New fanfic soon !

New fanfic soon !


April 13th, 2011, 1:55 am #1

I woke up this morning with the end of a dream I made about Maeve and Sinbad. I will try to write down the storyline tonight and post it in a few days. My english is not as good as it used to but I will do my best to make it the most ''readable'' that I can (I'm French-Canadian).

See you soon



April 14th, 2011, 5:00 am #2

The crew had spent 4 months working non-stop, in order to carry merchandises from Baghdad to the realm of Cymru. Being so close to Maeves home land, Sinbad thought spending a few days off in Eire would be a nice surprise for her, an idea the crew welcomed enthousiastically.

The first day, the crew brought 3 tents and improvised a campsite near the beach, where they went fishing and swimming. Sinbad and Doubar shared a tent ; Rongar and Firouz the second one ; Maeve and Dermott the third one. Everybody but Maeve, though, seemed to enjoy the warm weather and nice day off. Maeve was lost in her thoughts, looking at the ocean with deep concern in her eyes, where she sat, away from them, on top of a rock quietly for hours. The crew wondered what was bothering the usually fiery sorcerer.

Firouz went to her to suggest she tries a new fishing device he had invented. She declined. A few minutes later, Rongar inveited her swimming ; she shook her head with no enthousiasm. Doubar went to see Sinbad, who was fishing with Firouz :
- Little brother, nothing seems to take Maeve out of her thoughtful mood. Theres something on her mind and she wont tell. Im worried for her. Its not like her, to be this way.
- I know, I thought she would be happy to come back to her homeland, after so many years away. Maybe shes only nostalgic of her village or childhood. I will talk to her.
Sinbad came up to her slowly, pretending to look at the beautiful landscape, then sat beside her.
- Hi Maeve. What a nice day, isnt it ? (she remained silent). Is everything alright ?
- Mmm mmm.
- I guess you must be eager to come back to your village ...
Maeve turned her head to face him. She opened her mouth as if she was about to answer, then changed her mind, turned back to face the ocean, and said :
- Yyes. I am happy to be back for a few days, thank you for the opportunity.
Sinbad stared at her, convinced she was hiding something. But he felt she really didnt want him to insist. He got up, then before leaving he told her :
- I will go back to help the crew prepare tonights dinner that implys catching a few more fishes ! Fresh air, nice dinner and good wine ; everything to have a very nice evening.
- Indeed.

Sinbad walked away and looked at Dermott who flew back to his mistress. He stared at him, mentally asking him to take care of her. If only birds could understand
The crew ate their dinner in front of a spectacular sunset. The crew took advantage that they were off for a few days to drink wine lots of wine. Everybody was having fun, laughing, Doubar was telling jokes, Firouz described a few inventions that had gone bad, while everybody was laughing in hilarity. Sinbad then told the crew about some childhood pranks he and Doubar had done. But the wine seemed to particularly affect Maeve ; while she usually drank a glass or two, she had almost emptied a bottle all by herself. And while she would have normally gone to sleep while the drunken guys would have started to talk about women and other basically anti-romantic stuff she didnt like the mens conversations they were sometimes having this time, she stayed, enjoying their stories. So when Sinbad, laughing at Doubars insinuation about the number of women his little brother had slept with, asked in return, joking, when was the last time Doubar had slept with one, the conversation took a turn nobody expected.

First, forgetting Maeve was there, they talked about some of their respective conquests. Sinbad, a little embarassed by her presence maybe because he had drank less wine than the others wouldnt tell any number about women ... He mischieviously said he had more than all Firouzs inventions. Firouz answered to that, that his inventions and his intellect had brought quite a few women in his bed. Doubar, drunk, added that he had almost a woman in each port beacause he was strong and funny. Rongar made sure everybody understood he had been a curiosity to many women

- These 4 months have been terrible with no women, Doubar loudly exclaimed, I would have loved to meet some wenches in a tavern or something.
- Yeah well maybe for months for you, but with my latest invention for the king of Baghdad, I was so busy I have to say Ive been abstinent for 6 months ! replied Firouz, laughing.
- I dont mean to offend you guys, but I met one of the Cymrus queens ladies in waiting last week when we brought the merchandise, and had a real nice time ! exclaimed Sinbad, while the others cheered.
- If this is a contest, then I win it. What about 3 years ? Suddenly blurted Maeve, giggling.

The guys turned at her. To their surprise, she exclaimed :
- What ? Maeve stood up, losing her balance, a second bottle of wine in her hands. Did you expect me to be a virgin or what ?
The guys laughed while Sinbad quickly reached to her to help her sit down. She smiled at him then said proudly :
- I too had lovers, not only guys can kiss and tell. Im part of the crew too, Im not like those prude wenches you guys meet, that try to make you believe theyre still pure or that kind of bullshit.

Doubar laughed : Thats my lass !
Everybody laughed. Then Firouz cheered : We need more of those strong and free-willed women !

Sinbad didnt know why, but he felt awkward about this conversation. Maybe it was simply the fact he didnt like to think shed been with a man before he hated to admit it, but this declaration made him feel a little bit jealous. Trying to sound normal, he asked :
- I guess you had a fiancé back then ?
- Yes I did. I too had a childhood lover who courted me when I was a teen and were supposed to marry. But we broke up soon after my brother disappeared
- And then after youve been pure, and that kind of bullshit teased Firouz as everybody laughed.
Maeve took a sip of wine. She started giggling.
- You know whats funny about this story ? One day soon after a captain and his crew came by my village where Ive been living with my family. They burnt down a few houses, killed a few men, and the captain kidnapped me and brought me into his ship where he used me for his pleasure.

Everybody stopped laughing and looked at her with wide eyes, in shock. Sinbad, who sat besides her, reached for her cheek.
- Maeve
Maeve didnt seem to notice, so she continued, this time with anger in her voice :
- But the worst is that after two years where he kept me with him as his so-called wife, he got tired of me then left me back in my village, taking my daughters from me.
The crew was in total shock.
- Your daughters ? asked a surprised Doubar.
- Yes I had two with him. Then after I went to Dimdims to seek revenge and grow my magic powers. And then I met you
- And where are they now ? How old are they ? asked Firouz, concerned.
- I believe they still are with him, in Cymru. Kendra must be 4 years old now. And Nessa will be 3, answered Maeve, now in a saddened tone.

Sinbad, who had remained silent while Maeve confessed about her past, stood up abruptly then walked away. While Firouz and Rongar tried to console Maeve, as Doubar followed his brother. Sinbad was on the beach, staring at the waves and starry sky. He looked both hurt and enraged.
- Sinbad little brother tell me whats wrong ?
- I just cant believe it, Doubar. How is it possible her past she had daughters how could she live with us for more than 2 years and none of us ever had a single clue about what has happened to her ?
- Sinbad you know Maeve shes a very secret girl.
- I though bringing her back here would please her, make her happy, remind her good things. Had I known about this, I would never had brought her back.
- You couldnt guess. This is a huge and horrible thing. Dont feel guilty about bringing her back. No one knew.
Sinbad turned to his brother.
- If I ever find the monster who inflicted that pain to her, I promise I will kill him.
- I know, answered Doubar. You love her
Sinbad didnt answer.
- I will get her daughters back, Doubar.

Then he went to his tent, leaving Doubar on the beach, still in shock.


April 14th, 2011, 5:02 am #3

I woke up this morning with the end of a dream I made about Maeve and Sinbad. I will try to write down the storyline tonight and post it in a few days. My english is not as good as it used to but I will do my best to make it the most ''readable'' that I can (I'm French-Canadian).

See you soon

The morning after was everything but joyful. Maeve had a headache and felt guilty about the revelations she had made the night before. Sad and remorseful, she stayed in her tent while the crew gathered away from the campsite.

- Has anyone of you been able to learn more about this man ? Where he lives, the name of his ship, anything that can help us find her daughters ? asked Sinbad.
- She refused to say his name. But she did mention he had a castle, said Firouz. I believe he was more than a sailor.
- That wont help us there are castles everywhere.
Dermott screeched, then as the crew turned their head towards the hawk flying over them, he dropped something on the ground. Rongar took it : a leaf.
- This is a daffodil leaf, said Firouz.
- There are daffodils everywhere in this realm, grunt Doubar. That too doesnt help us.
- Unless said Sinbad, thoughtful, that it would be the emblem of a castle or a clan. Is it ? he asked Dermott.
Dermott screeched again. Firouz took a map he carried in his bag.
- There are two possibilities. In a 5-hour walk distance is a little realm named Chromchinn. It is derivated from the celtic name of daffodils. Or, there is the Cymru castle we already went to last week, which royal emblem is the daffodil. But we would need to go back to the Nomad.
Dermott screeched, then pointed towards the land.
- Chromchinn it is Doubar said.


- Maeve ? Can I come in ? asked gently Sinbad as he waited in front of the sorcerers tent.
- Yes
He voice was so soft but sounded so hurt and vulnerable. It was everything but the Maeve he thought he knew. He entered the tent, then sat beside her. He could tell shed been crying. He wanted to hug her so bad, but didnt dare to. Instead, he put his hand on her shoulder, as he always used to when he wanted to comfort her.
- Maeve why did you wait so long to tell us ?
- I hate to talk about him.
- Im not talking about him. Im talking about your children.
- Same thing. If I had told you about them, you would have asked the story behind it. And why would a mother join sailors alone, with no husband or anything, and leave her children behind, right ?
- Maeve, have we ever judged you about anything ? Have I ?
- No, I guess not. I didnt feel ready. I was afraid if I came back he would hurt them. I figured I would learn magic, then when I felt ready I would have claimed them back. Their father (she said it in a disgusted tone) is a very violent man. I saw him kill people, and even kids. He assaulted me. He tortured and killed my ex-fiancé.
- Oh Maeve Im so sorry, Sinbad said with a broken voice.
She turned to face him.
- Thats why I couldnt trust you when we first met. I thought sailors were all the same. I had been through so much I thought you or your crew would be the same jerks I knew. Then I didnt open up either about this, because I wanted to make sure I could trust you first.
- I did feel you tried to protect yourself from being hurt. I hope though, that now you trust me, and all of us.
- I do.
- Good.
He reached for her cheek to stroke it gently. At his surprise Maeve let him.
- We must get them back, Sinbad.
- We will. I promise you.


The crew packed everything, and walked half day until they reached a village where they got informed about the castle of Chromchinn and the prince who lived there. Maeve had remained silent all morning. But when they approached the castle, Sinbad started worrying she would collapse ; she was so pale and looked so vulnerable. Before entering the castle, Maeve stopped Sinbad.
- You have to let me do this. I have to face him.
- Maeve, I dont want you to put yourself in a risky situation.
- I wont. Just stay with me but please let me face him.
They entered the castle and Maeve asked to meet the prince. When he arrived, they saw an old man coming towards them. From the look on Maeves face, it wasnt the man she expected to see. She took a deep breath.
- I am here to request Kendra and Nessa, she said firmly.
- What for ? answered the old man.
- They are my daughters and I demand to see them and to take them with me.
The old man didnt seem impressed. He chuckled.
- I remember you. But I guess you dont really remember me. Thats not very important though. What a nice conquest Rowyn had done. He used to bring back so many lovely women from those villages.
- And keep them against their will !
- Thats what I was about to say. You couldnt appreciate what Rowyn gave to you, right ? You were living in luxury and had the privilege of having his kids, but you kept complaining about this castle, and your husband.
- He was not my husband !
- You were unworthy of the attention he gave you.
- The attention he gave me ?! Thats what you call servitude and rape ?
Maeve was so angry Sinbad decided to step forward and grasped her arm to keep her from hitting the prince. The old man laughed and continued :
- You see ? Women need to be restreined and have men control them. Especially those of your kind, with their fiery temper.
- I want my daughters back.
- As you most certainly know, your daughters are also heiresses to this domain, for the father was the legitimate prince.
- Was ? Firouz and Doubar looked at each other. Maeve gasped. Sinbad frowned :
- What happened to him ? And who are you ?
- I believe this is Gavlin, the princes uncle, answered Maeve.
Gavlin ignored her and answered Sinbad :
- My nephew died in a sword fight about a year ago. Until his daughters are of the right age and married to noble older men, I govern this realm as our laws provided it. Kendra and Nessa are legitimate heiresses and must stay under my supervision until then.
- I know he also has two older sons, yelled Maeve, you have your heirs, give me back my daughters. Their father is dead, they belong with me.
Gavlin chuckled softly.
- My poor little lady, he said sarcastically. Here women have no rights watsoever. You should know better. You cant come here and claim your daughters, you whose husband and father are dead and you whose brother have been missing for years. You were born in this country, you lived here almost all your life, you know that. Now tell me, my little redhead, whose guardianship are you actually under ?
- None, answered a defeated Maeve.
- Right. Sad isnt it ? Now Kendra and Nessa will stay here where they belong, and if ever you try to kidnap them, I will pursue you and your friends like criminals and have you killed. If you ever try to see them, I will kill them. Now get out of here !

Guards circled them. Tears were running down Maeves cheek as she admitted defeat. She knew here were the mens laws and she couldnt fight them without risking her childens life. The crew didnt want to fight the soldiers either, afraid Gavlin would her Maeves daughters. As they turned back to leave the room, Sinbad escaped the soldiers et yelled at Gavlin :
- Excuse me sir, which guardianship are the girls under if the prince is dead ?
- Mine, said Gavlin, surprised. On behalf of their brothers, who are still too young to be tutors.
Maeve pulled on Sinbads shirt.
- Sinbad, please
He looked at her, pleading her not to say anything. Then he whispered to her : please trust me on this one. Puzzled, Maeve stepped back with the other crew members. Sinbad said in a very friendly tone.
- In many countries, its pretty much the same. The girl is placed under guardianship of her father, brother or husband. I must say I find it very convenient. Women, they sometimes have the weirdest ideas.
He didnt turn to see Maeve glaring at him. He continued :
- Sometimes they simply need to be taught they need to be managed by a man.
- Indeed, chuckled Gavlin. You should teach that wench that a single mother should never raise her kids without a mans guidance, especially girls. They grow into stubborn, worthless wenches like her that live freely with sailors, I prefer not to think about the lifestyle she chose to embrace, this is a shame. Would you really marry that kind of woman ?
Sinbad and Gavlin laughed, then Sinbad put his hand on Gavlins shoulder as if he was talking to an old friend.
- Actually, yes, he said, grinning.
The crew stared at him in shock and Rongar grasped Maeves hand to keep her from going to Sinbad, as she struggled.
- Sinbad ! she yelped.
- I beg your pardon ? asked Gavlin, in disbelief, to Sinbad.
- Have I known about the reputation it would have given her coming here, I would have made her an honest woman way before.
- Im going to kill him, muttered Maeve, blushing.
- We were actually here to prepare for our wedding. We thought it would be nice to marry in her homeland, and we would love for Kendra and Nessa to be part of it.
- I guess that is not a problem then, said Gavlin, scratching his head.
- Great.
- When would that be ?
- We hum, still need to discuss the date. But soon enough.
Sinbad walked away. Doubar, Rongard and Firouz were laughing. Maeve looked mad. As they were about to exit the room, Sinbad turned around and shouted at Gavlin :
- By the way once we are married, since Ill be her legal tutor, and become her daughters legal father, I guess there wont be any law keeping me from bringing my wife and children back to Baghdad where I live.
Gavlin stared at him.
- There isnt, indeed.
Sinbad nodded : Perfect.


Sinbad left the room with his crew, cheering all but Maeve, who seemed in fury. But her anger didnt last long. A maid who recognized her called her name softly ; as they turned, they saw behind the maid two beautiful girls about 3 and 4 of age. The oldest had long chestnut and curly hair and deep brown eyes. The youngest had a cute chubby face, long blonde curls and had astonishing blue eyes. The looked at Dermott and even though it had been years, the oldest seemed to recognize the hawk. As for the youngest, she was so young she had barely known her mother. But something happened between the three or them, that couldnt be understood unless you could, like Maeve and Dermott and the girls communicate by thought. They just knew who she was and who Dermott was. The two girls ran to Maeve, yelling mommy.
The crew walked away while Maeve reunited with her daughters. They watched from further away. They teared up as Maeve started crying when her daughters wrapped their tiny arms around her neck.
The maid offered to the crew to stay for the night and prepare the wedding in the castle instead of on the ship, and the men followed her upstairs. Deirdra, Gavlins wife, allowed Maeve to keep her daughters with her until they leave.
- They belong to their mother now, she simply said. She too was a mother, and grandmother, after all. She hugged Maeve. Men, sometimes
- I know. Thank you Deirdra.


April 14th, 2011, 5:06 am #4

I woke up this morning with the end of a dream I made about Maeve and Sinbad. I will try to write down the storyline tonight and post it in a few days. My english is not as good as it used to but I will do my best to make it the most ''readable'' that I can (I'm French-Canadian).

See you soon

That night in their suite, Rongar, Firouz and Doubar were trying to eat dinner with Kendra et Nessa, which they had met and played with all afternoon, as Maeve and Sinbad, locked up in the next room, where badly arguing. The felt bad because they could hear everything and so could the little girls, who looked a bit surprised by all this anger, especially Nessa. Her big blue eyes looked sad and it broke Doubars heart. They decided to try to distract them.

- Come here sweetie, he said, sitting her on his lap.
- Why dont you girls make some drawings with these colored wax sticks ? suggested Firouz, as Rongar took some white paper to draw on.
- What should I draw ? asked Kendra.
- Why not something nice, something you like.
- A cat, she decided.


Sinbad and Maeve were still arguing.
- What the heck is wrong with you ?! yelled Maeve.
- I just thought it would help you get back your daughters !
- This is the craziest idea Ive ever heard !
- Have any other to suggest, Maeve ?!
- No ! But but we could have found another way that does not imply getting married ! And most of all, without my consent !
- I admit this is not the most romantic proposal ever but I think we had no choice, according by the realms laws you would never have had your daughters back as a single mother !
- I KNOW !!!
- Then what is bothering you so much ? Arent we already together everyday ? Dont we already share everything, as we do with the other crew members ? What bad thing will this marriage bring to us, while on the other hand it will allow you to gain custody of your daughters ?!
- I dont know, maybe you can teach me on how to think and act ! Or maybe youll teach me how to stay home like a nice little housewife cooking and washing your clothes. How convenient for you and your reputation !
- Gosh Maeve, you know I didnt think any of that crap ! You know me better !
- I though I knew, now I dont know anymore ! You decided how it was going to happen and never asked about it.
- How do you want me to ask you ? You want me to kneel down or something ? Or beg maybe ?
- I dont want you to ask me !
- What the hell
- You dont seem to understand that it is NOT about you, or about me, it is not even about the crew !
- Then what ?
- It is about my daughters ! And what THEY want ! I cant just decide to raise them on a ship, let alone marrying the first man who pities me, and hope they will be happy in all this, without thinking first about whats best for them !
- Fine, then do that !! I just wanted to help !

Sinbad slammed the door open and stormed off to the table to drink a glass of wine as everybody remained silent and gaped. Nessas pretty blue eyes started watering. Maeve entered the room, she looked angry but called her daughters with a calm, soft voice :
- Girls please come to bed. It is time already.
Kendra looked at Sinbad, then at her.
- Mommy, do you ask ?
- What do you want me to ask ? answered Maeve.
- Ask us.

Nessa nodded. Maeve stared at the two girls. She didnt expect they had heard everything. She felt really ashamed about it. Nessa ran to Sinbad and circled his leg with her arms. She looked at Maeve with a sulky face. Kendra walked to Maeve and reached for her hand. Then, she looked at Sinbad, saying :
- I want Sinbad to be my daddy.
- Me too, said Nessa, still holding on to Sinbads leg.
The crew laughed. Sinbad smiled but remained silent. He took Nessa in his arms. They all watched Maeve who blushed.
- Ill think about that. Now please girls, its bed time.
- Can Sinbad come with us too ? asked Nessa.
- I guess so, said Maeve in disbelief.

Sinbad went to put them to bed. He kissed them goodnight on the forehead before leaving them with Maeve in the room. Maeve combed their hair and read her daughters a story while they petted Dermott, and soon she fell asleep in her daughters bed. The last thing she heard was Kendra and her sleepy voice :
- I love you mommy. Im happy youre back.


The day after, Maeve felt so bad about the argument she had with Sinbad that she got up hoping he would accept her apologies. The crew was getting breakfast all but Sinbad.
- He went to the garden I think, informed Firouz.

Maeve gave breakfast to Kendra and Nessa, who were eager to play in the garden with the crew, and went downstairs to look after Sinbad. She walked through the huge garden for about 15 minutes before she found him. He was sitting under a big tree and reading, his sword lying on the grass. When he saw her, he stood up.
- Hi.
- Hi Sinbad.
Then after a silence that felt interminable :
- I wanted to say I am sorry about yesterday. I know you only wanted to help me, and the girls. You did what you thought was best, and I was unfair to accuse you of any bad intentions
- I am sorry too, Maeve. I came up with this solution and acted exactly as they act here : taking decisions without even considering the womans point of view, or asking for her consent. Ive never done that to you before and I feel I treated you bad by doing this.
- You didnt. Well some things you said, I know you didnt really mea nit. You wanted to do good and gain Gavlins trust. I wasnt able to think correctly, I was too emotional. If it wasnt for you I dont know what I would have done, or if I would ever be able to have my daughters back.
Another awkward silence.
- Maeve about that wedding thing , he hesitated.
- Mmm?
- I you know it is only a way for you to get custody of your daughters, right ?

God he hated himself for saying that. There was at last a moment he could open his heart to her, but was unable to. Instead, he was talking as if the wedding didnt mean anything at all to him. Bravo, he thought, mad at himself. That would please any woman ! What a nice way to say things ! Maeve looked surprised. Then, trying to control her emotions, she said :

- Oh well dont worry. (she laughed) I know this is not serious

Inside her she felt disappointed, but didnt want Sinbad to notice she was expecting more commitment out of him. And anyways, why for ? Its not like they had been a couple before or had admitted their feelings to each other or anything.
- Well, Ill see you later then. Id like to spend the day with Kendra et Nessa.
Maeve turned back and was about to walk away when she felt Sinbad grabbing her arm gently, but firmly.
- Maeve, wait !
She turned to face him. He took a deep breath :
- It is serious. I mean Im willing to do this. For you. And for your daughters. I will commit to this. I really will. I will be a good father to them and a faithful husband to you.
- Why would you do that for a set-up marriage that will end after we leave ? I never expected you to take this seriously after. Especially towards children that, well, arent yours
- It doesnt matter, Sinbad stopped her. Your daughters. If you allow me to, they will become mine.

Maeve was shocked and unable to speak. Sinbad moved in closer. Their faces were almost touching. Looking in her eyes, he told her :
- I know youve been through horrible things in your life. And Im unfortunately pretty sure that I still dont know everything. I wont rush you into anything. Ever. Not now, not with the wedding, or honeymoon or anything. But I wanted you to know, if ever you accept to marry me, that I will commit to it afterwards as well. To both you and your daughters.
Maeve stared at him for a few seconds.
- This is the nicest proposal I could have dreamed of , she simply whisper as they started kissing softly. It felt so good, neither wanted to let go. But they had to. Kendra and Nessa were waiting. They split, then walked back to the castle to meet the two girls.

They announced to the crew and to the girls their decision to keep up with the wedding plan. Kendra and Nessa were overjoyed to have a new daddy. The crew cheered, thiking at last, the two had decided to move on with their relationship.

The rest of the week was wonderful, as the whole crew got to play with Maeves daughters and they all fell in love with the two beautiful, cheerful et amazingly smart girls. The two already called the crew members uncle Firouz, uncle Doubar, uncle Rongar, even uncle Dermott ! As for Sinbad, he already took his new father role very seriously, taking care of the girls whenever he could. The three grew close rapidly, so did the girls with Maeve.


The wedding, which was about to take place in the castles garden by invitation of Galvin and Deirdra, was now in two days. If Sinbad and Maeve didnt quite act like a loving couple yet (they remained mainly separated from each other), the crew didnt bother them with that fact. It was about time those two got together, but they understood that everything was moving so fast for them, they couldnt blame them. They simply hoped Maeve would be less independant. However, they were all eager to have Kendra and Nessa become part of the crew and family. Doubar was particularly proud of his nieces and spent a lot of time playing with them.
As they were all having breakfast together that day, Nessa interrupted everyone to say :
- Kendra wants a kitten.
Sinbad laughed and explained to the crew :
- I asked them if they wanted anything, as a gift, for the wedding. Kendra asked for a kitten when she will live on the Nomad.
Everybody laughed.
- Thats a lovely idea, Nessa. But what about you ? asked Doubar.
Maeve almost choke on her glass of water when Nessa said :
- A little sister.
Everybody laughed and Maeve turned bright red. Sinbad couldnt resist trying to tease Maeve even more (as usual !), he winked at her then ask Nessa :
- That is a GREAT idea. But why not a little brother instead ? Would that please you as well ?
- Yes why not ? asked Doubar, laughing even more.
Nessa shrugged. Kendra answered for her :
- As long as its a baby we can play with !
- Sounds fine to me, agreed Sinbad.

Maeve was so embarassed she felt like disappearing under the rug ! The crew was laughing so much they were crying. Maeve excused herself et locked herself in her room. Sinbad followed her. He knocked gently. She opened almost immediately.
- Come in, she said looking down at the floor.
- Are you alright ? Im sorry, I couldnt resist teasing you a little bit. Have I said something to hurt you ?
- No, not really
- But ? You seem mad at me.
- No. Not mad. Only a little bit thoughtful
- About what ? He wondered, sitting on the edge of her bed. She sat beside him.
- What you said made me realize, we maybe are making a mistake.
- Gosh, Im really sorry, I didnt mean
- No, its not exactly about what YOU said. Its more about how I feel.
- I dont understand what you are trying to tell me.

Maeve sighed. Sinbad pushed back gently a lock of her hair from her face. She looked him in the eyes :
- Are you hoping we have children together after were married ?
Sinbad was taken aback by the frankness of her question.
- To be honest, I would most certainly hope so.
She sighed again.
- But then that is the problem. Im not sure I want any more children. I mean I just dont know. Everything is moving so fast. First the revelations, then I reunite with my daughters, then the wedding and now theyre pretty much already expecting me to have more babies. This is a lot a lot.
- I understand.
- I feel that if ever I dont want any more children, then you will be disappointed, or maybe even mad at me, because you wouldnt have the chance to have any children.
- Maeve, dont be ridiculous.
She looked at him and frowned. He smiled.
- You gave me two already.
She smiled.
- I know. But what I mean is you wouldnt have any of your own. Not to mention two girls and no son. I dont know, but maybe this is important to you.
- Maeve . (he stroke her hair gently). Lets not rush anything. I promised you I wouldnt and I intend to keep my promise. Lets first get this wedding thing over with. No pressure for anything. I will respect your decision.

He took her hands in his, kissed them while looking her in the eyes, smiled, then walked back to the dining room.


April 14th, 2011, 5:08 am #5

I woke up this morning with the end of a dream I made about Maeve and Sinbad. I will try to write down the storyline tonight and post it in a few days. My english is not as good as it used to but I will do my best to make it the most ''readable'' that I can (I'm French-Canadian).

See you soon

The wedding day was wonderful. The sky was clear blue, it was warm and sunny, Galvin and Deirdra managed to get thousands of roses and daffodils in the garden where the ceremony and reception was. Maeve had been given a beautiful red dress and had delicate, white flowers in her braids. The crew was wearing fine tunics they had bought from an Oriental merchant. Kendra et Nessa wore matching ivory dresses and had a red rose in their ponytail.

The ceremony didnt last long, but was really cheerful. Maeve and Sinbad had decided not to exchange personnal vows, since they didnt felt quite ready to declare publicly yet. When the celebrant was about to declare them husband and wife, Sinbad asked for Kendra and Nessa to come over to him. The crew looked surprised as the two girls went to meet Sinbad, who kneeled down in front of them.

- When I said I decided to marry your mommy, I also decided that I would commit to you. But you must be free to choose to take me in your life as well. I promise that I will be there for you all your life. From this day on, you will become my daughters and I will treat you as if you were my own. I will love and protect you no matter what. And for this commitment I give you this.
He took out from his pocket two golden necklaces.
- This is like the ring I offer your mommy. And I will be wearing mine (he showed them he himself was wearing two golden necklaces) always.
The crew was very touched by this, and so was Maeved, who teared. Kendra et Nessa hugged Sinbad, who gave them the necklaces. He then stood up, took Maeves hands in his, and the celebrant declare them husband and wife and father and daughters !


As the sun set, Galvin escorted the newly married couple to a special suite he had reserved for them for their honeymoon. As they entered the room, he mischieviously said have fun, then left them. The room was very luxuous. The bed and pretty much the whole room was filled with colored satin cushions and decorated with hundreds of flowers. The dining room was filled with fruit baskets. Near the terrace, many bottles of wine waited for them. They even saw that a warm bubble bath had been prepared, with rose petals floating in the water.

The two felt a little bit awkward. The room was pretty much an invitation to something they had both thought about, but however were not quite ready to do. They went to sit on the terrace with a glass of wine to contemplate the moon and stars and simply talk. Maeve felt relieved that Sinbad didnt pressure her into anything. In fact, he didnt even seem to expect anything to happen. Or so she thought. Sinbad actually hoped she would feel confortable getting more intimate, but feared she was not going to let her guards down. On the other hand, she had been sexually assaulted before, and he knew pressuring her would get him nowhere. He had to earn her trust and was ready to wait as long as it had to.

As they drank wine and chatted, they talked about everything and anything. They were like those new couples on their first dates, trying to know more about each other. Maeve was feeling a little bit tipsy. She hated it ; she was always too obvious when she drank too much wine. So she finished her glass and to his surprise, she suddenly asked him :
- So what exactly do you expect will happen tonight ?
Sinbad felt it was more a challenge than a real question. He had to find a way to reassure her, for he guessed she felt nervous about his intentions.
- I expect you to decide whether you feel confortable enough or not for it.
- But its our honeymoon. Were supposed to, she answered in a childish voice.
- Then I guess I expect you not to do it by duty, but because you really want it.
- And if I dont want to ?
- Then I will respect that.
- You wont be mad.
- Of course not.
- Disappointed ?
- No.
- Really ? You dont care at all if nothing happens ?
- Maeve, he sighed. Id lie if I told you I wasnt at least hoping you would want to. But I promised I wouldnt pressure you and I understand you want to take your time.
- But ? She frowned.
- But I also think you truly need to be loved. And that because of your past, youre not allowing yourself to.
- Ohhhh I see giggled Maeve. And I guess you KNOW from experience how to really love women.
- Well, I must say I didnt get any complaint !
They laughed as Maeve threw a cushion at him. Then she sat and remained silent for a few minutes, contemplating the sky. She seemed to think about what he said. Damn alcohol. She knew Sinbad was right, it had been years since shed been truly loved by a man, really loved. She missed it and was eager to be loved by him. And there they were, married, on honeymoon, and no one engage in the thing. Sinbad would wait til she felt okay. And as for her, she was too shy to make the first move. But the desire she felt was so strong she couldnt resist anymore. She looked at him in his eyes, hesitating. What are you afraid of ? She asked herself. Rejection ? He just told you he wanted to. He wont reject you. Pain ? He said he would respect you. Oh well

She leaned forward to kiss Sinbad. He responded immediately. The soft kiss soon became more passionnate. Soon, they were lying on the ground, over the cushions (they really were everywhere), making out. Sinbad, lying over her, was keeping his hand on her hip, then testing her response, he put his hand on her thight, slowly moving up to the side of her butt, then slowly up to her breasts. She moaned. He hesitated, then allowed his hand in her corsage to caress her breasts softly. Gosh she wanted him so bad. But
- We have to stop, she said in between kisses.
- Huh.oh, sorry, he answered panting, moving away from her as she sat up. Is everything ok ? Did I do something
- No ! No Its just (she sighed). Its just that right now, its not the right time.
- I know, I was a little hasty, Im sorry
- No, its not that.

Sinbad looked puzzled. Maeve swallowed, then looking down to avoid looking in his eyes :
- If we go all the way. Then Im pretty sure by the moon cycle that Ill conceive. And well Its too soon for me... Im really sorry. Are you mad at me ?
- Of course not. Gosh you scared me at first. I really thought I did something

They laugh. Maeve felt a bit dizzy for she had drank wine all evening (for dinner, then here in the honeymoon suite). Sinbad put her to bed.
- Are you getting in bed too ? she asked, now feeling sleepy.
- If you dont mind, its still early. I will go see Kendra and Nessa, maybe put them to bed before playing some cards games with the crew.
- Go ahead, she yawned. Sinbad kissed her softly, then left the room.


In the garden, the crew had been drinking too and while Rongar played hide and seek with Kendra and Nessa who ate so much candies they were not feeling sleepy ! Doubar and Firouz, a little drunk, were taking bids over the couples honeymoon night.
- No, no, I dont think tonights the night ! Repeated Firouz. That has all happened too fast.
- Come on, dont you think by now she had enough of that independant attitude ? She loves Sinbad and he loves her. Thats about time they go to the next step.
- I think I win, laughed Firouz as he heard daddy ! and saw Kendra and Nessa jump in Sinbads arms as he entered the garden.
- What the ? Doubar frowned. Hes been gone for what, 3 hours only ? Thats not good. What are you doing here ? He asked his brother.
- What Doubar means is is everything going well upstairs ! giggled Firouz as Rongar laughed and shrugged at Sinbad, demanding explanations.
- Everything was going very well, we even , Sinbad stopped as he realized the 2 toddlers were looking at him and listening, needless to say.
- The moon told us we had to wait, he simply said, while his crew let out a comprehensive ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !
- Wait for what ? asked Kendra, frowning. I didnt know the moon talked.
- That is funny. claimed Nessa.

The crew laughed and Sinbad took his - now - daughters hands to put them to bed.


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I woke up this morning with the end of a dream I made about Maeve and Sinbad. I will try to write down the storyline tonight and post it in a few days. My english is not as good as it used to but I will do my best to make it the most ''readable'' that I can (I'm French-Canadian).

See you soon

The day after the wedding, the crew prepared to leave the castle and go back on the Nomad. Since it was at a half-a-day walk distance and didnt want the girls to walk that long, they managed to take a few horses.

The girls immediately felt the Nomad was their home. They played all day on the deck, shared a bed in what was now Maeves and Sinbad cabin. When they want more privacy, they figured they would have the girls sleep in Firouzs bed, the next cabin, for he often liked to work on his inventions on the deck at night. Kendra got her kitten a little tabby cat she called Pumpkin. As for Nessas gift, Sinbad explained to her that until they have a new baby, she could play with the new doll he bought her.

However, it had been a month since the wedding, and nothing yet between the couple. Sinbad liked to cuddle to sleep, but never insisted when she felt like having her own space. During the day, the two were pretty independant. They shared a cabin and sometimes a bed, and that was all.

The Nomad soon arrived in a french port and the crew stayed there for the night. They needed some groceries before heading back to Baghdad and they plan on staying for 2 days. When he learned that Maeve and Sinbad were newlyweds, the innkeeper offered his most luxuous room to them for free. A little embarrassed, they accepted when the crew insisted on babysitting the two girls so they could have some time alone together.

They really love to offer bubble baths to newlyweds noticed Maeve when they enterered the suite. At Sinbads surprise, Maeve took off her dress and jumped in the bath with only her underblouse on. Taking a glass of champagne that was there, she invited him to join her, giggling. He removed his shirt and boots, then keeping his pants he entered the bath.

They ate strawberries, had a little strawberry fight like two kids in a tub, and drank lots of champagne. They talked, but soon enough the alcohol seemed to make Maeve feel more and more confident. She suddenly leaned over Sinbad and kiss him passionnately. This time, he preferred to set things straight right away.
- Maeve, he whispered in between kisses. Is it safe tonight ?
- Im not sure, she whispered back, kissing softly his neck. He lifted her chin.
- Theres a way we can somewhat, prevent that if you want
- I trust you.

They started kissing with passion. Sinbad grabbed her by the waist and brought her on his lap. He was sitting in the bath and Maeve was on top of him. Her blouse was floating around her, he started to remove it slowly, then feeling no resistance from her, he removed it completely and tossed it away. She looked magnifiscent, naked in the water, like a mermaid, with her long, red hair around her face and floating around her shoulders. Her skin was so soft. As they kissed and he eagerly explored her body, he felt she was working on his pants underwater. He groaned as he felt she allowed him inside her. What a delight ; at every move her wet body was brushing against his chest, her beautiful breasts, offered to him, splashing in the water in the rythm of her moves. He hold her waist, then her buttocks to stabilize her. She moaned and let out small cries as she reached climax. Sinbad wanted to keep watching her so bad, but he wanted to enjoy the feeling and closed his eyes, groaning as pleasure grew. Damn it was difficult ignoring her pleasure and being focused on controling himself. She trusted him with it With regret he hold firmly her waist to keep her from moving.
- Maeve Maeve, we really have to stop now, he said, panting.
- Mmmmm, she answered, covering him with kisses. Then she looked at him mischieviously, and started moving suavely her hips. Sinbad gasped and removed her quickly as he came in the water. They looked at each other in the eyes.
- Woah, that was close , sighed Sinbad.
- I like to play with fire, she simply answered.


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I woke up this morning with the end of a dream I made about Maeve and Sinbad. I will try to write down the storyline tonight and post it in a few days. My english is not as good as it used to but I will do my best to make it the most ''readable'' that I can (I'm French-Canadian).

See you soon

Here is where I explain a little bit about the story, now that you've read it. At first, my dream was about Sinbad and Maeve adopting two little girls. But in my dream, I was unable to know if they were Maeve's or not. I just remember that Sinbad claimed them to save them, even if they weren't his. Then, he and Maeve pursued a family life without really being intimate. They were parenting the kids, but still not really involved in a relationship.

There was something bizarre about it. I started wondering about those girls' story. And even though there are some fanfics with Maeve needing help, most describe her as the strong and tempered woman we saw in AoS. I thought this time I should look at her past and see what she could have suffered for her to keep her daughters a secret.

Then I wondered how would Sinbad come to claim them. I got discouraged about writing a complex adventure story (with vilains, magical abilities or monsters to defeat), for the emotionnal part was already quite something to figure out for me. So I decided I would keep it simple.

In my mind there were 2 possible endings to this story, with the punchline and circumstances under which it happened.
1) They have children together.
2) They don't have any more children together.

In both cases, it's not finished, because I wanted either Kendra or Nessa / or third child to be involved in a real adventure with magic and demons, and maybe Rumina involved. I'm still thinking about it, pursuing the fic when I'll have more time for it ...

But since I love happy endings, here is the first alternate ending. I hope I can continue the story later, either from that version, or from another one ... Let's call it a spoiler for now...


A few weeks later, as the crew was having breakfast, they heard a cabins door slamming open, Maeve running outside, soon followed by Sinbad, who calmly sat at the table in front of 3 pairs of interrogative eyes.
- Did I juste see Maeve running outside to throw up ? asked Doubar.
- Yes.
- Maeve, who since she is on board, has never, ever, been seasick ? added Firouz.
- Good observation.
- And this morning she is ? wondered Doubar.
- Well, it is actually the third morning she is sick. She just managed to do it more discreetly yesterday and the day before, said Sinbad, taking a piece of bread.
- Then this means ? started Firouz.
Sinbad smiled, then stood up.
- Well know soon, he simply answered, before going up to the deck to check on Maeve.



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I´ve been reading this forum for a while, and now a new fanfic! Keep up the great work