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Jason Fenix

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((This will be further edited in the near future. Just putting this here as a prototype))

Name of Wrestler: Jason Fenix
Picture Base:Keanu Reeves
Wrestler Height:6’0”
Wrestler Weight:193 lbs
Theme Music:"Carnivore" by Starset
Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Style of Wrestling: Technical Striker
Signature Mover:Dying Day
Signature Description: Powerbomb into Turnbuckle
Signature 2: Ash to Dust
Signature Description: Here is it Driver
Signature 3: Broken Wing
Signature Description: Kimura Lock
Finisher Description: Hell’s Gate (Gogoplata)
Finisher 2: Rebirth
Finisher Description: Joker Driver

Gimmick: Cerebral Businessman/Underground Fighter
Background|History: Jason Fenix started in the Underground Street Fighting Leagues before being found by IIW’s talent scouts. Jason quickly rose through the ranks, making a huge impact as part of the stable The Franchise with Michael Hunter, becoming both a Tag Team Champion and a World Champion. After IIW shut down, Jason had been using his money to form a technology business known as Fenix Enterprises, which quickly became a huge powerhouse in the military sector and turned Jason into an extremely wealthy man. When IIW reformed, Jason initially met the idea with disinterest and declined, but as time has gone by, Jason has started to show interest in returning to the ring and has resigned with the company.
The lights go out, plunging the arena into darkness. A blue glow rises from the screen and the ramp. “Carnivore” by Starset begins to play and as the first verse begins, flames begin to rise around the entrance and top of the ramp.

“All my life they let me know
How far I would not go
But inside the beast still grows
Chewing through the ropes”

The flames around the ramp and entrance begin to roar and swell as the bridge hits

Who are you to change this world?
Silly boy!
No one needs to hear your words.
Let it go.

The chorus erupts and the top of the ramp explodes in a fireball, rocking the arena.

Carnivore! Carnivore!
Won't you come digest me?
Take away everything I am.
Bring it to an end.
Carnivore! Carnivore!
Could you come and change me?
Take away everything I am.
Everything I am.

Through the flames, Jason Fenix appears in black jeans and a black shirt. A heavy canvas trench coat covers him, the flames licking hungrily at the tattered and frayed bottom of the coat. He calmly walks through the fires, holding his arms out wide and staring skyward. As he steps out from the fire, he turns his face to the ring, his expression cold and focused. The fire rushes down the sides of the ramp as he makes his way to the ring. Jason slides under the bottom rope and stands up, moving over to the ropes. He stands up on the second rope between the two turnbuckles and holds his arms out again, staring skyward as the music swells once more and flames erupt from the turnbuckles of the ring. He stares out across the crowd for a moment before taking off the jacket and tossing it out of the ring as he waits for his opponent