Chase Durden

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Chase Durden

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Name of Wrestler: Chase Durden
Picture Base: Finn Balor (no face paint)
Wrestler Height: 6' 3"
Wrestler Weight: 210
Age: 22
Theme Music: Orange Time Machines Care by A Lot Like Birds
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Style of Wrestling: British Strong Style/Catch Wrestling
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel
Signature Move: Day of Durden
Signature Description: Fisherman Brainbuster
Finisher Move: Blackout
Finisher Description: Rainmaker lariat setup but with a high knee to the face instead of lariat

Gimmick: Chase Durden is a second generation IIW star and his arrogance and narcissism grinds on the fans and his peers. He doesn't just think he's better than everyone else, he knows he better than everyone else.

Background|History: Chase Durden, a college-wrestler and part-time MMA fighter is no stranger to pain and suffering. He is willing to do whatever it takes to do what his dad could never do, win the IIW World Title. He will do whatever takes, hurt whoever he wants, and climb his way to top.

Entrance: Chase comes through the curtain slowly as the screaming starts in his entrance music. He is wearing a hooded zipup and MMA shorts. He walks slowly to the ring without revealing his face, because the fans don't deserve to see it until he wants to show it. He jumps on the ring apron, climbs the turnbuckle and slowly removes his hood. He closes his eyes and soaks in the deafening boos. He jumps into the ring and immediately sits in his corner waiting for his opponent or waiting for the match to begin.