Reb's show last night in Tarentum

Heater (Heather)
Heater (Heather)

2:34 AM - Sep 24, 2018 #1

Did anyone happen to go to the benefit show last night in Tarentum, outside of Pittsburgh?  I was not able to go, as I was out of town. My friend went and got a couple pictures with Reb, and the guy who sang for him. Who was on bass?  I heard Throck was on drums. Anyhoo, just wondering who Reb had on bass, and if anyone else got some pics with Reb and the band. Hope everyone is doing well. 
I guess I need to register on this new forum, but every damn name I type in is "already taken"!  Seriously, there is another Heater? Ha ha. 
Heater (Heather) 

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