True confessions pls read REB and Paddy

True confessions pls read REB and Paddy


May 1st, 2017, 3:44 pm #1

Hi there,

I thought it was about time to come clean. I enjoyed my few years chatting here, especially with you Paddy-(you are a very nice and interesting person-good luck and prayers for you and your family, chatting with you on this board was fabulous-not for research just as people).

And you too REB, you have had some struggles that you certainly did not deserve and I wish you all the best with RBP!

Now to the meat of my post.

As I have said I am a writer, fiction book is in rewrite, but I am already starting a new non-fiction book about "FANS".

No, it is NOT going to be a repeat of Dirty Rocker Boys-ugh!, what some girls will endure just to say they have a rock star man, very sad.

If the truth be known fully, I dated (no not just slept with), Yng for about a month or so when he was in LA. He was very nice then, respectful, romantic and fun. He was going on the road then so I ended it, he invited me to come along, but I declined. I have to say he was never a typical rock star womanizer, he preferred steady girlfriends in the traditional way. Very refreshing for the time.

I always get a hug at his concerts, yes with his wife glaring at me if she sees it, love it!!!!

As I said I lived in LA through the 80s and 90s and wow, the things I have seen on the strip you would not believe, except for you REB you guys were right in the middle LOL.

I was fortunate to be invited to many parties (real ones not backstage crap), with many people in the music industry, so I met A LOT of musicians, it would take way too long to list here yikes. My dad is an attorney and had connections. He knew my love of guitar and rock music.

I will not disclose any names in my writings. This book is from my perception only, NOT a tell all.

I kind of stayed in the background, was never a musician chaser, just there for the music.

Anyway, the flavor of this board has been very beneficial to my research.

My posting here did not start out that way, I just liked REBs playing and it got me thinking how rare this opportunity was.

FB is so impersonal.

I found out a lot, being this is a small group, about fan loyalty, obsession, jealousy and how fans are like family, sometimes.

Paddy don't forget to check The Orlando Sentinel for news on the skyscraper coaster, 2018 is supposed to be the year, whoooo, can't wait.

Being I have 2 books in the pot and am working with my new man on his tour boat, I work the lines and help with guests, I am very busy.

Posting and chatting on this board has to be last on my list, I didn't want you all to think I croaked off hahahaha-wishful thinking for some?, or wasn't still a big fan of REB.

Take care, don't be haters please.

You are all great!

Denise :)


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