Blade Alexander

Blade Alexander

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Name of Wrestler: Blade Alexander
Picture Base: Seth Rollins

Wrestler Height: 6'1"
Wrestler Weight: 224 lbs
Age: 27
Theme Music: 'Killing in the Name' by Rage Against the Machine
Hometown: Moncton, NB Canada
Billed from: Las Vegas, NV

Style of Wrestling: Submission/Strong style
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel/Face
Signature Mover: Hair of the Dog
Signature Description: Half Nelson Backbreaker
Finisher Move: Original Sin
Finisher Description: Single Leg Yakuza Kick (Claymoore)

Gimmick: Mind game playing heel with a HUGE chip on his shoulder
Background|History: A second generation wrestler in his own right, Blade has spent a few years travelling around small promotions based all over the world to much critical acclaim but usually coming up short on titles highlighted by his time spent in indies based out of Nevada starting with a short lived but unbeaten tag team dubbed the Original Sinners, a name that has since stuck with Blade wherever else he's traveled.