King Leroy

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King Leroy

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Name of Wrestler: King Leroy
Picture Base:
Wrestler Height: 6'3"
Wrestler Weight: 212 lbs
Age: Infinite (or 33?)
Theme Music: Bound 2 by Kayne West
Hometown: Antarctica

Style of Wrestling: Grappler
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel
Signature Mover: Global Warming
Signature Description: Top Rope Front-Flip Neckbreaker
Finisher Move: RealPolitikā„¢
Finisher Description: Off-the-ropes Diving Headbutt to standing opponent

Gimmick: King of Antarctica, despotic ruler over cyborg penguins
Background|History: Certain alliances of 1stWorldNations forced the overthrow of an anti-technological communist penguin society to install a FreeMarket/FreeTrade tyrant whose lineage originates all the way to the original sun deity.
Entrance: King Leroy is always accompanied by his cyborg-penguins who are trapped in traditional Antarctica garments (aka machine-gun bullet vests).