Dr. Curzon
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Interests March:
(My current pen name is Ricaria, pen names change every month or so.)

My interests...

I like reading books, and comics, and my favorite subject is now history...
I like talking randomly, and reading jokes. I like drawing too...

I LOVE writing. I write fanfictions and plain old' fictions. Face genres are Angst, Drama, Romance, Friendship, Mystery and Fantasy.
The things I like so far...
Lion King (I got readdicted, if that's a word) and the Nightmare Before Christmas
Astrology (Don't believe, but fun to read!)
Archie comics
Reading fanfictions

I made my new language, Ynggua, for my stories. If you would like to know more about it, feel free to ask!

To be honest, I still enjoy the LBT series, but I'm not that much of a fan anymore. But I still like it a lot. It's just that my likes right now are the Lion King and the Nightmare Before Christmas, but I still love LBT a lot.

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It's easy being who you are, but not easy to make others THINK you're being yourself.
Being random is NOT the same as being crazy. I'm both.
Being unique and different is a good thing. Remember this when trying to fit in.