bag.***

Geeno: Wow man its aight......but you know you ain't gettin a autograph right?

Fan George: But why?

Stan: Cause me and G decided that if we shining..... You shining

***Both Geeno and Stan take there Name Chains off and gives it to the fan.***

Fan George: Yo yah the best.

Geeno: We know but just make sure you take care of those chains aight.

Stan: If not..... where going to find you and punch you out those chains.

***Geeno laughs***

Fan George: YO thats cool i will.

***Fan walks off excited while the project manager walks up to the table.***

PJM: Hey guys next your due for picks for promotional use then where going to have a live press conference where you give your statments and answer questions.

Geeno: Cool

Stan: Aight.

***Both men get up while security backs up the crowd in back of the barracades. Geeno and Stan take picks while the PJM hits the podium.***

PJM: Hey ladies and Gentlemen are YOU HAVING FUN!!!!!

***Crowd Cheers***

PJM: ALRIGHT!, with out further or due give it up for the man that will face Rixton Ruin and Shawn Taylor this Monday at iiw's Bi-Weekly episodic t.v show Mayhem....
acompanied by his brother Stan Da Man, Geeno Da Doooooooooooooooooon Steeeeeeeeeeeeellllls. Geeno walks up with his bro.


***Crowds Cheers***

Stan: Whats good.

***Crowd Cheers***

Geeno: Yo i don't know why im here when i already know that you guys are gonna watch the show or go to the event cause yah love this business just like me.

***Crowd Cheers***

Geeno: But then yet again there is people in this business like Shawn Taylor.

***Crowd Boos with alot of heat***

Geeno: He walks around iiW talking crap like....

***He puts on Shawn Taylor voice***

Geeno: Ive been in this business for years, u don't have to have a belt to show your a champion, your blind by a symbol, you play to the fans,
i know everything thats why i try to sound like i know what im talking about. BLAH BLAH!...........................BLAH!

***Crowd Cheers***

Geeno: You are the most blan, milk toast, mediocre, under achieving, icy hot wearing, set skipping, non factor this business has got to offer,
and you right i am blind cause when i woke up in the morning, looked in the mirror and put my chain on i blinded myself.
so with you out the way im going to get to Rixton Ruin!

***Crowd Mixed between Cheers and Boos***

Geeno: I got up this morning to a notification on my facebook and it was from the solomonster sounds off fb group with a link with your responce to my freestyle.

***Crowd oooowwwwws***

Geeno: So i told my assistant to send that man a c.d cause i know he enjoyed that!

***Crowd Laughs***

Geeno: Insecurities? ME? HA! Look at me! I got a $8000 dollar outfit on, i came here in my old 2015 Fully Loaded Red Candy Paint Range Rover, and i just gave away 70k chain
that was just around my neck! I got nothing to worry about. I got women, money, and all of the women in your family's attention.

***Crowd Cheers***

Geeno: Listen chump, you want to be an outsider, a degenerate, a man of wisdom but to me your a man of dumbness, a man of unfasion,
a man that hides in dark places with your boyfriend that im gonna also beat up if he gets in my way. You talk im some blinded fool that can't look in the mirror... You right, cause when i was puting my jewelery on this morning i said damn i can't look at myself in the mirror. So nice I had to say it twice, did you see that chain I gave away though? Nice right?

**Crowd Cheers and laughs**

Geeno: So if you did'nt know im a symbol of greatness. I will get through both of you to get to the ultimate prize in this business and that's the iiw Championship, you old senile peice of excuse for a wrestler, panty wearing, commander loving sissy.

***Crowd Cheers***

Stan: You and Shawn are a hot mess.

***Geeno laughs***

Geeno: Yo PJM whats ur name?

PJM: Sarah Mcfarland

Geeno: You can open it up for questioning.

PJM/Sarah: Ok first question.

Jefferey: Hi Geeno im Jefferey Turner from Wrestlingslamnews.com.

Geeno: Whats up?

Jefferey: How do you feel about this triple threat match at Mayhem and your chance at becoming the iiw champion?

Geeno: How do i feel? I feel good as hell, i got Shawn Taylor that cuts promos in a gym, skips sets and lifts with his mouth... and then i got Rixon Ruin.... need i say more? The Most influential, highly regarded, future hall of fame, amazing, and one of the greatest superstar ever to come out........ of the LGBT community.

***Crowd laughs***

Geeno: Next question?

Henry: He Geeno im Herny Smith from sayitall.net first off i would like to say welcome back to the squared cirle and im also a big fan along with my son.

Geeno: Thank me

***Crowd laughs***

Henry: HAHA! Ahhh first question i would like to ask is what made you come back to the Wrestling, and does Rixton pose any threat to you?

Geeno: I always wanted to come back i just had a couple issues i had to take care of before i could make a come back to the place i love the most and that's the four sided piece of heaven. Well as for your second question not at all, like i said before i respect his skill level...... not really i'm better in everyway possible. You quys know me i fear no man so as far as me being threaten not at all. Did you guys forget this was a Triple Threat MAtch? Ha! I really don't blame you cause i think Shawn put himself to sleep.

Stan: Werd Up!

***Crowd laughs then Geeno laughs right behind them.***

PMJ/Sarah: Last question before we close the questioning.

Fred: Hey G im Fred Childs from Truhiphopradio.com and 102.1 Tru Radio.

Geeno: Whats Good Fred

Fred: Whats up, G my first question is when are u gonna drop your next hip hop album?, and what is your goal being in the iiW?

Geeno: Im actually working on my album as we speak but im doing it slowly cause my work schedule is crazy but it will be out be the end of november,
and my goal is pretty much to be the best and have fun doing it. I would say my first goal is to beat Yawn Taylor, and Dicks in Ruin.

***Crowd Laughs***

Fred: Thank you and good luck!

PJM: Thank you all for coming Geeno and Stan. Before we go guys any last words?

Stan: Yeah Sarah may i have your number?

***Sarah laughs***

Sarah: We'll talk

Geeno: Don't forget to watch iiw's Monday Night Mayhem , call your cable provider for the info, forget about your car note and rent, make sure you pay your cable bill and watch your boy beat on these weirdos. You know i am what they're not cause Shawn Taylor and Rixton Ruin ARRRRRRREEEEE!.......

Crowd: Dun 4!

***Crowd Cheers as the scene fades out.***

Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
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11 May 2017, 10:56 #5

We open on Charlie Schmidt, cameraman in tow, walking through the corridors of IIW HQ. After a few minutes of searching he picks up the pace a little having spotted his target. IIW's Shawn Taylor, who is taking a phonecall.

Charlie: Shawn! A minute of your ti-

Shawn holds up his finger to Charlie's face. Charlie, looking a bit annoyed, settles and waits while Shawn continues his call.

Shawn: .... yes I know he did.... I know.... *sigh* I know....

Dude seriously It's nothing. You can't take what they say about me so serious.... I know it was harsh... i know they're very impressive....

Shawn rolls his eyes at Charlie.

I'll try my best to get over it and pay them back ok buddy? OK now I gotta go, laters!

Shawn ends the call, and putting his phone in his pocket turns to Charlie.

Hey man! Long time. Sorry about that, had my young nephew on the phone, hes only 5 bless him and he actually puts stock into what these other morons like to say about me. Cute huh? Still man good to see you! Can't believe you're still here!

Well Shawn you know this place can't run without me. I'm the glue that keeps all of it together!

I think you've been huffing some of that glue aga-

Shawn's attention is diverted to Charlie's microphone. It has been crudely gaffa taped to the end of a large wrench.

Er.... Charlie?


What's that?

Shawn points at the mop.

Oh THIS! Haha! It's my masterpiece. Since I switch from Legendary Janitor to interviewer extraordinaire all the time, I invented this to help me seamlessly transition. Say hello to...

Charlie holds it up high

Mic-Wrench! practical and safe!

Shawn looks bemused.

Er Charlie... I think you might have a few legal issues there. I'm sure I've heard this somewhere before.....

What are you talking about? Anyway that's not why I'm here. I'm here to ask you about your upcoming #1 contender's triple threat match. How does this affect your status as the #1 contender to the International Championship?

Well, Osh attempted to explain it but I'll lay it out for you. When I become the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, my #1 contendership for the Internation Championship is banked. That means I get a shot as and when I'm not in the World Title picture. Probably something for my latter years.

Ah I see, so there really isn't a bad result for you here is there?

Oh no there is. You see, to guys like me, the World Heavyweight Championship is the ultimate goal in our line of work. This is serious and I take the opportunity seriously. Nothing except victory will do.

Well Shawn, one person who doesn't seem to take anything seriously is Geeno Steels.


Your opponent.

The Ruin guy?

No the other one.

Oh the "rapper". Yeah I'll be honest I don't have much to say on this guy except that it's very indicative of the state of the wrestling business that someone thinks their god awful character persona is more important than actually saying anything. I wonder how many characters he made up before this one.

The dude can't even rap! I imagine the idea was for me to rap back but sorry I have too much dignity for all that. Also, if calling people sissies or making out that being BiSexual is in some way strange or a negative is what rap is all about I will have no part of it.

Seriously dude that's not on. It's sexist, it's offensive and it's just plain ignorant. You highlight you own inadequacies as a person or as someone with any form of articulation when you resort to the low cheap crap like that.

Beyond that though, I really don't know who you are so I'll just treat you like I do most of the amateurs, morons, or the lazy (I suspect you're a little of all three). I ain't sweating you and I won't waste any more breath on your inconsequential ass.

Shawn makes the "blow off" hand gesture, indicating he's done with Geeno as a topic.

But what about Rixton Ruin, he seems fired up for this match.

He does doesn't he? And I gotta say. I like it!

Charlie looks confused

You "like" it?

Of course I do! Finally someone who's gonna give me a bit of competition. Someone who's not obsessed with being this bizarre character, and someone who is determined to get what they want through competition.

Too many these days think they have to produce soap opera segments to make their points, I mean what happened to good old promos? Good for him. He's like me, starved of competition.

And what do you have to say to him?

Rixton, you have my attention. Not my respect yet but you certainly have my attention. you're the first I've come across since IIW's return that I haven't simply brushed aside in my mind as a pretender.

However you know how I know I can beat you, aside from the fact that I'm the best damn wrestler in this place?

You're Niave, and inexperienced.

Strong words Shawn, but what makes you think that?

Shawn turns to look at Charlie.

Don't ever interrupt me again.

Now as I was saying. You've let this obviously ridiculous mass of human in Geeno Steels get to you. That's a rookie move son. He didn't make this personal, I don't think he even would know how. You've just let his pathetic attempts at insults rile you. Now you're off balance, and it'll cost you.

What you've also done is focus on the lesser element of your challenge. This idea that you can just run through me to get to him? Big mistake fella. I don't take kindly to being overlooked and that's something you're going to find out all too painfully.

Why do you think, that my RECORD championship reign with the international title, and my RECORD undefeated streak aren't as long as you might expect? That's because those records were made in the golden age of IIW, when competition was alot stronger than the likes of you and Mr Styles.

It's Mr Steels Shawn


Shawn hits Charlie with an exclamation point.

I warned you.

As I was saying. You don't realise where you are do you? You're in a "lite" version of what I made my name in. When I had it the International Title was as hard to win and keep as the World Title is now. And that's no offence to Johnny C, He was more than capable of winning the big one back in the day as well. It'll just be easier to keep this time around, at least until he encounters me.

Remember Rixton, the title does not make the man, it is the man that makes the title and that is why when Osh needs the 2nd tier title to mean something, he puts the likes of me into the mix. Hell that's why he puts me into the mix of BOTH titles, so whatever happens at least one of them gets the rub of my credibility.

I warn you. You'd better brush up on your history son because I'm only talking 10 years ago and this is when I was a rookie. I'm in my prime now. It's all very well to try and run through everything but I assure you that a swift kick to the face makes running extremely.... challenging.

I'm coming for the IIW Championship, I'm coming for Johhny C for some REAL competition and anyone who thinks otherwise is likely to end up like Mr Schmidt here, flat out cold.

And believe me Rixton, THAT'S boring.

Shawn picks up the MicWrench and laughs, shaking his head before dropping it walking off and the camera crew checks on Charlie as we fade out.

Former IIW International Champion
IIW record holder for longest undefeated streak: 9-0
IIW record holder for longest title reign (International Title) - 55 days

Rixton Ruin
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The scene opens at the beginning of the Number One Contenders match. Rixton is the first to enter. The venues lights suddenly turn off and "Come to Daddy" begins. The music plays until the beat drops in total darkness. Then nothing but red light is shown. Rixton walks out on the stage very slowly as on the screen his name appears and turns into running blood.

Melanie Jackson: Making his way to the ring weighing in at 217 lbs. THE ANTI- HERO!!! RIXTONNN RUUUINNNNN!!!

He makes his way down the ramp not making eye contact with the crowd. A few feet from the ring he make a dash and slides head fist under the bottom rope. Rix crawls to the middle of the ring sits cross legged while his music fades bathed only in the red light. Still never makes full eye contact with a soul.

His music stops and Rixton gestures to the ring announcer to hand him the microphone. Still bathed in the red light he takes a deep breath and says...

Rixton: Soooo hello IIW universe for those that don't know who I am my name is Rixton Ruin and I am your Anti- Hero! (There is a mixed reaction from the crowd) I have come here for one thing and that is to be your IIW Champion. Now some of you will love me and even more of you will hate me but the one thing that will happen is I am going to become your Champion. I will take on any comers while bringing a little terror along the way. (Rix clears hit throat)

So speaking about the comers I have two such jokers this very evening. Lets start with the the biggest joke of the evening Geeno Da Chump. Now I refuse to debate my sexuality with you or any other joker in the back. But what I will say to you homophobia is a real thing and apparently you chucked full of it. So here's the Real Talk joker! Making fun of ones sexuality is childish and only make you a Punk Bitch for doing it. Now if you wanna alienate a section of the IIW universe go ahead, But it doesn't sound like a wise choice to me. (The crowd starts to become more on board with Rixton) The LBGTQ community totally is an amazing part of society and if I was interested in the opposite sex I'd be happy to be part of it. So if you're just a J-Cat or a Monkey Mouth that is fine and I can work with that but if this are your true feelings I really think you need to check that shit at the door cause no ones interested in that CRAP! And I have one last thing for you I've turn on a Green Light on you and seeing you claim you served an Nickle in a state pen you should know that means! You're bout to get Molly Mopped Punk! (The crowd is really getting behind Ruin now)

Now on to Shawn Taylor! I want to thank you for sticking up for me and the LBGTQ community. That is to be commended. (The crowd pops once again) But that does change the fact that you are wash up and way past your point of effectiveness. You told me I to brush up on my history so I did just that. I found that you were a real OG. A former Intercontinental champion and DID hold it for a record length of time. You DID have a nine match win streak. And again that is to be commend! (The fans start to build up their excitement) But that was like forever ago. The IIW isn't about gaining accolades it's about winning the IIW Championship and I can find NOWHERE that you accomplished that goal. You're a has been that never really was and you should stay where you belong. Fighting for the lesser belts! (There is again a mixed reaction to Rix's statement) You're like that Celly I had back at the pen. Don't get me wrong Jack was great to live with while I was stuck in that House. But that joker was like seventy, was in for a Hot One, and he was stuck there All Day and Night. The only way he was getting out of there was with a Back Door Parole. He was just like you always talking about the good old days. These aren't the good old days anymore. Shawn you kinda remind me of him. This isn't the good old days of the IIW bud, it's the Modern Era and you better hop on the ship before it passes you by. I'm sorry, I really am but you're just a stepping stone for me to get to my goal of becoming the latest Champion of the IIW. So, come on out here and let me show what The End of this match looks like! And hey, after this maybe we can even go catch a beer and you can tell me all about your glory days along with the Golden Era of the IIW, it sounds fascinating. (Rixton rolls his eyes while chuckling)

Now let get the Modern Era of IIW going and bring out them two jokers!!!

He hands the mic back to Melanie and goes to the far right corner sits cross legged waiting for his opponents.

Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
Shawn Taylor
Mid Carder
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14 May 2017, 12:53 #7

We open in a poorly lit room. A single camera focuses on Shawn Taylor, sitting in a large wingback chair, whisky in hand. A far cry from the usual professional Image of Taylor IIW has become used to. The camera does not zoom, nor does it pan. The only change to the image is the occasional auto refocus, suggesting there is no crew it is Shawn alone making a video started on a whim with no real pre-planning. Shawn looks into his glass, swirling the amber liquid around.

I tried....

Shawn chuckles to himself.

I tried so damn hard....

Shawn sighs, and gives a wry smile before giving way to annoyance.

I tried to be the "respectful veteran". To not let things bother me. I would tell myself "well you know you're better, so why bother with these morons. Focus on your legacy..."

Legacy... Pah.

Shawn takes a big drink and clears his throat

What legacy is there, in being put in the ring with wrestlers who are more focused on their failed rap careers and the cartoon characters involved in that.

What is the legacy, in beating cheap copies of movie characters, and not even from decent movies. Cheap comedies.

This takes the biscuit though.

Shawn takes the last swig of his glass. He goes to re-pour from the bottle but changes his mind, throws the glass away with a crash, and just starts to swig from the bottle.

Is this what my career, hell the business that I love, has come to?

Now I've seen the "Adam The Monsters" of the world come and go when I was young and green enough to not know any better. They were always the minority though and the real body of talent was the likes of Max Hatred, Ice & Heat, Jake E Dangerously. Proper wrestlers with interesting personalities and REAL talent.

Now the business is being overrun with cartoon characters that look like something from the Jim Henson corporation. They're more interested in the TV exposure then they are about Wrestling, which is what all this is SUPPOSED to be about. We've got to have overproduced soap opera segments just to get a simple promo out. Why? So you can introduce the world to your sidekick, your best friend or partner? Newsflash guys no-one really cares.

Even worse the small bit of promo that comes out is laden with cheap, offensive, sexist, racist crap for either shock value or simply because person saying it has no real articulation with which to make their point. In a world full of hate, do we really need people on television performing as conduits to that sort of ignorance? Grab a dictionary, work on some wit and get with the program.

Or maybe it's just me, maybe I try too hard at being the "nice & reasonable guy" that I go beyond observing basic decency to detracting from my own success.

Shawn takes a huge swig from the bottle.

Gah, Well I'm done. 100%, it's over.

I'm done being "that guy." People keep asking me, when are we going to see the Shawn Taylor we remember? Well he's back.

Why? Because it all comes back to legacy.

Rixton Ruin, one of the few new faces I hold actual hope for, likes to portray this image that I'm this old guy past his prime that he's going to knock off to get to the top.

Well I'm sorry to ruin this little plan you've made for yourself but you're missing one major thing.

I'm 29 years old. I'm in the prime of my career.

Now that might be old for being a prison bitch. That might be the story your "celly" told you, when he was talking about the good old days.

Difference is I am no ex con too stupid to play the game enough to get out of prison. I'm a successful man, who earned his position on hard work and talent. A pro wrestler who is on a level where he doesn't have to explain himself to you or anyone else. I am at the peak of my game and that is something you're either too green or too stupid to realise. I WISH I was just seeing out the last of my career, as that such an easier legacy to maintain.

You really have no idea what game you're trying to play here. When you're at the bottom of the ladder it's easy. You just fight everyone above you and move up the ladder. It's so simple and that's why every moron, even ones like Geeno Steels can get in on it.

Being a has been seeing out the end of his career is a similar thing. You are just fighting off the younger talent, trying to use you as a stepping stone. You have nothing left to prove.

Whichever you are, you're always fighting on a single front. When you're like me however who is, to quote a similar wrestler, "the icon that can still go", You are doing both. I find myself fighting the people pushed above me into spots I have earned time and time again, to get the titles that match the level of respect and recognition I am given from the people and my standing within the company.

But, as is often the case, people like Osh Vaughan see this new talent coming into their organisation and thinks "Oh stick them with Shawn, they'll get the credibility rub and he'll be able to bring them up."

"Put Shawn on the International Title picture, he can make the belt credible and worth more"

All the while I'm busy doing this I am not getting the World Title shots and main events someone of my caliber deserves.

So I'm fighting all of you below me as well, being that stepping stone that bites back.

The result is always the same though, I rise above the crap to become the number one contender for both major titles in the company. In your face assholes, I'll be the success in spite of your attempts to use me as a stepping stone, or a star maker.

Shawn takes another lengthy swig.

You'd better take a seat in that ring and not let the wait wear you out, because in just over 24 hours time when our match actually does happen, you're going to find out just why in a company filled with the aforementioned legends and more, I was able to stand out with lengthy title reigns and an unsurpassed undefeated streak.

You will find out why in the last 10 years Osh Vaughan almost annually has attempted to get me involved in his many failed restarts of IIW, or "reunion shows" being one of the first names on the list. Suddenly the only one I (and a couple of select others) are involved in are the ones that actually work out. Funny that.

I might describe how great IIW has been in the past because I'm damn proud to have been a part of that.

Do not describe my pride however for nostalgia. There are no "good old days" in IIW. There are only the "Good Days" and that is every damn day I grace this company with my presence.

The IIW World championship is something I want, and you have been pushed into the unfortunate position of being the obstacle in the way of that, albeit a fairly small one.

If I were you I wouldn't worry about your dream of being World Champion just now, that isn't happening. It just isn't. What I would focus on is coming into this match and if, during the pain and intensity you can focus just a little bit, learn a bit because everyone who gets in the ring with me get's better, provided they have the capacity.

Shawn seems genuinely unstable, switching from every possible emotion as he tries to work through the rollercoaster of emotion in his head.

I truly believe you do have that ability to learn, improve and rise up. You need to lose that "Oooh I've been in prison ain't I tough" crap first and focus on the sport. You've drawn a short straw here because you certainly are above the likes of Geeno and Seb Shaw but you've a long way to go before you can beat me.

Shawn takes a final swig, throws the bottle and looks directly at the camera.

You've all been looking for the Shawn Taylor you remember, that you've read or heard about, since I got back here.

Well he's finally arrived. He's your next World Heavyweight Champion. IIW needs a reality check and it's about to hit them, right in the face.

IIW will be represented by the embodiment of what's great about the sport, by someone who has risen above the use and abuse of promoters, and the misrepresentation by people too green to understand greatness, to cement himself as the greatest Champion & Wrestler IIW has seen. Even the hall of fame would seem cheap in comparison.


Shawn pushes over the camera and we get static as the video cuts out.

Former IIW International Champion
IIW record holder for longest undefeated streak: 9-0
IIW record holder for longest title reign (International Title) - 55 days