Izzy Van Doren

Izzy Van Doren

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Name: Izzy Van Doren
Pic Base: Ruby Riot
Nickname: “Chicago’s Favorite Gal”, “Fun Size Firecracker”
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 111 lbs
Age: 22
Theme Music- Na Na Na -My Chemical Romance

Wrestling Style: Brawler, Aggressive, High Flying
Heel/Face: Face
Signature Move: Kick and Snare
Signature Description: Rolling Scythe Kick
Finisher Move: ¡Adios Amigos!
Finisher Description: Izzy grabs her opponent in a headlock, waves bye to the fans, and drives her opponents head down into the mat. Straddles the opponent for the cover, puts the horns up and pumps each time the referee counts.

Other Moves:
Reverse DDT
Stage Dive (Diving Canonball Senton, sometimes to the outside if there are enough opponents outside)
Suicidal Tendencies DDT (Suicide Dive into a Tornado DDT)
Diving Leg Drop
Modified Russian Leg Sweep
Suplex w/ float over pin
Dragon Sleeper
Headbanger's Ball (Multiple Headbutts to opponent in the corner)
RoadkillRana (Playing Possum, kip up hurricanrana pin)

Gimmick: Growing up in Chicago, a small girl can face many hardships. Gang violence, drug scandals, and sexual harassment from strangers was a daily occurrence for Izzy. Not to mention her overbearing parents forcing her into a private school, forcing her to conform to the social norms of the school. One day, Izzy decided to sneak out with her friend and see a concert, it was the best night of her life. She found an escape, punk rock music. She graduated private school and celebrated by getting her first tattoo and cutting her long, black locks. Easy to say, her parents were furious and kicked her out of their house. She was quickly taken in by her friend’s parents and was made a part of their family. She began wrestling soon after graduation and has now made her way to IIW for the budding Women’s division.

Entrance: "Na Na Na" kicks on and Izzy rushes onto the stage as the intro ends, she goes to each side staring at all the fans. She moshes around a bit She pumps herself up by bouncing to the music, points at the ring, and runs towards. She slides in and she pops up her head ip and runs towards the sides of the ring, slides her head between the top and middle to look at the fans, and throws up the horns.