Bellevue Ski School and Joe Harlacher

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Hi Jack,
I am the new owner of Ullr Inc. While I have worked for Ullr since 1974, Joe and Doris finally saw fit to pass Ullr along to me.
While Joe is around I would love to see if he could identify and provide background to the photos you had started to post to from the scrapbooks you have. I saw your efforts a few years ago, but do not see a link to them now. Anything I can do to help?
I mentioned your site to Joe and he was very interested in helping identify photos.
What should be our next step?
FYI, saw the report from the slope reconnoiter last July. Sorry I missed that, will probably poke around there this summer.
John Quickstad
Sammamish, WA
425-351-0119 (cell)