Geeno "da Don" Steels

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Geeno "da Don" Steels

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Name of Wrestler: Geeno "Da Don" Steels

Picture Base: Wisin

Wrestler Height: 6'4"

Wrestler Weight: 240

Age: 27

Theme Music: Big Pun- Wrong Ones

Hometown: Bronx, Ny

Style of Wrestling: Brawler, Occasional High Risk

Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel

Signature Move: Wig Wam

Signature Description: Cross Rhodes

Finisher Move: The Hit Collector

Finisher Description: Spinning Tombstone Piledriver

Gimmick: Cocky Rich Pretty MuthaF#cker from the BX

Background|History: Former 3x AAW Heavyweight Champion, EPW Triple Crown Champion
Rapper, Businessman, Hustler, and ladies man. In the early beginings he robbed Chinese delivery man and did stick ups until he served 5 years in Elmira Correctional Facility for Armed Robbery where he changed his life around inside and became a successful Rapper and Wrestler while on parole.

Entrance: Lights go out the stobe lights all around until the chorus drops when he appears. He walks down the ring to extend a hand to a kid then sikes him out and puts his hand in his pocket then pulls out 10k and starts to count it on the way to the ring. He rolls under the rope into the ring then gets on the middle rope fakes like hes going to throw the money into the crowd and says, yeah right then puts the cash back in his pocket and jumps off the second rope.