Murderess Brynn Orphaned Their 2 Kids


June 14th, 2018, 8:16 pm #1

She was so miserably jealous of Phil's talent it finally did her in.

She was also so jealous that he had a talent & was FAMOUS.   What she always wanted but only had good looks.

When she reached middle aged & saw her looks visibly fading she went even more psycho.

Being born beautiful, a modeling career & marrying a famous talented man w/2 kids just couldn't be enuf for that b!tch.

He married the wrong gal.   Instead of aging gracefully & counting ALL her blessings, she becomes a drug addict & orphans her kids.

This wonderful man and father tells her to get off the drugs or he takes the young kids & leaves her.    So she shoots him when he's sleeping.

Beautiful on the outside and ugly as sin on the inside.    He should have married someone else.  

She should have appreciated him for his awesome talent but couldn't get past her own conceit and worthlessness.

She was a p!ss poor wife and a p!ss poor mother and he woe is me was sickening.   She had a wonderful life a good woman would have loved.

But noooooooooooooooooo, she wanted fame, talent and the world to treat her like they did Phil.   I hope she ends up in Hell.

Burn Baby Burn

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