Location Alberta, Canada
Interests -Video games. I mostly play Nintendo games with Super Metroid being my favorite game. I enjoy speed running every now and then, generally speed running Metroid: Zero Mission with a single segment any% in-game time of 30:12 as my current PB.

-Music. My main instrument that I play is violin but I also own a bass guitar and a keyboard, both that I'm not very good at. I've sort of slipped on this department the last few years, especially when I was in university. I enjoy most music genres though my favorite would be classical. I tend to listen to orchestrated arrangements of video game music the most.

-Land Before Time. I would hope that this would be on here in some form. I don't really know how I got into the series. I just remember owning the 3rd film as a kid and got hooked. I've recently gotten into drawing LBT related pictures as well so we'll see what happens on that front.
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