Corey Steele

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Corey Steele

Corey Steele
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Name of Wrestler: “Your Lass’ Wonderwall” Corey Steele
Picture Base:Will Ospreay
Wrestler Height: 6”1
Wrestler Weight: 192lbs
Theme Music: Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis
Hometown: Manchester, England

Style of Wrestling:Strong Style/Highflying Hybrid
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel

Signature Mover: Kneel To Steele
Signature Description:Exposed Running Knee Strike to Head

Finisher Move: Don’t Look Back In Anguish
Finisher Description: Rainmaker

Gimmick: Only son of IIW Alumni Mark Steele, believes his last name gives him a golden ticket to respect, something his dad does not condone or believe in

Born in Manchester, England along with his twin sister Faye to Mark and Lily Steele, spent most of his childhood on the road with his family whether it be with his dad going from wrestling show to wrestling show or with his mum, who was a live music photographer, it was both these jobs that gave Corey his two main passions in life, music and wrestling.
At school, he kept himself out of trouble but wouldn’t back down from a fight if push came to shove. Whilst at school he met his girlfriend Kirsten and is still with her to date. Leaving school, he went to college to study Sport and Coaching. It was whilst at college that Corey decided that he wanted to follow in his dads footsteps and become a professional wrestler, so the day after his 17th birthday he went to his first training session, and knew that the pain suffered would pay off in the long term. His mum and Kirsten weren’t so keen on him going down the same path as his dad after seeing what the punishment of the ring does to peoples bodies, but Corey was convinced that this was what he wanted to do and with his dad reassuring both Kirsten and Lily that Corey was old enough to do what he wanted and that he knew what he would have to give in order to succeed

On 7th November 2013 at the age of 18, Corey wrestled his first match for a small company in Manchester, which is where he would wrestle for a year before being booked for more renowned companies around the country and would make appearances on the holiday park circuit. 2016 would turn out to be the year Corey Steele’s life changed. This year would involve Corey winning tag team gold in February, winning his first singles title in May, and then the cherry on top, winning his main promotions major title in August. However the success went to his head, causing him to turn his back on the fans which supported him every step of the way. His reasons for his actions centred around Corey’s belief that the crowd didn’t get him to where he was, his name got him to where he was. Around October time, the news started making it’s way around the dirt sheets that Corey had been offered a deal to wrestle in the company where his dad made his name. So, in November at the companies anniversary show, Corey had his last match before leaving, in which he lost his title to the person he won tag team titles with at the start of the year and whom he turned his back on after winning the big one.

Cigarettes and Alcohol begins playing as Corey Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing a blue Fila jacket over his ring gear, he’s nodding his head to the music as Mark Steele follows him, they walk down the ramp with Corey getting in fans faces, whilst Mark shakes his head and attempts to get Corey to behave. Corey just laughs at Mark and climbs up the ring steps, he points at a woman on the front row and begins to grind the ring post whilst looking at her, all this gets him is a slap around the head from Mark who tells him to get in the ring.

Corey jumps over the top rope before taking off his jacket, throwing it in Mark’s face and then climbing onto the second turnbuckle and grabs his crotch whilst looking at the female fan again, this causes the crowd to erupt in another wave of boos and insults. Corey motions them to quiet down whilst laughing to himself. He jumps down and is backed into a corner by Mark who is berating him but Corey isn’t paying attention as the music dies down.