Adam Bradley

Adam Bradley

Adam Bradley
The Whole F'n Show
Adam Bradley
The Whole F'n Show
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Name of Wrestler: Adam Bradley
Picture Base: Alex Shelley
Wrestler Height: 5"10
Wrestler Weight: 205
Age: 22
Theme Music: Push Em - Yelawolf & Travis Barker
Hometown: Manchester, England

Style of Wrestling: Technical Highflyer
Face|Heel|Neutral: Face
Signature Mover: Blue and Gold
Signature Description: Triangle Choke
Finisher Move: Pride before the fall
Finisher Description: Gringo Killer

Gimmick: Endearingly cocky show off.

Background: Adam has had time to mature and hone is craft since his days of IIW. He's traveled the world, wrestling wherever and whenever he can and always learning. He is a man that leaves it all in the ring and is used to standing ovations from the loving crowd but when he leaves the ring and tends to his battle scars he thinks back to how it all started, how much he's changed since and how's he never got the chance to prove it. Constantly chasing glory only to find the light at the end of the tunnel was a fire and he's choking on the smoke and choking in his big marquee matches constantly coming up short. Lying on his back looking up at and unopened net full of confetti in the rafters set to finally crown his coronation at the top, fans booing as the champ, Adam again couldn't conquer scrambles away clutching his title. He thinks about to whats holding him back and it's his beginning. The thought of the IIW, the thought of each one of those fans never being on their feet applauding him as he stands triumphant in the ring just eats away at him. He gets up and leaves knowing there's only one thing that can prove to himself that he can do it, he has to prove himself where it all started.