My Crosman 760 ... Better Than I Had Expected

My Crosman 760 ... Better Than I Had Expected

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April 17th, 2017, 9:10 pm #1

Well fellas ... while I'm waiting the results of the BB-dedicated Crosman 2100.
I had a co-worker tell me he had his grandkids over to his house to shoot some pellet rifles.

One of the kids took a Eurasian dove at about 20-yards with a Benjamin ACP in .22 caliber. ... l-air.html
Grandpa had to pump-up the Benjamin for her.
He also has a couple of Daisy 880s ... but, they're scoped.
Grandpa wants the kids to learn how to use iron-sights.

So, I give him both of my Daisy's - Red Ryder and Model 25.
For the grandkids to use under his supervision.
Then, it hit me ... I ain't gonna have any BB-guns after I drop-off the Daisys.

On my way home from work I decided to stop at Walmart and purchase a Crosman 760 that I had seen
on-the-shelf a couple of days prior.
But, I had to lay a careful plan to finish my chores and do an unnoticed drive-by to Walmart.
My wife doesn't like guns ... let alone airguns - she thinks I have way-too-many as is.

Anyway, I had a successful sortie ... got the 760 back to the home unnoticed.
And, I've been sighting-in the 760 for the last 30-minutes.
So far, I've been duly impressed.
I've been hitting 1-inch pecans at 10-meters with regularity.

Albeit from a steadied, standing, position.
Even so, it hasn't been hard to sight-in the 760's semi-buckhorn rear sight.
However, the lack of a windage adjustment feature did make for inconvenient and iffy left/right changes.
Nevertheless, with a little patience ... I'm hitting whatever pecans I've aiming at.
And, the best-part ... the good accuracy is being achieved using non-premium BBs. LOL
Bulk zinc-plated Daisy BBs are doing just-fine for me. LOL

To this end, I think I'm done with Daisy spring & piston BB-guns.
As the Crosman 760 trigger is such an improvement over the Daisy Red Ryder and Model 25.
The Red Ryder trigger although not unreasonably heavy displayed a lot of creep. ... p?t=295707

On-the-other-hand, the Model 25 trigger was heavy.
So, heavy that after an extended shooting session, my trigger-finger would become sore. ... p?t=310042

So far, the 760 trigger is not exhibiting any unpleasant characteristics.
Most telling, the 760 trigger is lighter than the trigger-pull of my Daisy 953.
And, I really like my Daisy 953s. ... p?t=878522 ... target+pro

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April 18th, 2017, 11:39 pm #2

I don't count the GAT pistol that was purchased at a local antique store back home. That GAT shot BBs, nails, darts, pellets, spit wads (at my little brother), about anything that would fit in the bore.

Getting the 760 was like getting a Porsche over Chevy Chevette. Really had lots of fun and mischief with it.

Glad you like it.

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April 19th, 2017, 12:16 am #3

So far ... so good.
My 760 has exceeded the performance of my spring and piston Daisys.
Albeit, requiring 4-strokes of compression to equal the pecan smashing power of my Model 25.

Sure wished I could mount a peep-sight on the 760 .... that would be great.

Even so, spent the last hour shooting the 760, the semi-buckhorn rear sight open sight take
some practice to gain proficency.
I've been able to hit 1-inch pecans at 25-feet off-hand if I'm very careful.
At 21-feet, I can smack pecans consistently - loads of fun.

But, there are somethings I dearly miss about the Daisys.
The feel of wood and metal ... very satisfying.
While the 760 ... much like the Daisy 880 and Crosman 2100/2200 ... traditional steel.
But, employ much more lightweight synthetic materials that are not nearly as welcoming to the touch
as wood.
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April 19th, 2017, 8:08 am #4

I've been looking for some peep sights to fit my 760 compatible with the OEM front sight.
What I've seen carry the caveat "for use with pellets ... kinda an odd qualification?!?!?

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April 19th, 2017, 3:21 pm #5

They have Williams WRGS-54 for Airgun/.22 Rifles

I have one of them on My Backpacker 2289 .... Love it!

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April 21st, 2017, 12:15 am #6

Spent a couple of hours this afternoon with my 760.
I was shooting 1-inch pecans at 18-feet, 21-feet, 25-feet and 10-yards.
Using 3-strokes of compression with Daisy zinc-coated BBs.

I found the rear sight had to be down on the lowest setting.
As such, I don't think the Williams WGRS-54 is gonna work on my 760 without
a taller front-sight.

From a steady-position, off-hand supported on a window sill and my right-shoulder
braced against a window frame.
At 21-feet ... shooting pecans wasn't a challenge.
At 25-feet ... with a little more effort ... I was connecting with monotonous regularity.
Moving to 10-yards ... I had to exercise due diligence to stay on-the-mark.
However, at 10-meters ... I was really having to focus to connect with the 1-inch pecans.
But, I could hit two-out-of-three shots.

With my Daisy 953 using AR-15 peep-sights, shooting 1-inch pecans at 10-meters is not difficult.
But, does require concerted effort.
I'm capable of making good hits at 15-yards with another one of my 953's with aperture sights.

My point, my 760 needs a better iron-sights to take advantage of its full accuracy potential.
As such, I'm still looking-for a suitable grooved-receiver mounted peep-sight.
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April 21st, 2017, 1:31 am #7

both a high and low profile, and the Williams FP-GR also comes in low profile with, or without target knobs,
Midway carries them all also.
I've used the 5D-AG in both profiles on my 760's with a 3/4" dia. muzzle weight that had a screw in pin front sight and it worked fine. You can try different length pins to get the right front elevation. I've also used the Discovery muzzle weight with a taller front sight I picked up used at a gun show.

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April 21st, 2017, 8:18 am #8

Well, it looks like I'm gonna need a method of installing a taller front sight
on my 760 - the key to a peep sight intallation being a modified front-sight .
A higher site post.
Not what I had expected.

Hmmm, I wonder of any of the Crosman Custom Shop front sights might work?
That is, if the barrel diameters are compatible.
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April 21st, 2017, 7:17 pm #9

weights are basically the same as what I used (mine was after market, but used the same type of sight pin), they use a threaded pin for a front sight post, and there are different height after market pins, and at least one screw in blade available from various venders (or used to be anyway)or you can make one. The custom shop Williams rear peep sight is the low profile target knob version of the Williams FP-GR that I mentioned in my previous post and isn't exclusive to Crosman. IMO though the low profile Williams 5D-AG is a better fit on the 760 since it's a bit more compact and is also the cheapest. I can and see if I still have any photos of my 760 with these sights, and if so I can post them if you want a visual.

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April 21st, 2017, 8:15 pm #10

Ideally, I'd like to acquire a "bolt-on" solution.
By-the-way, I'm so smitten by my 760 ... in-due-time ... I intend to buy
one-each for the kids that were/are the recipients of my old Daisys.
But, I hope to have one of the 760s outfitted with a peep-sight.
While the other 760 will retain the OEM open-sights.