Infamous Jonny C

Infamous Jonny C

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Name of Wrestler: Infamous Jonny C
Picture Base: Kenny Omega
Wrestler Height: 6'2
Wrestler Weight: 225
Age: 28
Theme Music: Pretty Fly for a white guy
Hometown: Semi Valley CA

Style of Wrestling: hardcore Highflyer
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel
Signature Mover: The Infamous Elbow
Signature Description: top rope elbow drop
Finisher Move: The F'n Point
Finisher Description: RKO

Gimmick: Annoyingly Cocky

Background|History: Jonny was one of the faces of the IIW many years ago. Jonny is still the longest reigning hardcore champion in IIW history. His matches with Jake E Dangerously are that of Legend. Jonny is back to take his rightful spot at the top of the IIW. Since IIW closed Jonny has traveled the world taking world titles. He was a main stay in the NWA, a multiple time world champion as well as a 3 time hardcore champion. He was most recently in the title picture for the LCW before hearing the IIW was reopening. He packed his bags and left LCW in the dust leaving them without a PPV main event. That's how much the IIW means to him.

Entrance: The lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green. HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtin onto the ramp. He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU. He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.