Harrow in late game

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Harrow in late game

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March 5th, 2018, 6:47 am #1


So I recently got Harrow and put a build together from what I saw on some YouTube videos and was quite enjoying the frame. I love the way his abilities work together, he's supportive but in a new way, and his fashion frame is quite nice as well. So I decided to see how he would do on MOT in the void. To my surprise I felt he was far squishier then I thought he would be. I leveled him on hydron and he seemed just fine, but in the void with 2k shields and full health I got one shot out of no where (after about 16ish minutes). Thurible while a great ability leaves me no choice but to cower in a corner hoping to not be discovered. So I was just wondering if y'all thought that Harrow is good for end game level content? Interested to hear your opinions.

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