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Eri Inoue

Eri Inoue
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Wrestler Information:

Name: Eri Inoue

Pic Base: Kairi Hojo/Sane

Nickname(s): The Heart of Japan, Princess of Pro Wrestling, Kanojo wa rekishi-jō saikōdesu (She is the best in history.)

Hometown: Amagasaki, Hyōgo, Japan

Height: 155cm (5 ft 1 in)

Weight: 51kg (113 lbs)

Gimmick: Fan Favorite/Japanese Icon

Alignment: Neutral/Face

Theme Music: “World Is Mine” by Hatsune Miku



Eri Inoue is the best and most celebrated female wrestler in all of Japan. She started out life in a coastal industrial town of Amagasaki. As a girl she loved three things: Anime, J-Pop Music and Professional Wrestling. She was a fan of Akira Hokuto, Manami Toyota, and Bull Nakano. She wanted to be them so badly and on her 18th birthday she enrolled in her local wrestling school against her parents orders. She quickly became a master of the craft and since has become the champion at any wrestling federation she’s become a part of.



Krysta Ling appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. She looks around the arena to the cheers of the crowd.

Krysta: Thank you for attendance ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure to introduce to you this evening a woman we are all so lucky to have her in Intense International Wrestling. To be honest, she could be working anywhere in the world but she chosen to be here with us. She The Heart of Japan or as she is called in her home land, Kanojo wa rekishi-jō saikōdesu, which translates to “She is the best in history”. She’s my client, I’m her interrupter and YOUR future champion... ERI INOUE!!!

The crowd explodes as “World Is Mine” by Hatsune Miku starts and the lights in the venue dim slowly until the room is completely dark. One spotlight appears beside Kysta and Eri can be seen in the darkness walking towards the light. When she becomes bathed in the white light and the screen behind them shows a blue haired anime style girl starts singing the song. Cherry blossoms are falling and her name appears in a script font on the display. The two women start to walk down the ramp and real cherry blossoms do begin to fall throughout the arena. Eri and Krysta interact the crowd on their way down the ramp. When they reach the end, Krysta approaches the stairs while Eri jumps onto the apron turns back towards the crowd and bows. She runs to the corner climbs to the second turnbuckle blows kisses and bows once again. She proceeds to hold on to the top ropes and does a front handspring into the ring. The two of the woman make their way to the middle of the ring where Eri raises her arms into as the air while the crowd showers them with streamers. She bows for a final time as her music fades.


Trademark Moves:

Iconic Hands (Phenomenal Blitz - AJ Styles)

Anata no kao wa dōdesu ka? (Black Mass - Aleister Black)

Idol-izer (Falcon Arrow - Hayabusa)


Kitekurete Arigatō (High Angle Diving Elbow - Kairi Sane)


Manager Information/Interpreter:

Manager Name: Krysta Ling

Manager Pic Base: Brenda Song