Creative & cheap ideas for gift wrapping

Creative & cheap ideas for gift wrapping

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Wrapping gifts
October 11 2008

I picked up a book yesterday called Gift Boxes by Claus Zimba Dalby. It has many interesting ways to wrap a gift and make boxes, with patterns (which is why I got it). One looks like a shirt with tie, another was a way to wrap a wine bottle that also looked like a shirt and tie. I thought this was a cute and different idea. I started looking around the net to see wrapping ideas and found instructions for both on the DIY Network.

Also found this site which has recycling ideas for gift wrap.

On this same site is an idea for a bottle gift box that I think would work for a money gift.

Another idea I saw was to use a calendar page. I know this is an old idea and I use it for pictures. What was new to me was to use the page with dates (maybe circle a b-day). Haven't seen this one before.

Since I've started thinking about Christmas I will be looking at all packaging to see what could work for gift wrap.

Is thinking about the gift wrap as much fun for you as thinking about a good gift?

Want to share some gift wrap ideas with us?

I like wrapping in a furoshhiki

It is a Japanese thing and really easy to make them. I found a lot of cute fabric on the dollar table at Walmart, so I can make one for just over a $1.

Last year
October 13 2008

I picked up some cheap fabric from Wal-mart, post holidays, all in holiday prints... I will make some fabric bags for the stuff- I had made 2 last year, but am planning to make some more this year. Right now I only have a working serger, not sewing machine, but I found that worked just fine, they just did not have a draw string at the top. So I simply gathered them at the top and wrapped that with a ribbon and it looked really nice.

dye-sub transfer paper
October 13 2008, 6:42 AM

kinda like plastic wrap but lots of pretty colors. You need someone with the printer so you can get the discard after they are done with it.

Myra, I don't understand this
October 13 2008, 9:04 AM

Tell this dumb girl what you mean! I'm not familiar with the terminology and don't know what you are talking about.

October 13 2008, 2:27 PM

basically the material is a roll of some type plastic, and after it is all used up you end up with a roll that has colors on it from the many photos that were made. The last photo made with this roll I have was of a spider. I did not want to unroll it too far but there's different colors - blue, green, yellow - all 8X10 - with the image of the spider on them (basically a solid color image) since it prints one color after the other onto the photo paper. Neat to watch as it shoots the picture mostly out, partly printed, sucks it back in and runs over it again etc. So the roll of thin plastic is one primary color after another with an image on each one of the photo that was developed.

Usually we just toss it but John said it would be neat to use in stuffing gift bags instead of buying paper for that purpose.

October 13 2008, 5:02 PM

My favorite wrap is something I can recycle, makes it one of a kind most of the time. I decided to get a box and toss anything that comes into the house that can be recycled into gift wrap. I was cleaning out papers, cards, wallpaper samples, junk mail, etc. I was going to recycling some of these then I thought to save them until after the holidays. That way I can dig through all of them for ideas, then recycle what is not used.

In the box already is a poster, stickers, wallpaper border sample, and a small amount of tissue paper.

Here is a good site for templates, Mirkwood Designs. ... tes.htm>

One I used last week was the CD template. It works great with greeting cards. Just place where the fold already is, I used double stick tape to put it together. I gave a cousin some family pictures using a birthday card. It just showed the picture of flowers so you couldn't tell it what kind of card it was.

As I was cleaning up I found some christmas yarn(red, white, green). I started crocheting a chain to use like ribbon. The chain was ok but I like it better when I did one row of single crochet, made a good bow. You could also make tassels or pompoms with yarn. I saw some nice tassels made with thread. I also found some eyelash yarn that would look festive as ribbon.

Link to make Moravian Stars
October 18 2008, 2:05 PM

I made lots of these last year. They worked great for packages, ornaments, or just decorations. Had a few in a punch bowl with christmas balls and other shiny stuff. They are not hard once you figure it out and you can make them quick. I would do some on my lunch break at work. I have an old craft book that has the directions I used. But here is a site, I didn't trim the ends of my strips like here.

October 19 2008, 1:39 PM

This site shows Christmas bag toppers. ... opper.html

I made something like this one year but I used old Christmas cards. I took zip top sandwich bags the stapled on the cards. You take the cards and cut off the back leaving about an inch. This cuts off the used part, then meet the fold part at the top of the bag. It worked/looked better on small cards that showed the bag better. But you could trim them down to get the look you want.

This would be a great way to...
October 19 2008, 1:51 PM

...decorate and seal brown or white lunch sacks to use as gift bags.