Least played Fall album

Which Fall LP do you listen to the least?
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stevoid @ Nov 16 2017, 09:26 PM wrote: Agree but also add 986 Generator and take away FOL.
Yes but be rid of Gregori. :wacko:
Will no one rid me of this turbulent cowboy?!
I've said this before but I put OFYC in the same box as FHR, records that are too polished for the dullness of the riffs. If you're gonna have those boom-boom garage riffs you need some weirdness at least to scuzz things up a bit, but both those records colour entirely within the lines and the overall effect is pretty boring (although OFYC is by far the better of the two).

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room to live
it's a white one.
it's in great nick
argle bargle fargle

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It would probably be either LATWT or Extricate for me - weirdly the two Bramah ones (though not really anything to do with him I'm sure)

LATWT is not quite yet the Fall somehow... someone makes the point in the MES doc that it only really became Mark's band from Dragnet and I sort of see what they mean. I also don't really like the production, it's too OTT.

Extricate is just fairly weak aside from Telephone Thing. Bill is Dead is fine but overrated.

After than probably Shiftwork and Cerebral Caustic which I'd consider the two worst fall albums. Probably listened to them more than LATWT and Extricate just because they're more curious somehow.

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Marshall Suite. Never bonded with it.

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monkey_rat wrote:

.. Shiftwork and Cerebral Caustic which I'd consider the two worst fall albums. ..
😨  I think Shift-Work is a masterpiece (cringe). I really do. I was completely obsessed with it when it came out, and still love it.

Cerebral Caustic is one of the few I never play all the way through, and is probably my least played Fall album, alongside Witch Trials and The Infotainment Scan.