November 23rd, 2010, 2:00 pm #1

Just a note to say what a respected guy Herve was. People who I have loved very dearly in this life. Who are now gone, liked him in a positive fresh way. ( only from TV) One carries on the likes of the departed, well I do!! Especially if you loved them dearly. I after resorting to black market anti depressants have sympathy for Herve. No one is there to help you, the stigma of mental illness exists. yes I do own a gun, yet I am very far from taking my own life, but sometimes see it as a possible ending in the future. . God forbid! the life of another. If only someone was there to take him outa that situation. I hope a film is made that tells the truth. This little man was let down by certain parties. media showbiz types and gold diggers by the sound of it.


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