Bell Letrice

Bell Letrice

Bell Letrice
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Name of Wrestler: Bell Letrice
Picture Base: Mila Kunis
Wrestler Height: 5'8
Wrestler Weight: 150lbs
Age: 24
Theme Music: Run The World - Beyonce
Hometown: Brugge, Belgium

Style of Wrestling: Technical
Face|Heel|Neutral: Heel
Signature Move: 3 Amigos
Signature Description: LeThrice
Finisher Move: X-Factor
Finisher Description: Bell Ringer

Gimmick: The Queen Bee, Super Popular Female

Entrance: Run The World - Beyonce plays out as The Queen B, Bell Letrice makes her way out to the ring sporting her tiara and long robes, she struts out too a chorus of boos before gracefully getting into the ring and posing to the crowd