Isstvan III Campaign

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Wee bit of background.

Myself and my buddy who I will call the Giant Ginger or GG wanted to play 30k. I have played Sallies over the years and to save money decided to dual purpose them for 30k and 40k. He is an emperors children fan so he went with them.

Now we both know sallies weren't at I3 but I wasn't gonna go buy an army just for the campaign lol. My backstory will "justify" me being there as follows: Their ship was disabled and the Death Guard were giving them a ride back to Isstvan V where they would then get transport back to Nocturne. Mortarion decides to eliminate them at I3 with the rest in the culling.

After perusing the Campaign I realized that only in one battle did we really need to change it up. The first legendary battle that features Angron. We simply substituted Fulgrim for Angron and moved on.

For the campaign I made a simple spreadsheet. It has all the relevant info on it and will provide pics at each phases end. For those that have not read it the gist is that the players decide how many games per phase they think they can accomplish. We went with 3 per phase. Depending on what type of mission you play in each phase you gain a different amount of CP (Campaign Points) so for instance in phase one if the Loyalists win a basic random battle they win a certain amount and the Traitors win a certain amount.

I would be happy to answer questions on the details of it.

Anywhoo, movin on.

With the campaign set up it was time to plan!

Im going to do a post per phase (so there will be 4) and then edit them with the game info. If this isn't ok Mods pls lemme know and I will rectify.

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Game 1: Blood Feud 2500 points per side

Battlefield: Quite sparse. Mostly a few ruins but no large ruins.

Alarics Setup/List

In this phase of the campaign I get 3 fortifications instead of one in my FOC. GG gets to assault from deepstrike with certain unit types. This is terrifying on so many levels. My thoughts immediately went to wtf do I do to stop/slow him down. A couple years ago I bought a Wall of Martyrs. Time to put it to work! For those who don't know, Wall of Martyrs is a modular fortification. I went with a Bunker, 2 defensive trenches and the emplacement point. As icing on the cake I put in a void shield generator. A real one, not the knock off. The line and emplacement point grant stubborn. The bunker was upgraded to an ammo box (re roll 1's) the rest of my list is pretty self explanatory. To combat the attack from deepstrike I put augury scanners on both hvy weapons teams and both apothecaries. I went for fluff as much as I could. No rhinos, aircraft or any vehicles save dreadnoughts. I told GG to do his worst.

My list

Praetor with the fixins
Consul-Chaplain- 2 power fists. Yup. I just love the model lol.
Command Squad

Apothecaries x2

Contemptor - Dual Kheres

Firedrakes with hammers n shields

15 man squad - nothing special
15 man squad - extra cc weapon

5 man plasma cannon squad - put on top of bunker
5 man missile launcher squad - put on top of VSG

8 man seeker squad - no combi weapons. just bare bones, they marked Fulgrim for death.

Wall of Martyrs Defence Network
Void Shield Generator

Emperors Children


10 man tac squad - fulgrims abalative wounds

5 man Palatine Blades - went with Eidolon

10 man assault squad
5 man assault squad

Predator Executioner w/ lascannon sponsons

5 man lascannon squad
5 man volkite squad

6 man outrider squad

Xiphon Interceptor

Deployment- Corners

I setup my defences in the corner with the VSG in the back, the Bunker 2" ahead and then the defence line with the emplacement curved around it. The 15 man bolter squad setup in the defence line with attached apothecary. The 15 man ccw squad I spread out in my backfield to prevent deepstrikes. The seekers with attached apothecary were to the right and the Contemptor to the left. The firedrakes chilled in the bunker. The Plasma Cannon squad went on top of the bunker and the ML squad went on top of the VSG.

EC deployed the Executioner, 5 man hvy squads in ruins within range and the 10 man assault squad. Everything else went into reserves.

The Battle

One thing to note that made this game awesome for myself is that I got the WL trait that grants shred to blast weapons. I rolled 3 units and put it on the seeker squad and both heavy weapons. hehehehe shred on plasma cannons, yes pls!

Im not gonna give every turn, just the overview. GG went first. He used the lascannon squad to knock out the VSG shields first. He did this every turn. I kept getting 1 shield back but he would just knock it right down again. The volkites burned a couple marines, would have killed more but Feel no Pain is amazing. The executioner took some pot shots at the contemptor and killed a shot at the 15 man squad but killed no one, thanks again to FnP!

GG is running the Right of War for EC so he just gets to come on whatever turn he wants (jerk) so he deepstrikes the 5 man tac squad & Fulgrims squad. He outflanks the bikes, Eidolons posse and the Xiphon. He now has his entire army on the board. He jumps up the 10 man assault squad and moves nothing else. My augury scanners give me tons of shooting. The seekers started it off by shooting the Outriders but only kill one.The heavy squads tear up Fulgrims squad due to my amazing WL trait. I manage to kill 6 with the ML and the last 4 with the plasma cannons doing one wound to Fulgrim, which he heals at the end of the round. Lastly the Contemptor wipes the 5 man squad because he gained interceptor due to not moving first turn. EIdolons squad takes no shots.

He assaults with everything he can, which is really just Eidolon. Fulgrim rolls snake eyes and shakes his fist at the tac squad in the defence line. Eidolon assaults the 15 man ccw squad. Manages to kill a lot of the squad, I only had 4 left by the end. My chaplain promptly rips Eidolons head off with his dual powerfists. I win the fight and wipe the group.

After turn 2 both armies are vastly depleted.

I have some decent shooting next turn but the lascannons and volkites make the plasma cannon squad go to ground very turn for the rest of the game. The Volkites wipe the ML squad turn 3 and I have nothing that can reach except the Contemptor so I run it towards the Volkites after thinning the lascannons a bit. The Contemptor is taking out by the remaining lascannons next turn, took a shot at the Xiphon but it just jinked and flew off the table.

Fulgrim is held up by the 15 man bolter squad till turn 4 then I ran the Firedrakes at him and tied him up till games end. The executioner continues to do wounds to the seeker squad after they assault the bikes and wipe them. I got real lucky there, no power weapons in the seekers but the apothecary managed to kill 4! of the bikes on his own. The contemptor is put down by the returning Xiphon in the final turn.

The praetor hung out with the command squad behind the bunker and joined the fight with Fulgrim. He died to Fulgrims blade. The seekers manage to get close enough to the Volkites to shoot them to death after the volkites polish off the plasma cannon squad.


Salamanders Survivors - Fire Drakes, Chaplain, Seekers, 1 apothecary, fortifications, command squad, 3 of the ccw squad ( I hid them behind VSG)

Emperors Children Survivors - Fulgrim, Xiphon, Executioner, 2 lascannon dudes.



Mistakes were made on both sides. You can't assault from outflank. You can't get shots with an augury scanner unless they deepstrike. I forgot my banner granted fearless and kept going to ground in its bubble.

We acknowledged our mistakes and we rectified them.

All in all it was a fun bloodbath of a game.

Game 2: Extermination 2500 points per side

Battlefield: 1 large building, 2 mediums and 2 smalls, assorted barricades.

Alarics Setup/List

I changed nothing in my list! Saw no need and I am alllll aboot the fluff in as much as I can.

Emperors Children

He ditched Fulgrim (thank Christ) and added the following:

20 man tac squad

Consul: Champion

Consul: Medicae

1 apothecary

Deployment- Long Ends of the table

I won initiative and let him setup and go first.

GG puts the executioner pretty much as close to center as he could using the large building for cover. Beside it he put the volkites with a 20 man bolter squad to his extreme left. He puts the lascannon squad in a ruin on the opposite side with everything in my army in range. He put the 15 man assault squad just in front of the lascannons toeing the line ready to charge forward.

All the rest went into reserve.

I setup exactly as per last time except I moved the fortifications to the center of my 2'x2' section. I deployed all the units that were in fortifications in the same ones with same spots. As for the 15 man ccw bolter squad I put to the
extreme right along with the contemptor. The contemptor I wanted in range of those nasty volkites and I lined up the ccw/bolter squad with his 20 man tac squad.

The Battle

After failing to seize the initiative GG goes first. He jumps the assault squad right up the side as far as he can. The lascannons target the VSG itself and knock all shields out and give it a hull point! The executioner throws some wounds on the 15 man ccw/bolter squad on the right side but I manage to save all but 2 wounds thanks to cover and FnP. The contemptor takes a glance and the volkites kill only 2 more marines.

My first turn is not bad. Manage to kill 3 volkites and 4 lascannons. The lascannon breaks and become an annoying pest later in the game.

Again, not gonna do every turn, just a running overview of death and destruction.

GG brings all his reserves on. This game he did not deepstrike anything, just outflanked like a +SCRAPSHUNTERRORABORT+. On my extreme left he brings the bikes right in my backfield. The Xiphon comes on at an oblique angle and lines up the contemptor. On the opposite side of my backfield the hated Eidolon emerges. GGs 20 man tac squad opens fire with the FURY OF THE LEGION. Totally requires caps. but it is not effective as I roll like a boss and lose just a single marine. The volkites open up at the same squad and shed 3 more marines. The lascannon regroups and pops a shot off at the VSG and strips a void shield. He does this EVERY TURN, I get one shield back and that peckerwood strips it right down again. The executioner strips another point offa the contemptor and thins the 15 man ccw squad...who are FURY OF THE LEGION'd. I lose 4 marines to the massive shooting as they are within pistol range. The assault squad attempts to charge the entrenched bolter squad but fail with double ones as Fulgrim did last game!

Bottom of 2 I charge the Firedrakes outta the bunker and square off with Eidolon, I also peel the command squad their way as well. I move the chaplain from the firedrake squad to the 15 man entrenched squad. I FURY OF THE LEGION the assault squad but only kill a single marine, uh oh. The ML squad kills a single bike and the plasma cannon team kill and break the volkites, only a single volkite survives. I want to charge the 20 man bolter squad but don't wanna kill the marines and make the charge harder so I try to pop the Xiphon with the contemptor. I roll awesome and scour it from the skies. The 15 man ccw/bolter squad can't shoot so I square up with the 20 man squad.

Assaults aplenty happen. The firedrakes charge Eidolons squad of palantines and the command squad joins the melee. This was pretty neat as every single combatant squares off in a challenge! Eidolon squares off with the firedrake leader and the command squad divvies out to handle the rest ( I killed 2 palantine blades in shooting) I kill Eidolon (YES!) and wipe the rest of the squad losing just a single command squad member.

The 15 man ccw/bolter squad charges the 20 man squad. The praetor walks thru the squad culling the traitors with every hit. The traitor apothecary keeps quite a few alive tho and the melee ensues.

GGs 3rd turn he manages to charge the entrenched squad. Its a vicious melee with a huge body count. I lose 9 marines and am left only with my apothecary, sergeant and chaplain. My chaplain wreaks havoc with his dual power fists and 5 kills 5 himself. The melee ensues for 2 more player turns before they all kill each other off!

The 15man ccw/bolter and 20 man bolter squad continues.

The bikes charge the firedrakes but get killed to the man.

By this time its just a matter of mopping up.

The executioner pops the contemptor and the volkite takes a few potshots at the plasma cannon squad.

The 15 man ccw/bolter squad wins combat with only 4 surviving with the Praetor. The praetor and squad make their way towards the executioner, who pivots and wipes the squad leaving the Praetor, who, with a cry of FOR THE EMPEROR! destroys the executioner with a melta bomb.

At this point we call it as GG only has the lascannon dude left.


The game was scored with each FOC slot being a different value.


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