Dillan Singh

Dillan Singh

Mid Carder
Mid Carder
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Name of Wrestler: Dillan Singh
Picture Base: Jinder Mahal
Wrestler Height: 6ft 4
Wrestler Weight: 245lbs
Age: 28
Theme Music: “Judas” by Fozzy
Hometown: Now Residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Style of Wrestling: Power/Technical
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel
Signature Move: Canadian Destroyer
Signature Description: Canadian Destroyer
Finisher Move: Canadian Chaos
Finisher Description: Stalling Jackhammer

Gimmick: Classic Canadian currently suffering from a mental disorder.

Background/History: Formerly known as IIW’s eccentric Indian Sahib, Dillan moved to Canada shortly after the IIW closed their doors and became a multi-million dollar entrepreneur. Now residing in Toronto, Canada Dillan has severed all ties with his past, becoming one of the most well-respected and powerful businessmen in the world. Known for his lopsided and often immoral business deals Dillan has made his fortune deceiving unsuspecting clients, and ruthlessly taking advantage of any opportunity he can. He does not acknowledge his past history as Sahib, nor does he look too fondly at the primitive sport of wrestling, especially one that originates out of such a backwards nation like the United Kingdom. He strongly dislikes any mention of Sahib, as he is now a true Canadian. A wheeling, dealing, maple syrup stealing, son of a hockey player…with a bit of a short temper.

After returning to the IIW he has now developed a mental health concern. Dillan struggles with the demons that live within him and often gives in to his alterego Sahib. The battle rages within but Dillan tries to remain true to his Canadian self, as his alterego Sahib leads him on a path of self-destructive behaviours. Sahib strives on the spilling of blood and the breaking of bones, a concept that Dillan struggles to embrace regularly.


"Judas" by Fozzy hits as the lights go out completely. A single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp as Dillan wanders out. He is supporting his traditional Aladdin style pants with the cloth belt knotted on the left side. He is also wearing a red and black Canada varsity jacket. He continues to venture down the rampway, the sole spotlight still illuminating his path. He stops at the bottom of the ramp way and nods softly looking around at the IIW universe. He slides into the ring and crawls into the corner, resting the back of his head on the second turnbuckle and draping his arms on the ropes awaiting his opponent.