Logan Bates

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Logan Bates

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Name Of Wrestler: Logan Bates
Picture Base:https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/9...eline-jimmy.jpg
Height: 6,1
Weight: 235 lbs
Age: 29
Theme Music:https://youtu.be/wsI507rmnvo
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nv

Style of wrestling: Brawler,MMA
Face,Heel,or Neutral: Heel
Signature Move: South-Paw Sniper
Signature Description: Tyler Breeze's Beauty Shot
Finisher Move: KillShot
Finisher Description: End it all Facebuster

Gimmick: His sole purpose in life is to end the wrestlers careers and hurt them he hates everyone and has no friends or family.

History/Background: He has lost everything in life his wife,his kids everything he has is wrestling and to get rid of his anger he takes it out on his opponents but he is always angry!

Entrance: his music plays and he storms to the ring and starts punching the turnbuckle pads until his opponent comes out