Rixton Ruin

Rixton Ruin

Rixton Ruin
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NAME: Rixton Ruin

PICTURE BASE: Tommy End/Aleister Black

THEME MUSIC: Highly Suspect - “Lydia”



HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 217 lbs.
AGE: 27

HOMETOWN: Seattle, Washington

STYLE OF WRESTLING: Strong Style/High Flyer

ALIGNMENT: Neutral/Face

SIGNATURE MOVE: A Bad Day, Spin Cycle, Cell Division
SIGNATURE DESCRIPTION: Bitter End - Pete Dunne, X-Plex - Pete Dunne, Lana Bomb -Lana






GIMMICK: Anti-Hero

BACKGROUND/HISTORY: Rixton is part of the Ruin family from the Pacific northwest. His father made his money writing code for Windows 95 in the early days of Microsoft. The Ruin's also have a long and vast history in the world of combat sports. They tend to be a very aggressive people. Rixton was given every chance to make something of himself just as sister Ryleigh was. She used the gift she'd been given to become a World Class Jiu Jitsu practitioner. With being only a year apart in age he and his sister were always in competition for the attention of the their parents. Ryleigh always seemed to know the ways to get said attention better that Rixton could. This turned Rixton into a very angry and hyper aggressive guy. He started training in wrestling to try to curb that aggression, but it only made it worse. He got in a ton of fights that led to him being sent to The Sutherland Institute for the Troubled after being expelled from his 6th public school. This was state mandated. The SIftT is a boarding school for troubled youth. That's where he met "Big D" another student at The SIftT. The two made fast friends after being tested by Big D. Rixton was able to hold his own even possibly winning the fight in some eyes. This made the two were inseparable through their teens ending in their early twenties. That was until Rixton was arrested and convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and was given an 8 year sentence (He was apprehended after a bar fight and never gave up his friend Big D). He served his time quietly, trying to learn how to control his rage. Knowing this was not the place for him, he became a model prisoner. He was released from the prison 3 years early due to his "extraordinary rehabilitation", he only served 5 years. After what seems like a lifetime of turmoil and self inflicted pain for Rixton, he has come to the IIW to because it the only place where he feels alive!!!

ENTRANCE: "Lydia" by Highly Suspect begins to play and the lights in the venue turn to an ocean blue with a shimmery effect like you're in water. The main screen shows what looks like open ocean and a Great White Shark can be seen swimming in the distance. Rixton walks barely into the the entrance way right before Johnny Stevens sings "Black ocean cold and dark". Rixton starts walking slowly, and as he does, the water follows him down the video board ramp, the shark can clearly be seen on the massive screen behind him. When he gets about half way into the main area of the stage Rixton turns around and waves at the shark almost taunting it. Just then the shark rams the screen looking like it cracked it, Rixton turns his head back to the crowd and shrugs off the encounter. As the chorus explodes, the shark also breaks through the screen. Rixton brandishes his trademark red towel and coaxes it toward him like a bull, each time dancing out of the way and continuing his taunts and the water fills the stage. As Rixton approaches the solid ground off of the ramp, he kicks at the stage and the water on the screen splashes. Rixton has shown his dominance to the shark so it swims back up the ramp, refusing to attack the superior fighter, and instead lashing out at the fans on the side of the ramp as it disappears back into the sea. Rixton Ruin displays on the Titan-Tron behind him as he makes his way around the ring, interacting with the crowd giving the towel to a young fan. When he gets to where the Announcers' Table is, he slides in under the bottom rope and runs to where the far turn buckles are and jumps on the second ropes. He bows to the crowd while waving to the fans in the arena.