May 10th, 2017, 5:06 am #11

What year is that project map from? The earliest one I have is from 1998 for all the areas. Of course they usually throw out lots of 'wish list' projects and scale them down during the negotiations with the forest service and other groups.
I snapped a few more shots of it.. too bad the bright light reflects so bad.. Anyway, this appears to be a legit project map from 1965!?!

Too be fair the chairs on the existing side that were proposed would have actually worked pretty well as runs. They do go over some steep but end up dumping you on either side of piss pass, with lots of options down.. Would have been interesting to see the ropelines on those runs. Source lake up chair lift is also a non brainer, if you expend that way.. The one on the otherside of valley, now man those were some crazy dreams. I still haven't been able to actually find any lines anywhere around where those were proposed..