Drayden Fields

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Drayden Fields

Joined: 19 Apr 2017, 03:25

26 Apr 2017, 04:10 #1

Drayden Fields
Pic Base: PJ Polaco
Height: 5'11
Weight: 220lbs
Hometown: Chicago

Style: Anything that gets the job done/high flyer
Signature Move: Top Rope DDT
Finisher: Daydreamer
Description: Deathvalley Driver

Gimmick: Angry and Extreme second gen star with a massive chip on his shoulder

Background: The son of the late Marcus Fields, Drayden grew up around the ring. After the tragic loss of his father Drayden started training, hoping one day to do Honor to the legecy of his family name. Drayden will do anything to score a win, damage to himself or others is not a concern.

Entrance: The house lights start flashing as Drayden makes his way onto the stage. He stops on the stage and raises one arm before moving down the ramp. Ignoring everyone on the way, he rolls into the ring and sits in the corner, emotionless waiting for the bell to ring.