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I just finished reading this interesting book.

As in everything Marilyn, there is a ton of speculation and brought on by hearsay.

This book is compelling in the fact that apparently Summers personally interviewed many of the major players, in person, before they all died off.

The main revelation of this book is that, according to Summers recreation of the events of Marilyns final hours... Bobby Kennedy arrived at the house late in the evening having been alerted that Marilyn was in trouble... and an ambulance was called, either by him or someone with him. The ambulance took Marilyn to a hospital and she either died there or along the ride. Then her body was taken BACK to Brentwood and put into her bed, and her death not discovered by Ms Murray for a couple of hours or so, long enough for Bobby Kennedy to get the hell out of town.

If anyone is still reading this forum, what do you think of this? I suppose its possible but the theory is full of holes. The only people Summers has to corroborate the ambulance story are a handful of ambulance company people, who swear they did indeed pick up Marilyn that night and she died with them... but one of the employees, interviewed by the author, flatly denied it, but also sounded like he refused to discuss the matter - fear?

In the second place, Murray was supposedly there all night and has NEVER once mentioned an ambulance. However, her testimony has been plagued as being unreliable and erratic ever since, changing multiple stories.. its possible she was simply told to shut up about the entire affair and maybe thats why she cant keep her story straight.

Look at the photos of the Brentwood property - neighbors are somewhat close by, close enough that one neighbor claimed to have seen Bobby Kennedy drive up that afternoon - but no neighbors EVER claimed to have seen or heard an ambulance that night? Its possible it was late and everyone was asleep. I dont know... fishy at best.

Also, I just read on this site, that Murray was fired earlier in the day? That wasnt in the book I just read. If she was fired, what was she doing there all night?

Questions, questions... its an intriguing mystery.

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