Lexi May

Lexi May

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Name of Wrestler: Lexi May
Picture Base: Candice Lerae
Wrestler Height: 5'4''
Wrestler Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 22
Ignorance- Paramore
Hometown: Evansville, IN

Style of Wrestling: High Flyer, Technical, Muay Thai striker

Face|Heel|Neutral: Neutral

Other moves:
Muay Thai Kicks and Knees
Somersault Suicide Dive
FLexi On ‘Em
Fresh Kays
Teeth KO


Signature Move: Sparkly Magician
Signature Description: Shining Wizard

Finisher Move: Lex-press Yourself
Finisher Description: Tower of London

Gimmick: Bubbly, friendly type. #LoveIsLove. Pansexual. Likes Pop/Pop Punk/Girl Punk. Also is a huge anime fan and wears outfits inspired by different animes.

Background|History: Lexi wanted to pursue a dream of wrestling since she was a kid. She got her big break after debuting in the Chicagoland Wrestling organization alongside one of her best friends, Izzy Van Doren. The two competed for the women’s and tag team championships fighting both women and men. The two became the first women tag team champions in the promotion. The tandem entered the 2016 Chicagoland Wrestling Classic Tournament. The eventual winner was Izzy when she beat Brody Blackheart in the finals. Months later, Izzy said goodbye to Lexi and Chicago and went to IIW. In honor of her friend, Lexi entered the same tournament. The 2017 Chicagoland Wrestling Classic Tournament were Lexi’s last matches in Chicago and she won! Lexi thanked the audience. Later that night, the official trophy was given to her. Now, the time has come for Lexi to move up and make her own mark. Lexi has made it to IIW!

Entrance: Lexi runs out onto the ring and stands at the top of the stage and throws up a peace sign and stands there soaking in all of the cheers. She walks fast down to the ring and hops up on the apron hard cam side. She throws up her peace sign and flashes a big smile. She climbs into the ring and starts to pump up the fans.