New fic by new reader

New fic by new reader


May 14th, 2012, 7:37 pm #1

I am so happy to have found this place! I loved reading ten years worth of steamy fic! So I wrote one of my own, only I leave MUCH to the imagination, because I'm just not that good at sustained steamyness. Well, let's hope someone reads this!

Celebrating life

Sinbad stood at the tiller; they had no particular direction in mind so he let the Nomad pick her own path along the winds and currents of the seven seas. He knew them like the back of his hand and was confident he could steer his ship to land before their supplies dwindled from every spot they would find themselves.

Maeve stood next to him, her face turned to the sun and her eyes closed.

Doing a little sunbathing? Sinbad asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

Im celebrating, Maeve said, not opening her eyes or moving at all.

What are you celebrating? Sinbad asked, knowing that when his sorceress chose to be cryptic playing twenty questions was the only way to get the information out of her.

The spring, she simply replied.

Is that a Christian holy day? Like Easter? Sinbad asked.

Far older than that. By celebrating spring we celebrate life, renewal, hope and fertility, said Maeve, only now turning her head to look at him and gage his reaction.

So how do you usually celebrate? Sinbad asked, not aware of her customs.

By day we braid flowers in our hair and dance around the May-pole, our priestesses bless the land and livestock and by night we light great bonfires and jump over them two by two and dance and celebrate the remainder of the night two by two as well, Maeve said, her chin held high like she was challenging him.

You mean Sinbad trailed off, though he would do it with women hed been raised not to talk about it with women.

I mean its the only night in a year a wife can lay with a man whos not her husband, its the only night of the year a maid can lay with a man without fear of repercussion, after all, it is all in service of the goddess, Maeve said, her voice low and sultry.

Sinbad cleared his throat before he was able to speak. And do you serve this goddess? He asked.

I celebrate her every year, Maeve said.

Will you celebrate her tonight? Sinbad asked.

This is not a celebration for a person all by herself, Maeve said, her eye holding an amused twinkle.

You know Im always eager to learn about different customs, Sinbad said, playing the game right along with her.

Yes, Ive noticed that about you, Maeve said and with a last salacious grin walked away from him.

That womanll be the death of me, Sinbad muttered to himself. But what a way to go.


He looked around his cabin, quite pleased with himself. Hed lit it warmly but not too bright, hed cleaned up and put away all non-essentials and breakables. He didnt know what kind of things Maeve was planning on showing him tonight but he felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Hed undressed already, leaving only his pants on- it wouldnt do to scare her away with what awaited her, he smirked to himself.

The smirk was wiped right off of his face once his door opened and she walked in. She didnt sneak, didnt even turn around to close the door. She just dropped the mantel shed been wearing, kicked the door shut with her foot and stood naked before him.

Hed been with a lot of women, shy women, aggressive women and every variable in between, but no one who had been as confident as Maeve was. He realized all those other women had the taboo of what they were doing in the back of their heads somewhere, even when they disagreed with it, but Maeve looked like she was right where she belonged and knew it.

I dont think Ive ever seen you speechless this long, Maeve joked, showing him that she was just the same as she had always been, not in fact the goddess incarnate- whatever goddess it was.

My tongue has another purpose tonight, he said, his eyes smouldering as he took in every curve of her body.

Maeve smiled and stepped right into his personal space. What purpose would th- his tongue was in her mouth before she could finish her sentence.

One of his hands was at the back of her head, in her hair, holding her, moving her, the other hand on the small of her back, crushing her against him. She pushed her body against him until she slammed him against the wall where she lifted one of her legs so she could grind against him. Though there was little room between them, she still managed to get a hold of his sash and tug it off, taking the wrap-around pants with it, leaving them both naked.

One of her hands snaked between their bodies and got a hold of his hardening member. Judging it hard enough she lifted her leg a little higher and-

Oh no you dont, Sinbad broke the kiss and got her hand off of his dick.

What? Maeve asked, confused. He did understand the object of tonights festivities, didnt he?

This, he said and quickly sucked her earlobe into his mouth only to release it again. will not, he sucked on that bit of her neck that made her knees go weak. be quick.

Oh, her voice was just a breath because the sensation of him kissing down her neck and sucking on one nipple short-circuited her brain.


As soon as Sinbad poked his head into the galley to get some breakfast Doubar hauled him off to a corner where they wouldnt be overheard.

Everyone knows what you did last night, Doubar said, clearly upset.

Oh yeah? And what was it that I did exactly? Sinbad asked, not about to admit to anything before he knew exactly what Doubar knew.

You two werent exactly quiet, Sinbad. The whole crew knows, Doubar tersely replied.

What of it? Its not the first time Ive bedded a woman, Sinbad said.

It is the first time youve bedded a woman whos under our protection. If some father or husband cant keep the women in his family in line its none of my business but Dim-Dim entrusted Maeve to us, Doubar said.

I dont think shed thank you for meddling in her business Doubar, Sinbad said honestly.

Just tell me Sinbad, have you made a commitment to her? Doubar asked.

Well no, I was just helping her honour some goddess from her homeland Shes got some very interesting customs! Sinbad happily replied, biting into an apple hed managed to grab before being grabbed himself.

If she falls pregnant, youre marrying her. And youd better tell the crew to keep their mouths shut and not to spread rumours about her. Doubar was not taking in by his little brothers charming ways.

Are you sure you dont want to have this conversation with her? Im sure shed have a lot to say about it, Sinbad said, trying to get out of Doubars talking to.

About what? Maeve plucked the apple out of Sinbads hand and bit into it.

Your shenanigans last night. Its bad enough youre a lone woman on a ship full of men without relinquishing your honour, Doubar said, though his cheeks reddened.

Dont worry, Im still very honourable, Maeve grinned.

Yes, very, Sinbad stole his apple back from her. And I should know, I honoured her in all the right places last night. He grinned rakishly only to receive an elbow in the gut from her.

Dont say things like that, youve made your brother blush, Maeve admonished him.

Lass, just listen, what if you got pregnant? Doubar asked, still worried in the face of the double-act they were pulling.

Really, it is very sweet of you to be so concerned but I want to ask you to just trust me to know what is right for me, Maeve said very seriously, then she broke out in another grin, stole Sinbads apple yet again and took another big bite. Besides, girls who do what their father tells them dont become sword-wielding sorceresses. She said, around the apple in her mouth.

Shes got a point, Sinbad said, then captured her apple-holding hand and just took a bite out of the fruit without having to take it off of her again.

You two are each as stubborn as the other. I pity everyone who tries to talk some sense into you, you deserve each other! Doubar huffed and walked off.

Thanks! Sinbad managed to say before Doubar was out of hearing.

I wasnt expecting that, Maeve admitted privately to Sinbad. Id sooner have expected our friends to lock us in a closet together than to read us the riot act about inappropriate behaviour.

Dont mind him, hell come around, Sinbad said, moving in close and nuzzling her ear.

Sinbad she drawled, moving her neck slightly to give him better access. The celebrating was yesterday

I think every day is a day to celebrate life, dont you? He asked in his most seductive voice.

Well, when you put it that way Maeves voice trailed off, she dropped the apple to bring her arms up and around him, her nose nuzzled his, then his cheek before she angled for the kiss.

Sinbad just gave her a peck. Not here, come on, he said, and without warning hoisted her over his shoulder.

She shrieked and pounded him on the back. Yeah, cause this is really subtle! she shouted at him. Nice view though, she added for his ears only, as she ogled his butt.



May 27th, 2012, 10:36 pm #2

Hurray for new fic! :3

This is great! I like that you used May Day celebrations and it's nicely in-character. Plus it's still pretty steamy, despite the fade to black. \o/

(Btw, you may have noticed that this forum for some reason strips out all speech and quotation marks when you copy/paste in text. They'll go through if you manually re-insert them. If you can be bothered to manually re-insert them all, that is. :P)


November 3rd, 2012, 8:30 pm #3

I like the Beltane celebrations!
And Doubar is worried for Maeve's honor, how sweet!
I do like how Sinbad was able to see that Maeve was independent enough to suggest Doubar talk to Maeve first!