Camila Muñoz

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Name:Camila Yoselin Garcia Muñoz
Alias: La Muñeca
Age: 26

Occupation: Freelance Computer Consultant: emphasis on data retrieval and analysis.
Location: Mexico City, Mexico.

Supernatural Abilities:
(Prophet/Oracle) Camila can see fragments of the pattern, through blood be it animal or human. The ending of life allows Camila a broad view of events and allows her to see the pattern in general, while blood sourced from a creature that remains living creates views with specific ties its past or future. Currently, she is unaware of the role life plays in her visions and believes that the difference lies in the distinction between human and animal blood. At the moment, her visions are fragmented and do not make much sense. She has no way of telling whether the things she sees involve the past or the future. As she grows stronger, it will become easier to separate the past from the future, and the fragments will become smoother more coherent visions.

Psychological Profile:
Camila Muñoz is a hard woman. Her life is centered around the eradication of the various drug lords that torment Mexico. Having survived five years in forced prostitution, she is not free of emotional scars. While she doesn’t hate all men, she does not allow herself to grow close to any of them. As a result, any sort of intimacy is non-existent unless she feels she is in absolute control. Often described as velvet covered steel, Camila has become as cold and hard as the very drug lords she hates. However, can be calculating and is willing to obtain information on the cartels’ movements by any means necessary, not excluding taking advantage of the pretty face that had once condemned her to a life of slavery.


Camila has a long list of reasons to hate the cartels. Not only have they poisoned her country and people for decades, but she’s fallen victim to them as well. At sixteen, Camila was rounded up along with various other girls in her town and kidnapped by the Nuevo Leon Cartel. Her family was told she was held for ransom, and were asked for an exorbitant amount of money.

In truth, while her family scraped to round up every cent they could, she was sent to Mexico City and forced into the prostitution ring. She was a victim of the human trafficking trade for five years. During this time, she observed and did as was necessary to survive, silently feeding her growing hatred each day she remained under their thumb.

She escaped five years later. After having seduced one of the overseers to distraction, Camila stabbed him with his own switchblade. The pain, anger, and trauma of five years culminated in a lack of control she hadn’t experienced before or since. To this day, the details are fuzzy to her. The woman only remembers stabbing over and over, until her hands were covered in his blood, making away with a good amount of the cartel’s money.

At the time, she suffered what she believed to be hallucinations that made little sense to her. Images of fire and people screaming overwhelmed her. It wasn’t until weeks later, after she had managed to escape, that she understood the meaning of the things she had seen. The fire that destroyed the building where she’d been kept all that time made the headlines at the time. Her heart ached for the girls she couldn’t take with her the night of her escape, but she felt the cleansing flames as surely as if she’d been standing in the midst of it all.

However, as punishment for her actions, her family was slaughtered. Perez’ men moved swiftly and no traces of her loved ones were left by the time she managed to make it home. Having nothing left, Camila used the money she stole from the cartel to finish her schooling and eventually get a degree in computer science.

Her experiences have created a deep rooted hatred for all the cartels, especially Nuevo Leon. She hopes to do all she can to eradicate them and free Mexico. In the end, she freelanced as a consultant, a career path that gave her enough free time to pursue her vengeance against the drug lords.