Hammer for Hammer...a symbol for the community.

Hammer for Hammer...a symbol for the community.

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**The response to this post was so amazing that I wanted to post it again to give those who may have missed a chance...thanks! RIDE**

So I received a phone call from a friend, and known Paneristi, the other day telling me that he had done something that he wanted me to handle on his behalf. He wanted his identity to remain private and felt that I would be good source to help distribute his gift.

He said that I would be receiving a box within the next day or so and that the contents should be mailed to EVERYONE who wishes to have one. He also wanted it noted that those who have, or will be, donating to the Hammer fund that Jim Wirth and I set up, should also automatically receive one.

The item is a pin....a very nice pewter pin in the shape of a hammer. It should quietly represent how much Hammer means to us, as well as how strongly he and his family have been in our thoughts of late. The "hammer for Hammer" pin will also represent everything good...not only about Hammer, but the community as a whole. The pin will not symbolize this tragedy, rather embody the spirit of the man who inspired it.

It should also represent how we as a community stick together. I think what the pin ultimately symbolizes can be summed up quite well by saying that it's...Oh SO Much MORE than just a Watch

Now the mailing of these pins will be a big undertaking...one of which I am proud to handle. So please be patient as I will get them out just as fast as I can.

NOTE: I will ask those of you who will want one to email me your name and mailing address to the following email address:

sarbabi@goempowered.com Please include "HAMMER PIN" in the subject line.

A BIG thanks to the person who put this together...it was a wonderful gesture indeed...one that should not be overlooked.

How about some RIDE-style pics to show you the item in question and help keep this post light...as Hammer would most likely prefer



A nice little box showed up at my office....let's see what's inside...

Let's take a closer look...

And I had to put one on immediately of course!

Hammer....I will wear this with pride my brother! All the RIDE-man's love coming your way!


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