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Name of Wrestler: Chino
Picture Base: Vampiro
Wrestler Height: 6 Foot 9 Inches
Wrestler Weight: 280lbs
Age: 37
Theme Music: The Devil in I by Slipknot
Hometown: Born in Jersey City, Residing in Toronto, Canada

Style of Wrestling: Hardcore, Brawler with a hint of unorthodox technical
Face|Heel|Neutral: Tweener (Neutral)
Signature Mover: The end
Signature Description:Trio of German Suplex's
Finisher Move: The R.K.K
Finisher Description: Burning Hammer (Reverse Death Valley Driver)

Gimmick: A Grizzly veteran whose subsequent habitual pot tendencies have led to his comedic portray of a hardcore icon.

Background|History: World renowned Hall of Famer across multiple federations, Too many titles to count, Been in the business since 2001, took a brief hiatus since 2012.

Entrance:The Devil in I begins to play over the speaker system as smoke fills the front walkway, as fans give a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers, Chino steps out with his signature kendo stick and black trench coat. As he slowly walks down to the ring, he poses with some fans and teases some of his haters, he enters the ring thru the middle rope and spins around as pyro shoots out from the ring posts, Chino removes his trench coat and places it in his corner along with his kendo stick.

The Extreme Icon!