Enrique Salguero

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Character Name: Enrique Antonio Lopez Salguero

Age: 27

Origins: El Paso, Texas, Currently Mexico City

Occupation: Trick Gunslinger/Bartender

Psychological Description: Enrique is usually friendly. He tends to get to know people before he judges them. At the same time, he doesn’t push suspicions aside. He is a show off, particularly when it comes to marksmanship. He often does trick shots just because he can. He likes to flirt and overall is a social individual.

Physical Description: Enrique is 5’7”. He is built strongly. His hair is short and black and his eyes dark.


Growing up, Enrique had a normal childhood. His father was into guns and taught Enrique how to shoot from a young age. Enrique enjoyed it quite a bit, and practiced often. He became very good at marksmanship and eventually joined a traveling performing group where he was a trick gunslinger – doing quick draws, spinning guns around before shooting – that kind of stuff.

He made a good living doing shows, but after a show in Mexico City, he decided to stay there. He used the money he made to open a bar and through that, he gets to meet a lot of people. Being a social person, he felt fulfilled with his job.

At twenty-one, Enrique had just closed the bar when he heard some scratching noises coming from the alley behind his establishment. He grabbed his Colts (4 total – two at his hips and two on shoulder holsters) and went to check it out. It sounded different than a dog. What he saw was hideous. It looked canine, but was hairless and its body seemed shriveled. Enrique didn’t like it whatever it was. It held within its teeth the remains of some animal and as Enrique entered the alley it turned to face him, giving a horrendous shriek. Enrique acted without thinking, pulling his two hip revolvers out with a flourish and firing at the creature as it began to run at him. He emptied the guns into the beast and it fell dead as Enrique reholstered his weapons.

Enrique’s ears picked up on more scratching behind him, and he pulled out the other two guns as he turned and saw another of the beasts coming for him. Just then a man came out of the shadows with a sword. The man attacked the beast and it fell.

This man, Eduardo, was impressed with Enrique’s ability to keep cool while under attack not to mention his marksmanship and quick draw skills. Eduardo introduced Enrique to the Atharim and Enrique joined up. Through his training, he learned that the creatures were called chupakabras and that other monsters existed in the world. He also learned of channelers and gods. Enrique focused on learning how to hunt monsters. Although he recognizes the dangers of channelers, he doesn’t necessarily feel they should all be killed – a thought which he hides from his brethren. He also trained in blades, but prefers his firearms. They feel more comfortable in his hands.

Even though Enrique has access to newer and more high tech weapons, he prefers to use his Colt Single Action Armies. The weight of them is familiar to him and as a result, he feels more comfortable with them. He also will use rifles. He has a sword, but doesn’t often have it with him. He carries several knives though. His bar is also his residence and he has converted his basement into an Atharim safe house for any that are in the area.