Kirsten Steele

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Kirsten Steele

Joined: 30 May 2017, 15:35

30 May 2017, 19:26 #1

Name of Wrestler: Kirsten Steele
Picture Base: Toni Storm
Wrestler Height: 5ft 6in
Wrestler Weight:144lbs
Age: 22
Theme Music: Bad Reputation - Joan Jett
Hometown: Manchester, England

Style of Wrestling: Strong Style
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel
Signature Move: KS Kick
Signature Description: Super kick
Finisher Move: The KS94
Finisher Description: Air Raid Crash

Gimmick: Arrogant caused by being a Critically Acclaimed Up and Comer

Born Kirsten Louise Harrison in Manchester to a factory worker father Robert and school teacher mother Louise, she grew up dreaming of being an Olympic gymnast so began attending her local gymnastics club at the age of 7, and would carry on training until she got to the age of 15 where friends, school and boys took over, it was also around this time that she met Corey, when she went to see his band play a concert at their school. Corey introduced Kirsten to the world of professional wrestling when he took her to watch his dad Mark at a local wrestling show, Kirsten was very apprehensive when Corey told her that he was going to start training to be a wrestler however when she realized that Corey had his heart set on carrying on in his dads footsteps that she relaxed about the idea.

When she turned 19, Corey’s career on the independent scene was beginning to reach new heights and on the night he won his first championship and after years of watching Corey’s female wrestling friends develop, she decided that she wanted to go in the business and with her experience in gymnastics as well as a new passion for cross-fit, she realized she was in great physical shape in order to keep up with the other girls. So for the next 2 years she trained 6 days a week whether it be in wrestling class, the gym or on shows ran by the training school she was a part of.

29th May 2017, Kirsten received a phone call from IIW management, saying they were starting up a women's division and were impressed from the footage that Corey had shown them and were offering her a contract to be one of the pioneers of their women's division. And this is how it starts...


Bad Reputation starts as Kirsten Steele bursts out from behind the curtains wearing her ring gear along with a black leather jacket with the words “Queen of Mean” painted on the back in white. She is walking to the ring with intent at a quick pace at the tempo of the music, she climbs up onto the apron, jumps over the top rope and begins pacing around the ring, shouting “Come On” repeatedly showing she’s ready for a fight.