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Lance Lewis

Lance Lewis
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Name of Wrestler: Lance Andrew Lewis
Picture Base: Kyle O'Reilly
Wrestler Height: 5 ft
Wrestler Weight: 150 lbs
Age: 37 ( January 2nd 1980)
Pro debut: January 2nd 1996
Theme Music: Videte Miraculum by Oxford Camerata

Hometown: Oxfordshire, Oxford England
Style of Wrestling: various combat styles / MMA
free style( collegiate level amateur wrestling)
Japanese strong style

Neutral: Pro wrestling is purely competition for him, he is extremely vicious in the ring no matter the moral compass of his opponents but he is generally polite and respectful to babyface types prior and after matches but he is just as aggressive towards them during " combat" as he puts it.
Outside the ring he is a fan of pop punk music, power rangers/super sentai , stand up and improv comedy, Dungeons and Dragons and classic computer based RPGS. He also does parkour/ free running training in gyms for the American Ninja warrior sport. He has High-functioning autism, ADHD and bi-polar disorder.

Signature Move: British Bullet Boot
Signature Description: running Jumping Side Kick or Flying Side Kick

Finisher Move: (the) lance lock
Finisher Description: fly cross armbreaker submission + nonstop repeating leg drops across throat/neck combo( usually as a strike reversal)

move set:

1. pumphandle- single knee backbreaker
single knee gutbuster( Tyson Kidd, AJ styles)
neckbreaker( Kevin Owens)
shoulder breaker
half nelson driver( Matt Sydal, Pentagon Jr.)
double pumphandle orange crush bomb( El Generico)

2. Hammerlock-
cradle/ guillotine DDT
back suplex
leg sweep DDT

3. tigerspin- double leg takedown( Tiger Mask)
arm drag
backslide pin
backslide driver
bridging backslide
arm trap swing neckbreaker( CM Punk)
4. martial arts takedowns-
various arm wringer take downs, arm drags and hip toss and judo throw variants
various STO variants

5. amateur wrestling moves-
Double Leg Takedown
Single Leg Takedown
Low Single Leg Takedown
Tie Ups
Fireman’s Carry
Near-Arm Far-Leg
Arm Drag
Ankle Pick
Bear Hug
Sit Out
Hip Heist
Arm Bar
Riding the Leg
Butterfly / Banana Split
Freestyle Turns
The Penetration Step
The Lift
The Back Arch
The Penetration Step
The Backstep
Move to Base
Barrel Roll
Cement Job
Tight Waist Near Arm
Tight Waist Far Ankle
Spiral Ride
Two on One
Indiana Hook
One on One
Tight Waist
Half Nelson
3/4 Nelson
Head in the side Cradle (Bow and Arrow)
Short sit cradle
Stand-up Cradle
Ankle Lace

6. strikes-
Axe Kick
Back Kick
Crescent Kick
Front Kick
Push Kick or Front Thrust Kick
Roundhouse Kick
Round Kick( middle, low, spinning back)
Front Leg Axe Kick
Back Kick
Butterfly Kick
Butterfly Twist Kick - A more advanced version of the Butterfly Kick.
Calf Kick
Cartwheel Kick
Crescent Kick
Inside Crescent Kick
Outside Crescent Kick
Cut Kick
Double Front Kick or Jumping Double Front Kick
Double Roundhouse Kick or Jumping Double Roundhouse Kick
Downward Roundhouse Kick or "Brazilian Kick"
Foot Sweep Kick - Karate's Ashi Barai
Flying Back Kick
Flying Drop Kick
Flying Front Kick
Flying Side Kick
Front Kick
Front Kick - Ball of Foot - Hit target with ball of foot.
Front Kick - Instep - Hit target with instep of foot.
Heel Kick Lead Leg, Turning and Spinning
Hook Kick or Whip Kick
Inverted Roundhouse Kick
Jumping Axe Kick
Jumping Back Kick
Jumping Front Kick or Flying Front Kick
Jumping Roundhouse Kick

Jumping Spinning Axe Kick or Tornado Axe Kick
Jumping Spinning Crescent Kick
Jumping Spinning Hook Kick or Jumping Reverse Hook Kick
Knee Joint Kick - Karate's Kansetsu Geri
Kyokushin Wheel Kick
Low Kicks - List of kicks commonly used to strike targets below the waist.
Oblique Kick or Scoop Kick
Push Kick or Front Thrust Kick
Roll Kicks or Rolling Kicks
Cartwheel Kick
Forward Roll Kick or Forward Falling Kick
Side Roll Kick or Side Falling Kick, Kyokushin Wheel Kick, etc.
Roundhouse Kick or Round Kick
Roundhouse Kick - Front Leg
Roundhouse Kick - Rear Leg
Scissor Kick
Scoop Kick
Scorpion Kick
Shin Kick or "Muay Thai Kick"
Shin Kick (Hapkido)
Side Kick
Side Kick - Front Leg
Side Kick - Rear Leg
Skipping Axe Kick or Hopping Axe Kick, Sliding Axe Kick, etc.
Skipping Crescent Kick or Hopping Crescent Kick, Sliding Crescent Kick, etc.
Skipping Front Kick or Hopping Front Kick, Sliding Front Kick, etc.
Skipping Roundhouse Kick or Hopping Roundhouse Kick, Sliding Roundhouse Kick, etc.
Skipping Side Kick or Step Behind Side Kick, Hopping Side Kick, Sliding Side Kick, etc.
Slap Kick
Spinning Axe Kick
Spinning Back Kick
Spinning Crescent Kick
Spinning Heel Kick or Spinning Sweep Kick
Spinning Hook Kick or Spinning Whip Kick, Reverse Roundhouse Kick, Reverse Hook Kick, etc.
Spinning Roundhouse Kick or Turning Roundhouse Kick
Spinning Side Kick or Reverse Side Kick
Stomp Kick - Karate's Fumikomi
Vertical Stomp Kick
Stop Kick
Stretch Kick
Sweep Kick (Forward Foot)
Sweep Kick (Low Heel) or Low Spinning Heel Kick
Switch Kick
Toe Kick or Karate's Tsumasaki Geri
Tornado Kick or Jumping Spinning Roundhouse Kick, 360 Roundhouse Kick
Tornado Axe Kick
Twisting Kick or Twist Kick
Uppercut Back Kick
540 Roundhouse Kick
540 Spinning Hook Kick
Kicks from the Ground -
Front Kick from the Ground
Roundhouse Kick from the Ground
Defense Against A Leg Grab While On Ground - Roundhouse Kick
Side Kick from the Ground

Eskrima Kicks
Hapkido Kicks
Karate Kicks
Muay Thai Kicks & Knee Strikes
Taekwondo Kicks

Low Kicks

enziguri , gamengiri , dropkick, leg lariat and shining wizard, headbutt variants

various boxing and martial arts punches

various chops, elbow, forearm, back fist and knee strikes

various European uppercut variants

various headbutt variants

throat jabs/thrust

bell clap

Side Kick/thrust kick/super kick variants

6. headscissors takedown

all can be preceded by a standing bridge evasion or springboard backhandspring
single handed headscissors takedown
back handspring headscsissors takedown( Kalisto style)
headstand- headscissors takedown( TJ Perkins, Eddie Guerrero)
reverse/poisoned( preceded by a backhandspring + wheelbarrow/casadora, diving, springboard-slingshot and super/avalanche versions)

7. super/avalanche( top turnbuckle)-
brainbuster( El generico/ Sami Zayn style, sometimes to exposed turnbuckle)
fisherman suplex( Kevin Owen's )
sunset flip + running release powerbomb( to opponent in corner across the ring( Seth rollins)
superplex or double underhook suplex float over + falcon arrow or gourd buster combo
reverse frankensteir( Bayley style)
8. suplex variants and brainbuster variants
various German
various tiger
various dragon
various double underhook
various full and half nelson
suplexing opponent from ring to the outside Dynamite kid style
Cesaro style second ring rope suplex
Kota Ibushi style second ring rope german suplex
various gut wrench versions

9. swing fisherman suplex/neckbreaker/takedown variants( Masato Yoshino, Paige and Tyson kidd)

10. every pinning variant

11. hooking style wrestling( Lou Thesz, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Pete Dunn, Zack Sabre Jr, Jack Gallagher, Randy orton)- limb targeting and stomping, knee/elbow/fist/ leg drops

digit, ear, eye, lips, nose and tongue manipulation/ targeting

biting, scratching and clawing

12. russian legsweep-off of opponent on outside apron, against barricade and springboard/diving opponent reversal
13. brianbuster or DDT off of ring apron ledge or onto hardest part of the ring( the ring apron ledge)

Gimmick: natural born prodigy in both intelligence and athleticism. IQ of 190.
Background|History: Born January 2nd 1980 Lance Andrew Lewis was born to two professors and prodigies themselves Ian Quin and Angela Palmer. He graduated from Oxford University at 10 years old in 1990, at five years old he began training in boxing, martial arts and pee-wee amateur wrestling as well as catch wrestling and played soccer. At 13 he was able to begin training in pro wrestling and was legally licensed on his 16th birthday while today its more possible, at that time only generational wrestlers got licensed under 18. His choice to go into pro wrestling lead to a rift between Lance and his family, he hasn't been around his parents since 1996 who expected him to succeed from his brilliant mind.

In the past 21 years, he has toured all over the United Kingdom and Europe , Canada, Japan and Mexico but only this year 2017 is his first time anywhere in America. He is multi-lingual.

Entrance: walks out in a boxing style coat down to the ring, jumps upon the apron ledge and flings himself into the ring with a front flip followed up with multiple front headstand handsprings, a corner backflip( Daniel Bryan/ Tiger Mask style) sticking the landing in the center of the ring.