Apollo Cain

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Apollo Cain

Apollo Cain
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Name of Wrestler: Apollo Cain
Picture Base: Ezekiel Jackson
Wrestler Height: 6'9
Wrestler Weight: 283
Age: 35
Theme Music: "Virginia" By the Clipse
Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Style of Wrestling:Powerhouse
Face|Heel|Neutral: Neutral
Signature Mover: Street Justice
Signature Description: Muscle Buster
Finisher Move: The Ghetto
Finisher Description: Masterlock

Gimmick: Real as fuck


From the mean streets of Norfolk Virginia. The residents call it Naughty by Norfolk and it lives up to the name. Apollo is no stranger to violence and all the terrible things that are funneled into the ghetto. He's been locked up, stabbed, shot and overall discarded by mainstream society. Locked in ADX Florence a Supermax prison for the most recent 3 years has done nothing but exactly what society thought it would do. The question is...is the world ready. He has serious history with a few members of the IIW that will be revealed in due time


A man whispers over the melodic bells of "Virginia" by the Clipse. When the bass drops the curtain ruffles and out walks Apollo Cain, shirtless and looking like a hungry Black Bear. He bows his head and pats his chest over his heart twice and raises his head and outstretches his arm and gives the middle finger to the crowd to a chorus of boos. He strolls to the ring shouting insults and curses to the members of the crowd.