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Nearly at the end, and there's this (p404 hardback):

Of all the battles Loken had fought at his commander's side, that was the fiercest, the saddest, the most vicious. Teeth bared in the firelight, swinging his blade at the foe on all sides, Horus seemed more noble than Loken had ever known. He would remember that moment, years later, when fate had played its cruel trick and sense had turned upside down. He would remember Horus, Warmaster, in that narrow firelit street, defining the honour and unyielding courage of the Imperium of Man.
There should have been frescos painted, poems written, symphonies composed, all to celebrate that instant when Horus made his most absolute statement of devotion to the Throne.
And to his father.
There would be none. The hateful future swallowed up such possibilities, swallowed the memories too, until the very fact of that nobility became impossible to believe.

This is an amazing passage, illustrating so beautifully Horus at his peak, and the tragedy of his fall.

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That is a pretty nice extract!

Thought the coolest thing about Horus Rising was how the whole thing just felt like a breath of fresh air. The way the characters are written, their actions and ways they interact, they were completely unlike and so much more pragmatic than practically any marines described in the other 40k-era books.

There was a genuine feeling of optimism and hope throughout it, or at least the early sections - aside from anything else, I thought the book was a 'success' because Abnett managed to capture that contrasting feeling so well, and it's probably one of the stand-out books in the entire BL stable because of that.

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If I may ask, when will we start on the next book in the series, False Gods?

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A bit late in the day, I know, since I'm sure we're shortly moving onto False Gods, but I just wanted to share a quote that was for me rather intriguing. The following quote is from Maloghurst when he is addressing Horus and his commanders on the strategium deck regarding the future course of the expedition:

"Scout ships report eighteen systems of interest, twelve of which promise fundamental worth in terms of elemental resource, but no sign of life or habitation. The searches are not yet conclusive, but at this early juncture might I be so bold as to suggest that this region need not concern the expedition. Subject to certificiation, these systems should be added to the manifest of the colonial pioneers who follow in our footsteps."

Colonial pioneers, eh...? This conjures up all manner of potential story ideas for my personal writing...

Does anyone know of any existing HH era novels that deal with colonial trailblazers?
A N I M O S I T Y - Narrative campaign events in the 31st & 41st millennium

Defiance - A Horus Heresy novella

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Not per say,I'd say the closest would be Descent of Angels.
It has pre-Imperial Caliban and goes a little into a first contact situation.
How a culture adapts the Imperial Creed

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Hyperion @ Oct 12 2013, 07:17 PM wrote:Here's the next great quote (p84 hardback) from Loken, with hopefully some major foreshadowing:

He tried to picture the manner of his own death. Fabled, imaginary combats flashed through his mind. He imagined himself at the Emperor's side, fighting some great, last stand against an unknown foe. Primarch Horus would be there, of course. He had to be. It wouldn't be the same without him. Loken would battle, and die, and perhaps even Horus would die, to save the Emperor at the last.

Although, Dan did provide an alternative:

Then, briefly, he imagined another death. Alone, far away from his comrades and his Legion, dying from cruel wounds on some nameless rock, his passing as memorable as smoke.

Horus Rising is my favorite book in the series so far. For a couple of reasons i have reread the book now some five times. The extract above is by far my favorite and the part i have reread the most. I have used this passage and the greater scene, the ceremony of Loken's joining the Mournival, as a base for many of my fan arguments. Loken Living past the end of GiF. Loken is a psyker. Loken is a founding Grey Knight Grandmaster. Loken is /Still/ alive in the "present" 40k. Lil Horus and the other "true Sons" of Horus are clones. The Mournival is the left over of the Luna Woves Lribaium. Most people think I read WAY to much into all this. To me i see "major foreshadowing".

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But the luna wolves/sons never had a librarium... so the mournival couldn't be that regardless of wwetherany of them turned out to have latent abilities..

Anyway, Horus Rising is a brilliant beginning and a very well thought out book it sets up for the events tto come without feeling too much like a "to be continued" story, it works well on its own or as part of the bigger picture which attests to Dan Abbnet's skill as an author.

I think it's interesting to see the 30k Astartes be more human than their 40k counterparts, the difference definitely worked in favour of the authors for making likable characters rather than just "badasses" and bolter porn.

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Just finished listening to the Abridged version. Does it miss much?

Time for False God's?