Julie Reed

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Ninacska was born and raised in eastern Europe. Her parents were CCD loyalists. Not the pretty, peaceful kind demonstrating behind the barricades. The kind that did whatever needed to get the job done. A terrifyingly efficient couple.

Their one and only daughter raised herself as much as the boarding schools. By the time she was ten she could take a caning with a sinister smile on her face that read the future for the Latvian headmistress. The old crone did not meet a peaceful end.

Nina had steel running down her spine and a fire in her belly that constantly needed quenched. By the time she was old enough to be recruited to the army, she was the most fearsome little girl that ever lived. Her parents crossed the border into China two weeks before she graduated basic training. That was the last Nina heard of them.

She worked for CDPS ever since, advancing eventually to field ops. She's never been in love. She's never had a friend she cared for enough to stay in touch once she moved beyond whatever brought them together, including lovers. Especially lovers.

Samantha Reed is her company name: not even her direct report knows the truth. Julie is the alias she takes when working with anything American, but she has a dozen other identities that has seen her through China, Brazil, Argentina, Honduras, Cuba, South Africa, Egypt, and Australia.

Current mission is to accompany American Nicholas Trano to Moscow.

She currently leads a team of agents that consists of two americans: a Moscow expert driver and escape artist, a computer technician and hacker named Shawn, and a CDPS partner named John Abrams (body missing, declared dead; disavowed).

She is extremely close-lipped about her past. Telling Nicholas Trano about defecting to the CIA took an extreme situation, and she is unlikely to bring it up again.