Another B-Uhr Project from Azimuth

Another B-Uhr Project from Azimuth

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December 3rd, 2007, 4:59 am #1

Seems that the B-Uhr, especially with a manual winding movement, is becoming rather popular especially this year. Seems that several makers are going for the B-Uhr look. Stowa, one of the original makers of the B-Uhr, is bringing out the Flieger Original. Steinhart is bringing out a manual winding B-Uhr style watch. I have seen several other projects from various independent makers doing the same thing.

Azimuth is going big with their B-Uhr projects. I thought I would pass along this info. I personally like the clean look of the B-Uhr and have interest in the Pilot watches. There are a few different examples of military and pilot watches I would love to have one day.

Azimuth is releasing 3 different styles for their B-Uhr and all of them will have a modified 6497 with center seconds. 2 of them are 48 mm and the other is 55 mm. Very cool stuff.

The first is their version of the Type B (Inner Hour) dial.
<img src = " ... /30_1b.jpg">

Cool case back.
<img src = " ... /30_2b.jpg">

Type A (Most common) dial 48mm version
<img src = " ... /36_1b.jpg">

Type A dial 55 mm version
<img src = " ... /37_1b.jpg">

Gotta love what they did with the movement. I love that the rose gold color.
<img src = " ... /37_2b.jpg">

Very cool stuff if you are into Pilot's watches. I like the range of sizes that is currently being offered.

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December 3rd, 2007, 12:42 pm #2

I just got hold of one of the Ltd Edition Steinharts---the automatic one, and I've really started to appreciate the clean, no clutter look and feel of the B-Uhr.
Where is a good source for the Azimuth models---when will they become available?